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Monthly Archives: November 2011

PG’s Experiment

FRP covered dish

A  HIGH VOLTAGE  experimental to attempt to confuse inertia/mass with rich magnetic fields that move in 3 dimensions. This is a paper skin over a light wood frame. It has been covered with FRP ( fiberglass reinforced polyester) and will be covered with a metal foil skin. Under the disk is a flat wound Tesla coil of 14 ga. copper wire  that will terminate at the top skin. At the center termination there is a 8 inch pin cushion inside a plasma conduit that vents down. There are 12 secondary twitch coils around the rim that are powered by the main field.  links to pages of additional information on primary coil driver and pictorial-schematic-of-device

25 February2012, Those white streaks are weak, resin starved areas and must be ground out and relaid. WHAT a disagreeable job! Hopefully I will have this done in an other week and then be able to start the metal work.

This post will be an on going project for a while  pg