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More Aether

More Aether


I was asked for a better explanation of the characteristics of aether. H/T to Pascvaks “why would one think that aether has charge” so I will attempt to expand on that point.

During the early days of research on electrical phenomena, over distance, aether (ether) was the accepted explanation. Various experimenters attempted to discern the characteristics of this medium by many means, some successfully, others failure. One of the earliest demonstrated that every electron in the universe felt the actions of every other electron. The charge or force field of every  electron repels every other one over any distance. This causes a powerful overall field.


Tesla said the following;

Nikola Tesla:

The technical editor of the New York Herald Tribune’s radio section responded thus to an article by Laurence M. Cockaday:

“I have read the article, and I quite agree with the opinion expressed – that wireless power transmission is impractical with present apparatus. This conclusion will be naturally reached by any one who recognizes the nature of the agent by which the impulses are transmitted in present wireless practice.

“When Dr. Heinrich Hertz undertook his experiments from 1887 to 1889 his object was to demonstrate a theory postulating a medium filling all space, called the ether which was structureless, of inconceivable tenuity and yet solid and possessed of rigidity incomparably greater than that of the hardest steel.  He obtained certain results and the whole world acclaimed them as an experimental verification of that cherished theory.  But in reality what he observed tended to prove just its fallacy.

“I had maintained for many years before that such a medium as supposed could not exist, and that we must rather accept the view that all space is filled with a gaseous substance.  On repeating the Hertz experiments, with much improved and very powerful apparatus, I satisfied myself that what he had observed was nothing else but effects of longitudinal waves in a gaseous medium, that is to say, waves, propagated by alternate compression and expansion.  He had observed waves in the ether much of the nature of sound waves in the air.

“Up to 1896, however, I did not succeed in obtaining a positive experimental proof of the existence of such a medium.  But in that year I brought out a new form of vacuum tube capable of being charged to any desired potential, and operated it with effective pressures of about 4,000,000 volts.  I produced cathodic and other rays of transcending intensity.  The effects, according to my view, were due to minute particles of matter carrying enormous electrical charges, which, for want of a better name, I designated as matter not further decomposable.  Subsequently those particles were called electrons.

“One of the first striking observations made with my tubes was that a purplish glow for several feet around the end of the tube was formed, and I readily ascertained that it was due to the escape of the charges of the particles as soon as they passed out into the air; for it was only in a nearly perfect vacuum that these charges could be confined to them.  The coronal discharge proved that there must be a medium besides air in the space, composed of particles immeasurably smaller than those of air, as otherwise such a discharge would not be possible.  On further investigation I found that this gas was so light that a volume equal to that of the earth would weigh only about one-twentieth of a pound.

“The velocity of any sound wave depends on a certain ratio between elasticity and density, and for this ether or universal gas the ratio is 800,000,000,000 times greater than for air.  This means that the velocity of the sound waves propagated through the ether is about 300,000 times greater than that of the sound waves in air, which travel at approximately 1,085 feet a second.  Consequently the speed in ether is 900,000 × 1,085 feet, or 186,000 miles, and that is the speed of light.


from Wikipedia;

In 1918 Einstein publicly alluded to that new definition for the first time. Then, in the early 1920s, in a lecture which he was invited to give at Lorentz’s university in Leiden, Einstein sought to reconcile the theory of relativity with his mentor’s cherished concept of the aether. In this lecture Einstein stressed that special relativity took away the last mechanical property of Lorentz’s aether: immobility. However, he continued that special relativity does not necessarily rule out the aether, because the latter can be used to give physical reality to acceleration and rotation. This concept was fully elaborated within general relativity, in which physical properties (which are partially determined by matter) are attributed to space, but no substance or state of motion can be attributed to that “aether” (aether = curved space-time).

In another paper of 1924, named “Concerning the Aether”, Einstein argued that Newton’s absolute space, in which acceleration is absolute, is the “Aether of Mechanics”. And within the electromagnetic theory of Maxwell and Lorentz one can speak of the “Aether of Electrodynamics”, in which the aether possesses an absolute state of motion. As regards special relativity, also in this theory acceleration is absolute as in Newton’s mechanics. However, the difference from the electromagnetic aether of Maxwell and Lorentz lies in the fact, that “because it was no longer possible to speak, in any absolute sense, of simultaneous states at different locations in the aether, the aether became, as it were, four dimensional, since there was no objective way of ordering its states by time alone.“. Now the “aether of special relativity” is still “absolute”, because matter is affected by the properties of the aether, but the aether is not affected by the presence of matter. This asymmetry was solved within general relativity. Einstein explained that the “aether of general relativity” is not absolute, because matter is influenced by the aether, just as matter influences the structure of the aether.


Albert Einstein was working on causes of mass/inertia and gravity when he got sidetracked  into studies of actions of light and then relativity. To understand gravity, you must understand mass/inertia and for that the study of the behavior of light is necessary and due to it’s strange behavior you get relativity.

Modern astrophysics has deduced that a “Dark Energy” must exist as well as “Dark Matter”, because the known mass and energy effecting, visible matter, could only account for about 3% of the needed force and matter and the other 97% must be “dark” something. So we must return to the definition of Aether.

Aether must be the cause of mass/inertia effects to be invisible and act with mass.  Aether must have charge to act with force against it’s self to appear to be solid to EMF energies. To have mass/inertia effects there must be something external to cause a resistance to changes in relative motion. The need to have a quanta that appears to be both a wave and a partial and exhibit an energy transfer event when detected. The need for it to be able travel over time and distance beyond knowing with no real mass. This requires something that can deliver a unit of energy and then not appear to be there. So we have this problem, describe a thing that we need to describe effects but we can’t detect directly. We know that charge in motion causes EMF effects and we have EMF effects. We have units , quanta, of EMF effects and therefor units or quanta of something that carries the charge.

Neutrons and Protons have by far, the greater mass/inertia because at their heart they have a deep lack of charge and have a large pull on the charge aether.  Electrons, Photons have charge and push on aether and therefor act as in a super conductor as the aether moves around them as they travel, almost no mass/inertia.   pg


A dugout greenhouse

Garden Greenhouse


There are many ways to create a greenhouse space from a windowsill to a giant hoophouse.  I have created a dugout greenhouse for our needs. The dugout limits side wall heat loss and takes advantage of earth warmth for frost protection. The roof system also minimizes heat loss. But there is a large reduction in solar lighting. and some supplemental light may be needed for growth needs. Note stove pipe in roofed section for additional heating. Many plants will die in prolonged periods of below 50F root zone temperatures. The roofed area over the windowed area contains 200, gallon glass jugs of water to stabilize the interior temperatures in summer as well as in winter.



south view greenhouse interior

Interior view

The 48 inch walls of soil cement are topped with a concrete binder beam that the roof is connected to. All wood is redwood and cedar for resistance to rot from warm and wet conditions. The cedar was cut and milled on the property and the roof frame has held up 3 feet of wet snow! This is also a nice place to work in the winter storms. On the south end is a temporary greenhouse area that I am using as a hanger and an area for work on the FRP disk.



View to the South Forest from drive around

Mixed woods of pine, fir, cedar, oak, dogwood and laurel

At 2200 ft elevation and at the back of a small steep canyon, we have a mixed forest of many species of  tree and brush as well as more different kinds bugs then I have ever seen in a small 20 acre site. There are white and yellow pine. , White fir, red fir and spruce. Tan oak, black oak, red oak as well as a white liveoak. There is also dogwood, maple, alder and California bay laurel. For someone that likes to play with wood this is heaven. These are big trees some over 150ft high and over 36 inches at 20 feet above the ground.

Sidekick load of firewood

 Gathering firewood

Lots of dead and down firewood that I have been gathering during the  this wonderful cool dry late fall we have been having. One of the down oaks, a Canyon Oak ( red oak) is over 40 inches in diameter at the first limb that was over 40 ft above the ground. Major timber material that I will have to rough cut in the forest before I can even move it with a tractor! I have a warehouse / barn under construction with mortice and tendon, 12 inch, oak post and timber for floor support over the basement area to be covered with a 5 inch thick grooved and spline pine deck.  All treenail pinned and glued, no metal.  More on warehouse later.



Junkyard self propelled 4 wheel drive wheelbarrow

 Modified Subaru Sidekick or pg’s wheelbarrow

Transport for 1/4 cord of wood.  Transfer of 1 cu.yard of materials. And small tractor, very handy.  Salvaged from junkyard.   pg

History of my flat spiral coil

Post about origin of my Flat wound Tesla coil

Flat spiral wound tesla coil with central pincushion termination

 History and details of this device.

This Tesla Coil was created in 1994 as the base of my first test device. A spiral of 14 gauge copper magnet wire was welded onto a deck of half inch polypropylene with over a mile of  5/32 polypropylene rod, 5 turns to the inch, for a total of 120 turns and 1200feet of wire. The insulation was tested with a HV 40,000 volt weld tester over every inch of the coil weldment, for a high”Q” coil that can withstand up to 5,000,000 volts of stress. A spiral wound coil is the Tesla design that creates the highest stress at the coil center with the perimeter at “ground” for the safest design as well as the sharpest voltage spike is at the center due to magnetic field collapse pinch. This center termination is a pincushion 8 inches in diameter with 16 pins per square inch. This is inside a polypropylene forcing cone for a plasma conduit / jet. This was circled with a capacitance / inductance necklace that served as the primary that was driven at first with a 15,000 volt, 500ma neon transformer. The bulge rings around the coil deck were the capacitors for this neckless and the some of the wiring can be seen within the right inside of the top ring.  This was setup with the plasma conduit pointed up and the driver transformer hooked up directly to the primary coil to operate the main coil in transformer mode, about 500,000 volts. All of this device was created of welded polypropylene.

During a test of overall fields with a hand held 8 foot florescent tube, a wire from the neon transformer came loose and the device went into full Tesla mode and violet plasma shot up out of the plasma conduit at least 6 feet into the air near my head. Not a big spark of lightning but a real jet 2 inches in diameter. While I was trying to figure out how to get down from the device onto the concrete floor to unplug the driver, without electrocuting myself, the loose wire came off totally and the thing went dead……………………………………………………………………………………………whew.

That event damaged the built in capacitance and I was unable to repair it successfully and continue the testing of that device.

I am now cutting away the capacitance rings and turning the coil deck over to reuse it in the new configuration.

This coil will be operated at less then 300,000 volts initially.

Offering Bowls


Offering bowls

A number of finished and semi finished offering bowls.

Offering bowls are created for two handed display or offering and are wonderful for center place display of food or art.

    Over several years of trial I have developed a style and technique that suits my needs and the material at hand, massive pieces of solid wood!

This is a view of a cut of a cottonwood or popular log, and a semi finished bowl of the same cut. All green wood. I have the best luck, rough shaping  the bowl and then letting it dry out over the winter. By the next winter it is dry enough to finish shaping and then surface finish. Linseed oil is a good sealer to slow the drying so the warpage and cracking is reduced.  On the right is a dry semi finished bowel of Oak  and my shadow!

A bowl of this size takes me about 50 hours to complete.

This is the back or reversed view of the same pieces. I try to create the bowl as dictated by the log piece rather then try to find a suitable piece of wood to create a preconceived bowl. These bowls were created from a clean straight cut of wood. Generally I take cuts from the stump or a large branching crouch. The more gnarled the grain the better. If it is a piece that you don’t want to have to split and too large for the stove it is perfect for working into a display bowl using my technique.  More later as I get better at my posting and my photography.    😎   pg

Kitchen Garden



“The new age will begin with a net that covers the world”

Hopi Prophecies


The new era begins

The Church of the Sacred Carbon “Praise be to Carbon, foundation of life, giver of health and happiness!”        E.M.Smith


Welcome to the new age, Physics and Psychics, GOD and the Universe are connected. Aether is the god particle, Everything originates with Aether. That is the foundation of all things. pg

“We must assume behind this force [in the atom] the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter. ” –Max Planck, accepting the Nobel Prize for Physics, 1918

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.” Das Wesen der Materie [The Nature of Matter], speech at Florence, Italy (1944) (from Archiv zur Geschichte der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Abt. Va, Rep. 11 Planck, Nr. 1797)

 that real force is both benevolent and powerful.” Oliver Manuel

“To be  able to appreciate god-like qualities in the force that sustains our lives and the vibrant universe, Is to acquire understanding of the true nature of the Universe.”  pg.

“At the point reality collides with wishful thinking, wisdom must prevail or disaster will result.” pg

“Wisdom, is knowing the difference between reality and wishful thinking.” pg

  “Those that can, will learn. Those that can not, must be taught.”pg  An other place to explore and use.  Good place to find A.Rossi comments on Ecat. Post and comments on Andrea Rossi and his Ecat device.  Lots of gleaned information in comments

September 2015

_______ At right is a new picture, of the FRP condenser ,    pg

Shell condenser

PG working on his experiment.

A light wood and paper covered dish to be covered with fiberglass polyester skin and metal foil.   Condenser shell construction seen in Working on the shell condenser   At hand is a homemade high voltage condenser to be used with the Tesla coil spark gap. When I first energized my great coil, it was with trepidation that I waved bare 8 foot fluorescent tubes in my naked hand,  they lite up, and there was no apparent effect on me.  pg

I will be adding to both the posts and category pages.  Something new nearly every day, often updates to existing stuff.  So snoop around, explore.  Be sure to click on the pictures for more information as well as a better view.  Ask questions, Comment! Please, It’s easy.   😎  pg