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Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine in which practitioners claim to treat patients using highly diluted preparations that are believed to cause healthy people to exhibit symptoms that are similar to those exhibited by the patient. In the context of homeopathy, the term remedy is used to refer to a substance which has been prepared with a particular procedure and intended for patient use.

The basic principle of homeopathy, known as the “law of similars”, is “let like be cured by like.” This was first stated by German physician Samuel Hahnemann in 1796, and is not a true law of nature.

Homeopathic remedies are prepared by serial dilution with shaking by forceful striking on an elastic body, which homeopaths term succussion. Each dilution followed by succussion is assumed to increase the effectiveness. Homeopaths call this process potentization. Dilution often continues until none of the original substance remains. Depending on the dilution, homeopathic remedies may not contain any pharmacologically active molecules, and for such remedies to have pharmacological effect would violate fundamental principles of science. Modern homeopaths have proposed that water has a memory that allows homeopathic preparations to work without any of the original substance; however, there are no verified observations nor scientifically plausible physical mechanisms for such a phenomenon.

Oral homeopathic remedies are safe at the high dilutions recommended by Hahnemann, since they likely contain no molecules of the original substance, but they may not be safe at lower dilutions

Hahnemann observed from his experiments with cinchona bark, used as a treatment for malaria, that the effects he experienced from ingesting the bark were similar to the symptoms of malaria. He therefore decided that cure proceeds through similarity, and that treatments must be able to produce symptoms in healthy individuals similar to those of the disease being treated. Through further experiments with other substances, Hahnemann conceived of the law of similars, otherwise known as “let like be cured by like” as a fundamental healing principle. He believed that by using drugs to induce symptoms, the artificial symptoms would stimulate the vital force, causing it to neutralize and expel the original disease and that this artificial disturbance would naturally subside when the dosing ceased. It is based on the belief that a substance that in large doses will produce symptoms of a specific disease will, in extremely small doses, cure it.

From wiki on Homeopathy

On gravity

On Gravity

Does gravity really suck?

Gravity causes exactly the same warpage as charge fields in atomic structures. Gravity behaves exactly the same as charge fields as to effects over distance. Charge fields are created by gravity. The potential for acceleration in an earth gravity field is 32ft per second for each second of acceleration, the charge field of earth is an linear accelerator. Investigations conducted in the 1800s established an average charge field of 300 volts per meter average in dry air. In a boring week I created a number of gravity batteries of oil, paper and foil. In all cases the batteries were positive on top and negative on the bottom. The voltage over distance was about .50 milivolts per 10 mils or 300volts over 1 meter. This was dielectric warpage as in a condenser, no current flow measured as this was a device to measure potential created by gravity. Do not confuse voltage potential with current flow! You have to gather the charge bodies as well as develop potential and create a controllable current flow as well as allow for recharge of the device. Dielectric warpage is the displacement of the nucleus from the center of the electron shell. The electron shell is the atomic surface and the nucleus the atomic mass or center of gravity. Whether gravitational fields or electrical charge fields the effect is the same, atomic warpage.

More gravity really sucks.

Gravity is a form of energy.

All energy moves from high concentration towards low concentration.

All matter produces gravitational attraction.

Gravity obeys all the laws of energy except it appears to move in the wrong direction or does it.

The movement of electricity appears to move from high charge to low charge but it actually moves in a curious manner. The charge units fall into low charge spaces in a cascade from low charge toward high. A lightning strike starts at the ground and the charge units cascade into the lowered charge areas and create a conductive plasma to continue the strike as the higher charged regions unload into the lower drained areas. The movement in a conductor is in the same manner. In solid state electronics an area is doped to have “holes,” positive, low charge areas next to “filled,”negative, high charge areas so a small charge change can cause charge units to fall into the holes and start current flow.

A visual representation is a pile of sand at angle of repose. If some is removed from the base, the sand will cascade to fill the hole from the bottom toward the top of the pile.

In an Aether universe the flow of all energy including gravity flows in the correct manner. In cascade from low charge toward high charge. The aether is in high charge (negative) condition and matter is in low charge (positive) condition. Over 200 years of experiments have shown that the charge gradient of the earths’ atmosphere is about 300 volts per meter elevation increase in a dry atmosphere with no clouds.

. Do not confuse the movement of energy from high concentration towards low with the cascade of energy in the opposite direction. In gravity we see and feel the effects of the cascade towards matter but the energy travels in the other direction within and through the aether

The key to an AETHER universe is the characteristics of the QUANTA that fill all of space.

There ain’t nothing in space, Space is jam packed full of something. Something that is the carrier of all fields that propagate throughout the universe. In his investigations of the behavior and speed of light Morley said that space behaved as if were a atmosphere compressed to 10,000 psi. and we may actually know what these quanta are. Electrons, photons, neutrinos have been shown to be interchangeable when they collide, turning from one to another as they exchange energy and take on new characteristic signatures. The key is the aether is similar to an ocean of water where waves travel through by compression – decompression and not by gross movement of the water. Think of the executive desk toy of suspended steal balls, drop one on the end and one jumps off the other end. An event starts the compression – decompression wave traveling through the aether, this causes an event at the detector that creates a characteristic emf signal based on the speed, spin and wobble of the field signal. The detector requires an unit (quanta) of energy to cause a signal in the detector. This absorption of the energy lowers the compression – decompression local energy level. A wave that looks like a quanta particle. An electron spins and does not travel, is static. With travel, has electrical magnetic signature. Photon travels, spins and wobbles (spins in 2 dimensions) for light characteristics. Neutrino travels with little or no spin and wobble. If they stop all motion they disappear. Only the signal travels. The aether has charge (negative), is the carrier medium that is supra-magnetic, that is it can be easily influenced by and will align with magnetic fields to transport the emf (electro – motive – force) energy as well as assist in the creation of gravitation effects with protons, the heart of (positive)matter.

If you have charge, it is negative. If you have no charge, it is positive. If there is both, it is neutral.

On the other hand, as in the great oceans, the aether does move in currents under the effects of gravity and EMF effects, and obeys laws of fluid dynamics.

Just what is a PROTON?

Maxwell said that the proton had the characteristics of a bar magnet and we know that it presents most of the mass/inertia of the hydrogen atom. The proton seems to be a condensate of the aether. A true singularity that is extremely long lived.. The naked proton has a deep lack of charge ( highly positive)and is attracted to charged fields and appears to be the source of the charge force field of its’ electron shell. The size of the electron shell is a balance between the energy inside the proton against the compression pressure of the local charge (negative) fields. The proton strongly repels other protons and in concert with the aether is the gravity field attractor. The proton and neutron are nucleons that make up the atomic nucleus. They are the main source of mass/inertia of the atom. The protons in the nucleus are masked from one another by the neutrons between them. Protons exhibit about 2,000 times the mass of a quanta unit.

Which brings us to the key to the creation of all matter and energy, NEUTRONS.

The creation of neutrons is the key to this part of the proposition. A free neutron under standard conditions has a short life. It changes to a hydrogen atom and loses a small amount of mass/inertia.

Under high density conditions a hydrogen atom must collapse to a neutron and gain mass/inertia. Mass/inertia is an indicator of potential energy. The neutron has a high charge skin or shell next to the low charge (positive) proton core. The net charge appears to be neutral, but to another proton or neutron the skin or shell is negative. The tighter the shell is packed around the core the lower the apparent net charge ( higher positive to the aether) and the greater the mass/inertia or energy stored.

The change of volume occupied by the neutron in the aether (3.14 times 10 to the 6th) to the volume occupied by the hydrogen electron shell in the aether takes place at the speed of light ( C ), a great physical, as well as emf pulse, due to the change in size of the electron shell. This great release of energy is accompanied by a small lose of mass/inertia and is the foundation of the popular formula E=MC^2. Where E = energy, M = mass, (not matter) and I am not sure what C^2 is for, as the speed of light times the speed of light does not seem relevant to the volume of a sphere. Although the resultant seems to be close enough to the correct answer, it gives the wrong concept of what is happening. There is also the emf component of the acceleration of the neutron out of the atom electron shell as well as the emf of the neutron skin expansion to hydrogen electron shell. The greater the count of nucleons trapped in the atomic core, the greater the mass per each neutron as they repel one another and require more compression to hold them in the nucleus, and greater the mass to energy conversion upon ejection.

All of this is reversed as gravity causes compression of matter and energy together into a mass/inertia increase.

How is the mass/inertia change stored? Angular momentum (AM) changes in spin in the proton core, as the charge shell shrinks under local charge pressure the core proton spins up and mass/inertia increases, net charge, as seen by the aether decreases, (becomes more positive), causing the aether to stronger (mass/inertia) resistance to change in motion. More mass/inertia increase causes more gravity due to lower apparent net charge (higher positive), compared to the high charge (negative) of the aether.


( the earth sucks )

The attraction of the proton for it’s neighbor’s electron shell and it’s electron shell attraction to the neighbor’s proton causes warpage of the nucleus from it’s centered position and attraction to other atoms and attraction to the aether. The weaker negative surface of the neutron also pulls on neighboring protons while it’s proton core effects the aether .While this effect diminishes rapidly with distance, large planetary masses cause measurable effects over millions of miles. This, over all warpage of the atomic center of mass, from it’s position in the middle of the electron shell, causes a free body to accelerate toward the warping body. This is due to the accelerating body’s attempting to center it’s mass within it’s shell. At it;s surface, a planetary body the size of the earth will create a warpage field that will accelerate a free body 32 feet per second, per second. Gravity is not a thing, or a wave, It is only the description of an effect caused by nuclear warpage. This electro-static effect is carried over long distances through the aether.

What is Aether?


( space is packed full of something )

The medium of space, the fabric of space,dark matter,dark energy, zero point energy or AETHER. Space is solidly packed with something. A researcher at the start of the 1900’s said space behaves as an atmosphere compressed to 10,000 psi when comparisons of the speed of light in different materials was made. Tests done in the mid 1800’s demonstrated light traveled faster through denser materials and was therefor wave and not particle. All electronic and electrical engineers know that particle light theory is based on an affectation of all test devices, To have a test result you need enough energy to cause an
electron shell to transfer the energy to the next shell. This quanta of energy is a unit of amount and not a thing. ( sorry folks no photon particles, no electron particles ). In the early 1900’s experts in wave theory carried out an experiment to prove the existence of aetherial flow. As there were no positive results, particle proponents declared that it proved the non-existence of aether. An examination of the experiment layout, show that it’s designers failed to fully understand the nature of aether and flow in fluid dynamics. Thought of that time was that, aether was a fixed field that space bodies traveled through and therefor speed of light differences would demonstrate an existence and direction of an aetheral wind. No differences were found, no wind, therefor no aether. An aetheral field is more similar to an ocean we travel with, inside of a boundary layer. No wind, no proof, poor experiment design. EMF energy transfer requires the existence of a medium that can be magnetically energized and polarized. A universe filled with AETHER.
So what is Aether?

(the thing not there, yet is every where)

AETHER was described by the ancient Greeks and has been in and out of favor ever since. It is not matter. Matter is made up of organized granules of aether. It is not energy. It’s internal angular momentum is energy, Aether has inertia or mass due to it’s resistance to change in motion. It is magnetizable, to create magnetic lines of force. Aether exhibits fluid dynamics and behaves similar to a gas under extreme pressure. Aether is similar to granules that resist each other like ball bearings made of force fields. A granule of aether that spins has an electrostatic field and would be called an election. If it is moved an EMF effect results. If it travels in the spin axes direction, an electromagnetic field is created. A granule that travels and tumbles is a neutrino. And one that travels, spins, and tumbles a photon. When an independent electron, neutrino or photon travels through aetherial space it is the spin, travel and tumble information that actually travels. An electrostatic field puts stresses, (negative) pushes, (positive) pulls on the aether. An electromagnetic field moves it or if the aether moves an electro-magnetic field results. EMF energy travels through aether, as a sound wave travels through a medium, through compression, decompression. Compression caused by field, field caused by decompression. All different manifestations of the same

Soo what is AETHER?

(this is energizing)

Energy “The ability to do work”. is not a thing. It is an event that modifies or changes things. Modification or change of a thing will create an energy event. Energy applied to a thing, for change, must overcome resistance to the change ( inertia ) to effect the change. To reverse the change another energy event must take place. “An object at rest, will stay at rest. An object forced into motion, will stay in motion until equal and opposite force is applied”( at least Newtonian physics works ) The energy applied becomes part of the total mass of the object. Observed mass is relative to your point of view or the view point of the observer relative to the observed. If you and an object are accelerated at the same rate and direction there will be no apparent mass change. If the object is accelerated in a
different amount or direction to the observer it will have a measurable change in mass but no change in inertia. Inertia is the internal resistance to change in motion, the internal angular momentum ( this relativity stuff is sure tough ) The speed of EMF through the aether is at the local speed of light determined by the local medium density, regardless of the relative speed of the origin to the local observer. Relative speed only effects the frequency observed. Distance also effects the frequency. Waves, not particles, through a medium, aether.

Soooo what is aether

(the real thing)

The ancients did a fair job of describing the atom. The smallest common unit of construction of our universe is isotope hydrogen 1. This is created when a core (“0” net charge)of granules of aether organizes and collapse to a singularity, a proton, leaving a static charge on the outside of the bubble and spinning up the area’s surface to become a negative charged (more then”0″negative) electron shell. The proton core, appears to be positive, ( less then “0” negative ) and in counter rotation. The core to shell potential difference increases with distance of internal separation, decreases with closeness, pulling the core to the center of the shell. If the proton is driven from it’s shell it is still less then “0” negative (positive) and spinning. It can be attracted by negative and repelled by positive fields and is magnetic. The shell will be electrostaticlly negative as long as it spins, electromagnetic when it moves and with no motion disappears. It can be attracted by a positive electrostatic field, repelled by a negative one, and moved by a magnetic field. An electron shell has the same surface charge as granules of aether and repels them, the oppositely charged proton attracts them. When an electron shell moves through the aether, aether flows around it, pushed by electrostatic repulsion. When a proton moves it pulls on the aether electrostaticlly and drags a larger amount then the electron shell pushes. Thus a ball of aether around an atom or object is created, a net mass of attached aetheral granules that resist the change in motion and speed.

(pay attention)

The smallest common building block of matter in our universe, the proton and electron shell of the simple hydrogen atom, has several sizes. plasma, atomic, elemental and the neutron. Plasma hydrogen is basically a proton without it’s electron shell. Deep lack of charge, (high positive) and repels all other protons, and would seriously resist fusion. Atomic hydrogen is a proton with electron shell and carries to much energy to bond. Elemental hydrogen is smaller, has 3 possible weights or isotopes and can bond. The neutron is a simple hydrogen atom that has had it’s electron shell collapsed around it. It has a slight negative surface and can not bind electron shells. It has slightly more inertia / mass than the proton.
Soooooo what is Aether?

(the quick change artist)

An neutron is created when an atom of hydrogen that is attached to another atom, is pushed inside the other’s shell and it’s shell collapses around it. It has a weak negative surface charge and cannot bind outside electron shells against electron repulsion. The neutron has slightly more mass or inertia then the hydrogen atom, (because of it’s reduced apparent negative charge) and is about the same size as a proton. A proton- neutron nucleus is the result. If this happens again. A proton-two neutron core results. If one of the neutrons re-expands, a two proton-one neutron helium nuclei within a doubled shell may result, and on and on. No high powered collider, a crystal lattice will do. A neutron outside it’s atom is not stable and will decay in a short time. When a solitary neutron decays, it becomes a hydrogen atom with a high negative surface charge and with a slight net reduction in mass or inertia and a great change in volume. This change of volume *10to6, at the speed of light, yields a very energetic local event in the aether,( <mi>+ E=V*C ) and a very small change in mass or inertia. Neutron creation and decay is the source of fission/fusion atomic energy, not matter conversion


( is reality )

Every thing we see, feel and touch is the result of electron field interference of one kind or another. All matter in our normal space is composed of protons, neutrons and their electron shells. Protons, relative to the size of the electron shell, are tiny! It is said, “If protons were the size of beach balls, the electron shell would be as large as the United States”.While it is quite small, the relative mass or inertia of a proton is greater than the electron shell’s mass. A neutron is slightly larger and has slightly
more mass or inertia. The mass or inertia of an elemental atom is primarily determined by the number of protons and neutrons within it and their total effect on the aether around them. The materials that make up our apparent universe are molecules made up of 2 or more atoms of one or more elements. Atoms in molecules are held together and shaped by the field attraction of protons for their neighbors electron shells as well as their own, and the repulsion of like fields, protons against protons, electrons against electrons. .The fields, within and without,of the atom are shaped by the arrangement of protons and neutrons at the center of  the atom and their effect on the local field strength of the electron shells above them. This attraction to a lesser degree holds molecules together to create crystals and other structures.
Soooooooo what is Aether?

Electro-Motive Force
(the force with us)

EMF ( electro motive force ) is electromagnetic energy traveling through the medium of space. From DC (direct current through a wire), AC (alternating current in a wire), RF (radio frequency on a wire) to light and cosmic rays. It is all the same. In the case of DC, warpage caused by electrical potential is transferred from one atom electron shell to the next. At each jump the EMF pulse moves through the space in and near the conductor in one direction. In AC the charge moves back and forth, in and over the conductor. As the frequency increases more of the energy is transferred over the outside of the conductor. All atoms will conduct, shell to shell. Those with loosely filled electron shells will conduct
easier at no or low frequencies and low voltage potentials. Those with tightly filled shells will resist. At higher frequencies the reaction of the electron shells will be slower then the charge change and their difference will push the EMF field out of and off of the conductor’s surface. The conductor becomes the insulator. At very high frequencies, conductors are used to guide and control the energy transfer through repulsion as the energy travels through the aether.
Soooooooooo what is Aether


( reality is in the eye of the beholder)

Particle physics describes atoms made up of a nuclei of protons (positive charged, made up several differently charged and spinning sub particles), neutrons(similar to a proton in sub particle count, different net spin and no net charge),and electrons orbiting in layers like so many planets (very small and negatively charged). photons (similar in size to an electron and is the carrier of  EMF energy), and neutrinos(originally described to cover up a math error, same size as electron and photon with little or no mass, spin or charge). Photons, electrons and neutrinos, all have different mass, spin and charge test results. Test collisions of these particles show them to be interchangeable, one becoming another, different detector results. Present day sub atomic particle physics also call for masons, leptons, gravitons and glueons and ons and ons and ons…..The larger the atom smasher, the greater number of different kinds of shards of atomic colored glass that can be classified and named. And aether does not exist…!!……………………………………………………. well maybe……pg

P.G.’s theory of relativity;

The more money you appear to have,
the more relatives you appear to have.

Andrea Rossi

Andrea Rossi

The following is an edited version of the transcript from

Andrea Rossi is an engineer, businessman, and inventor. Originally from Italy he now resides in the United States.

In Andrea Rossi’s own words on January 14,2012

A.Rossi: ”I have made in Italy from 1970 when I started to work. I was born in 1950. I have made biomass energy, power and energy plants. And that has been my source of work. And when in 1989, Fleischmann and Pons made their press conference announcing their discovery, I had been fascinated from that effect. From that period I started to try to reproduce their effect, and I did not succeed to reproduce it with their system. So I have researched other systems. And around 2006 or 2007 we started to have an amount of energy produced using low energy nuclear reactions. And at that point I have focused the attention exclusively on this issue. I sold all my other businesses and financed this research. I asked the help of the University of Bologna through Professor Focardi, and I must say that initially I asked him to be a consultant to us, to show me that my system could never work. To make me free from it, because it was an obsession. It was too good to be true, so I said, “Please explain to me why it does not work.” And after some day he said, “I have some bad news for you, I think the system works.” And so it is worth it for you to stay in this track. We worked together, we asked his consulting mainly for the safety issues, to go ahead with the experiments in a safe way, and to make the prototypes so that they could be safe. And then we arrived to the presentation of one year ago, when we were ready to present an apparatus able to produce an energy that was usable in real industrial situations. I hope that my English is enough to let you understand what I am saying.

The E-Cat we must put a distinction between the industrial plants, and what will be the domestic plants that we will start to deliver in the next winter. In any case, the kind of module of an E-Cat is made by a small box as big as a box of cigarettes to give an idea. Inside which there is a powder of nickel, and is compressed hydrogen. Inside this.. and there are also the catalyzers from which the name E-Cat, which is a shortcut for Energy Catalyzer, the differentials of pressure and temperature properly handled produce an effect that emits a low energy gamma rays. The gamma rays then hit the wall of lead, and the lead turns the gamma rays, the low energy gamma rays, into heat. The heat then heats the water that flows outside the reactor.

To produce a megawatt power of energy, we employ a very, very very tiny amount of hydrogen and nickel. And this effect has now been understood very well. And the theory will be presented soon. And this way, we can produce energy without emission of any kind of gas, without as you correctly said production of any kind of waste, without using radioactive materials, without radioactive leaving materials. Without emission of CO2, or noise, or anything else. So it is environmentally friendly.

Since the materials that we use are nickel and hydrogen, should the temperature go too high, at that point the nickel which is just nickel, like the nickel of the five cent, five cents of dollar. And the nickel when it melts is no more powder. Then the E-Cat cannot work if the nickel is not powder. So automatically intrinsically we say, if the temperature goes too high, the E-Cat turns out. It is switched off, because has no more proper nickel in powder form to operate.

What we produce now is just heat. Because we have not yet resolved the problems that we have to turn this heat into electric energy. It will take between one and two years to be able to make E-Cats that make also electricity, besides heat. For now we are just heating with our E-Cats.

The amount of nickel that we consume is very, very tiny respect to the amount of nickel that is produced. To understand well this I can use numbers. You must consider that one gram of matter of mass of matter, of nickel or anything in this world is equal… can produce if turned into heat, can produce twenty three thousand megawatt hours of energy. Again, one gram of mass, of nickel, can produce twenty three thousand megawatts of energy. If you think this, you can imagine that even if this kind of technology will be well used in our planet, the amount of nickel consumed in one year will be less than 1% of the nickel that today is produced in the world. And so it is impossible that there can be shortages of nickel because it is absolutely. It is irrelevant the amount that is consumed.

But you must consider that we make tests everyday in our laboratory with our consultants, with our apparatus. Now the technology is very solid, the E-Cats now are very stable. We have manufacturing right now, one megawatt plants why for the domestic small E-Cats, we, first of all, we have started the certification process with underwriter laboratories, which will be necessary to sell the E-Cats. And at the same time, we are engineering, right now, we are preparing a totally robotized manufacturing factory, which will be able to produce one million pieces per year. This will be in the United States. And I am honored to say this, because I reside in the USA. I love the United States, and I wanted for many reasons that now I cannot explain, to develop in the United States this technology. And I want that this technology is American. In Florida. And at this point, the very important issue now for many reasons is to push the price of an E-Cat very, very down. Because this technology must be for all. And I want that a ten kilowatt E-Cat costs around $500 dollars. To make this we must absolutely robotize and engineer very well the manufacturing lines, because you know, to compete… because once we will have defused our devices, our E-Cats, in the market, we will be subject to copies, intentional copies and competition. And to compete against, also because yes, we have patents pending, but to be sure that the reverse engineering will not put in jeopardy our production, we had to make it the best way to fight against the competition is to have a very low price. This is the effort that now we are making, because I foresee that we will have to compete against production made in China, and we have China or other countries where, of course the work… We cannot compete against that kind of system, social system that makes the work have costs that are unsustainable for us. So we have to fight against them with best, better engineering in the production lines. Now our efforts are passed from the technology of the E-Cat which is mature and stable right now, to the engineering system. Because if not, we have won the battle of the technology, we risk to go to lose the war of the competition. Which is why now we have to work very hard on the engineering. And we are doing it. There is so we will be able to put in the market in a very cheap way, and you will be surprised from the very high level of easiness of use of the E-Cat.

We must foresee reverse engineer and to put knock out the reverse engineering that will come from, from countries that do not respect the standards of welfare of workers that we respect in the USA. We have to be prepared so that it will be impossible to beat us under the economic point of view. If not, we will make the end of the companies like Solyndra or the other one, that you know started making solar panels, but then arrived the Chinese and they have been put out of business. And you know, we have to study very well those cases in history, because we must foresee what they will do. And we must anticipate this war, because this is a war, and we want to win it.

You know, many other technologies based on nickel and hydrogen tried to work, but they did not work. And this is why we have to cover them. Of course once we will have millions of pieces in the market it will not be very very difficult for a laboratory to understand which are these catalysts, but at that point, as I said before, we will be so well engineered with a production system that the reverse engineering will not be enough to compete with us. Because after that there will be the necessity to compete with us. And so, I hope we will take an advantage.

Also, while we are talking about the function of the technology, there is also been talk about some kind of a frequency that is used to impose on the system, some kind of electromagnetic radio… some kind of vibrational frequency. this is a confidential issue. Yes, we use… I can say you this… That we use a system that is similar to what happens in the martial arts, oriental martial arts. The effect is based on the fact the forces that theoretically should fight against us, and I mean the Coulomb forces, are used to help us. This is the principle. And this is the issue. This effect is an effect where we have turned to our advantage what theoretically has to be to our disadvantage.

We are working very well with National Instruments, and we are learning a lot from them. And surely their technology is helping us in the stability issue, and this will be very useful, mainly in the path to arrive at the production of electricity. Because you could ask me why are you able to produce heat, and are you not yet able to make electricity. While it will be very easy turn heat into electricity, it is not a big issue to turn heat into electricity. Yes, theoretically the effect is that to make electricity with acceptable efficiency, you must have temperatures of at least 400 Celsius degrees. And which means kind of around 1,000 degrees. And this factor makes unstable the reactor. Now we have a very good stability now, and the E-Cat up to 120C degrees is very stable and works properly with no problems at all, without peaks. One year ago we had problems of peaks, that made unstable the reactor. Now, after one year we have reached a very good stability until 120C. So to make heat is not a problem. To go higher than that, because you know, theoretically should be easy to raise the temperature. Because you put in series instead of in parallel the E-Cats, and put them in series you should raise the temperature. Yes, this is true, but unfortunately when we arrived to high temperatures we had problems. And, but we are resolving these problems. And we are resolving this problem with the help of the customer that had bought the one megawatt plant and with the help of National Instruments which is a wonderful, a wonderful supplier, because their philosophy is to teach to their customer to fish. They said to me in one of the first meetings I had with their managers and their scientists, they said we want to teach to your company to.. We want not just to sell to you a fish. But we want they said, you to learn to fish, because if you learn to fish, we can go fishing together. And upgrade together the technology. And this philosophy of theirs is a philosophy that will give very good results.

The unit that has to be certified is the unit exactly how it will be when we will put it in.. we have made prototypes of the unit which is much smaller, much lighter, etc. Because it is already engineered to be produced in big quantities. So it is already engineered, and it has been assembled along the directions that already the engineer of UL, that I am working with, gave us.

It will look like a small portable computer. It will have close the dimensions of a small portable computer, and it will be possible to apply heat to any existing heater. So you will just heat up.. You know the model for me has been the software of Microsoft. The software of Microsoft is a processor that you insert into any computer of the world. And the concept is the same. The E-Cat will be a processor able to make heat that you can.. in any kind of heater existing in the world in a very simple way, and every contractor or installer will be able to plug it in. And to refill it which is necessary every six months, or every 180 days of operation, it will be very easy, because it will be like to refill a pen, and this will be the E-Cat.

For what concerns the heat the water of the heating system, to heat the rooms to heat factories, houses, etc. Yes. It will have the necessary elasticity. For water where you need, you know… The fact that the gas turns on when you open the valve of the water to wash your hands, and then you close the valve and the gas turns off. This elasticity of course is impossible, so the E-Cat will be plugged to resolve basically the ability to be connected fundamentally with heating circuit. While the existing heater will continue to be the one used for the symmetry. You know, your heater gives you two kinds of water. The water to heat the radiators, to give the heat to give the right temperature to the rooms.

What counts is that a charge lasts one hundred and eighty days, I mean one hundred and eighty operational days. So if you use it in…. if you use it for one month of the year, one charge will last six years, not six months. The charge is consumed only if you need the operation. If you do not need the operation you turn the E-Cat off, and after thirty minutes or one hour maximum, the E-Cat is turned off and consumes nothing.

Our system point which will be closed to the customer and later I will explain you why, will supply to the customer the re-fills, and the customer can change the re-fills himself, or if he wants the installer or the plumber can go to make the change. It is a very easy operation. And the old cartridge will be sent back to us, because we recycle it. And we have just to re-treat the nickel. And then the cartridge, the old cartridge becomes new and is ready to be put again into operation. And so there will be a circulation of cartridges, because you have an E-Cat when the cartridge is consumed you give it back to our agency, and change it and put on the new one, and the old one goes in our factory to be re-treated. And of course completely recycled. And that’s it… The reason why I stated before that the assistance point would be close to the customer is very simple, because the fact that an E-Cat can be attached to any kind of heater you already have makes possible to us to tell you to go to your installer, to your traditional installer or plumber, and put him in contact with us. And we will give him instructions to assist you.

The re-fill cost, if you change the re-fill yourself, it is basically nothing. Just the cost of the cartridge. A cartridge can cost ten dollars, and to change it yourself, it’s over. You have to spend nothing more. If not, you have to pay the installer, the trip that, the return trip he has to make to come to your house and change it.

Here we have a big surprise. This is a big surprise. It is very likely that the E-Cats we are working with now, work without canisters of hydrogen, because we have resolved the problem with a substance that inside the reactor stores and recycles the hydrogen. Consuming it, but you know we consume a picogram of hydrogen, and so a charge of ten grams lasts six months of operation. So basically, we have resolved the problem of the canister. The problem of the canister was very big for the domestic E-Cats. Because to get a safety certifications for an apparatus that has a tank of hydrogen, was very difficult. And so we have resolved the problem. This is a tremendous improvement of our technology that we made in these last times. We have resolved that problem using temperatures.

The charge is consumed only during the operational work of the E-Cat. So if you work hard one day and stop and do not make the E-Cat work for five days, of course the charge consumes only during that day, not the other five. So when we say that a charge lasts one hundred and eighty days. This does not mean one hundred and eighty calendar days. It means one hundred and eighty operational days.

We are organizing the network. With licenses and with agencies. We will end, we will also sell the E-Cats in the internet. And again, to organize the assistance network, we will ask to the customers to put us in contact with their usual trusted contractor or plumber or installer… So that we will have the experience there. He will have the usual assistance, and we will extend this way in an assistance network close to where have real customers.

Automatically, the E-Cat will go into self-sustain mode when control system will decide. The 10 kilowatt E-Cat will work exactly as the one megawatt E-Cat under it’s point of view. This will be a completely automatically done. It is not something like in an electric car. Like in today’s electric car, is the control system that decides when it goes by gas or goes by the battery. The driver has just to drive. The E-Cat will go into self-sustain mode or in drive mode, automatically. This will not be a choice of the owner.

The transmutation of nickel to copper is a side effect of the working of the E-Cat. The main effect that happens inside is an effect that needs low energy gamma rays. The transmutation to copper is a side effect. Yes, we have got evidence of 511, 180 degree couples… I mean 511 kevs gammas, at 180 degrees. We got them which come from the reaction between the matter of the electrons and the anti-matter of the positrons. But this is just a side effect, but you know… To explain exactly the theory of what happens inside, until we decide to disclose the technology, it is basically not possible. But again, yes we got evidence, we got evidence and we will publish the documents about this of the 511 kevs.

You consider that every 10 kilowatts of power draw about 2 point, during the start-up, the activation period, we draw about 2.7 or 2.9 kilowatts of power. Basically during the activation, you consume 2.7 to 2.9 kilowatt hours per hour. And this goes on for up to, depends on… in a small E-Cat it takes one hour. In a one megawatt plant it takes a couple of hours, because there we have more complex problems. But in any case, yes, the activation energy is 2.7 kilowatt hours per hour, every 10 kilowatts of power of the plant.

The patent is still pending. We have our patent has been granted in Italy. So the process of authorization and study of the patent has been two years long in Italy. Then we had the patent granted. While the international and the US are still pending. Our patent attorney’s are working on it. I cannot say anymore, because this is an issue that does not depend on us. That is it.

We have to prepare for the production of a million pieces. That is the work we are doing. Of course the tests of the E-Cats and also the work with Uppsala and Bologna we will go ahead, but no more public tests. At this point, we are going to mass production of the E-Cats. And this is the job that we need to do. I just wanted to add that once the E-Cats will be for sale. I mean the small E-Cats, everybody will be able to buy one and make all the tests he will want.

We will start production in the fall. In the fall we will have ready all the engineering to start the production. And the sales will start in the winter. The production will be one million pieces per year. But from now to the fall, the work will be to prepare the factories.

We are walking deeply and profoundly to make the E-Cats at a very, very low price to allow people to pay back the E-Cat in a few months. The best help is to consider that getting an E-Cat, they save money for thirty years which is the expected life of an E-Cat. To pre-order an E-Cat is the thing that gives us a good way, is not risky, because it cost nothing. And when the E-Cats will be ready to be for sale, we will send to everybody who makes a pre-order a specific offer. And everybody will be free to cancel their order, or confirm it. And this is a good way to help us. And, do not send money, but just say, well, when the E-Cat will be out I will be ready to buy it. The price anyway will be between $400 and $500 dollars for a ten kilowatt system. This is a win-win proposal. And stay in touch with us, for now we have just to work.”

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Momentous Breakthroughs Announced During Anniversary E-Cat Interview

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