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On gravity

On Gravity

Does gravity really suck?

Gravity causes exactly the same warpage as charge fields in atomic structures. Gravity behaves exactly the same as charge fields as to effects over distance. Charge fields are created by gravity. The potential for acceleration in an earth gravity field is 32ft per second for each second of acceleration, the charge field of earth is an linear accelerator. Investigations conducted in the 1800s established an average charge field of 300 volts per meter average in dry air. In a boring week I created a number of gravity batteries of oil, paper and foil. In all cases the batteries were positive on top and negative on the bottom. The voltage over distance was about .50 milivolts per 10 mils or 300volts over 1 meter. This was dielectric warpage as in a condenser, no current flow measured as this was a device to measure potential created by gravity. Do not confuse voltage potential with current flow! You have to gather the charge bodies as well as develop potential and create a controllable current flow as well as allow for recharge of the device. Dielectric warpage is the displacement of the nucleus from the center of the electron shell. The electron shell is the atomic surface and the nucleus the atomic mass or center of gravity. Whether gravitational fields or electrical charge fields the effect is the same, atomic warpage.

More gravity really sucks.

Gravity is a form of energy.

All energy moves from high concentration towards low concentration.

All matter produces gravitational attraction.

Gravity obeys all the laws of energy except it appears to move in the wrong direction or does it.

The movement of electricity appears to move from high charge to low charge but it actually moves in a curious manner. The charge units fall into low charge spaces in a cascade from low charge toward high. A lightning strike starts at the ground and the charge units cascade into the lowered charge areas and create a conductive plasma to continue the strike as the higher charged regions unload into the lower drained areas. The movement in a conductor is in the same manner. In solid state electronics an area is doped to have “holes,” positive, low charge areas next to “filled,”negative, high charge areas so a small charge change can cause charge units to fall into the holes and start current flow.

A visual representation is a pile of sand at angle of repose. If some is removed from the base, the sand will cascade to fill the hole from the bottom toward the top of the pile.

In an Aether universe the flow of all energy including gravity flows in the correct manner. In cascade from low charge toward high charge. The aether is in high charge (negative) condition and matter is in low charge (positive) condition. Over 200 years of experiments have shown that the charge gradient of the earths’ atmosphere is about 300 volts per meter elevation increase in a dry atmosphere with no clouds.

. Do not confuse the movement of energy from high concentration towards low with the cascade of energy in the opposite direction. In gravity we see and feel the effects of the cascade towards matter but the energy travels in the other direction within and through the aether

The key to an AETHER universe is the characteristics of the QUANTA that fill all of space.

There ain’t nothing in space, Space is jam packed full of something. Something that is the carrier of all fields that propagate throughout the universe. In his investigations of the behavior and speed of light Morley said that space behaved as if were a atmosphere compressed to 10,000 psi. and we may actually know what these quanta are. Electrons, photons, neutrinos have been shown to be interchangeable when they collide, turning from one to another as they exchange energy and take on new characteristic signatures. The key is the aether is similar to an ocean of water where waves travel through by compression – decompression and not by gross movement of the water. Think of the executive desk toy of suspended steal balls, drop one on the end and one jumps off the other end. An event starts the compression – decompression wave traveling through the aether, this causes an event at the detector that creates a characteristic emf signal based on the speed, spin and wobble of the field signal. The detector requires an unit (quanta) of energy to cause a signal in the detector. This absorption of the energy lowers the compression – decompression local energy level. A wave that looks like a quanta particle. An electron spins and does not travel, is static. With travel, has electrical magnetic signature. Photon travels, spins and wobbles (spins in 2 dimensions) for light characteristics. Neutrino travels with little or no spin and wobble. If they stop all motion they disappear. Only the signal travels. The aether has charge (negative), is the carrier medium that is supra-magnetic, that is it can be easily influenced by and will align with magnetic fields to transport the emf (electro – motive – force) energy as well as assist in the creation of gravitation effects with protons, the heart of (positive)matter.

If you have charge, it is negative. If you have no charge, it is positive. If there is both, it is neutral.

On the other hand, as in the great oceans, the aether does move in currents under the effects of gravity and EMF effects, and obeys laws of fluid dynamics.

Just what is a PROTON?

Maxwell said that the proton had the characteristics of a bar magnet and we know that it presents most of the mass/inertia of the hydrogen atom. The proton seems to be a condensate of the aether. A true singularity that is extremely long lived.. The naked proton has a deep lack of charge ( highly positive)and is attracted to charged fields and appears to be the source of the charge force field of its’ electron shell. The size of the electron shell is a balance between the energy inside the proton against the compression pressure of the local charge (negative) fields. The proton strongly repels other protons and in concert with the aether is the gravity field attractor. The proton and neutron are nucleons that make up the atomic nucleus. They are the main source of mass/inertia of the atom. The protons in the nucleus are masked from one another by the neutrons between them. Protons exhibit about 2,000 times the mass of a quanta unit.

Which brings us to the key to the creation of all matter and energy, NEUTRONS.

The creation of neutrons is the key to this part of the proposition. A free neutron under standard conditions has a short life. It changes to a hydrogen atom and loses a small amount of mass/inertia.

Under high density conditions a hydrogen atom must collapse to a neutron and gain mass/inertia. Mass/inertia is an indicator of potential energy. The neutron has a high charge skin or shell next to the low charge (positive) proton core. The net charge appears to be neutral, but to another proton or neutron the skin or shell is negative. The tighter the shell is packed around the core the lower the apparent net charge ( higher positive to the aether) and the greater the mass/inertia or energy stored.

The change of volume occupied by the neutron in the aether (3.14 times 10 to the 6th) to the volume occupied by the hydrogen electron shell in the aether takes place at the speed of light ( C ), a great physical, as well as emf pulse, due to the change in size of the electron shell. This great release of energy is accompanied by a small lose of mass/inertia and is the foundation of the popular formula E=MC^2. Where E = energy, M = mass, (not matter) and I am not sure what C^2 is for, as the speed of light times the speed of light does not seem relevant to the volume of a sphere. Although the resultant seems to be close enough to the correct answer, it gives the wrong concept of what is happening. There is also the emf component of the acceleration of the neutron out of the atom electron shell as well as the emf of the neutron skin expansion to hydrogen electron shell. The greater the count of nucleons trapped in the atomic core, the greater the mass per each neutron as they repel one another and require more compression to hold them in the nucleus, and greater the mass to energy conversion upon ejection.

All of this is reversed as gravity causes compression of matter and energy together into a mass/inertia increase.

How is the mass/inertia change stored? Angular momentum (AM) changes in spin in the proton core, as the charge shell shrinks under local charge pressure the core proton spins up and mass/inertia increases, net charge, as seen by the aether decreases, (becomes more positive), causing the aether to stronger (mass/inertia) resistance to change in motion. More mass/inertia increase causes more gravity due to lower apparent net charge (higher positive), compared to the high charge (negative) of the aether.


( the earth sucks )

The attraction of the proton for it’s neighbor’s electron shell and it’s electron shell attraction to the neighbor’s proton causes warpage of the nucleus from it’s centered position and attraction to other atoms and attraction to the aether. The weaker negative surface of the neutron also pulls on neighboring protons while it’s proton core effects the aether .While this effect diminishes rapidly with distance, large planetary masses cause measurable effects over millions of miles. This, over all warpage of the atomic center of mass, from it’s position in the middle of the electron shell, causes a free body to accelerate toward the warping body. This is due to the accelerating body’s attempting to center it’s mass within it’s shell. At it;s surface, a planetary body the size of the earth will create a warpage field that will accelerate a free body 32 feet per second, per second. Gravity is not a thing, or a wave, It is only the description of an effect caused by nuclear warpage. This electro-static effect is carried over long distances through the aether.

What is Aether?


( space is packed full of something )

The medium of space, the fabric of space,dark matter,dark energy, zero point energy or AETHER. Space is solidly packed with something. A researcher at the start of the 1900’s said space behaves as an atmosphere compressed to 10,000 psi when comparisons of the speed of light in different materials was made. Tests done in the mid 1800’s demonstrated light traveled faster through denser materials and was therefor wave and not particle. All electronic and electrical engineers know that particle light theory is based on an affectation of all test devices, To have a test result you need enough energy to cause an
electron shell to transfer the energy to the next shell. This quanta of energy is a unit of amount and not a thing. ( sorry folks no photon particles, no electron particles ). In the early 1900’s experts in wave theory carried out an experiment to prove the existence of aetherial flow. As there were no positive results, particle proponents declared that it proved the non-existence of aether. An examination of the experiment layout, show that it’s designers failed to fully understand the nature of aether and flow in fluid dynamics. Thought of that time was that, aether was a fixed field that space bodies traveled through and therefor speed of light differences would demonstrate an existence and direction of an aetheral wind. No differences were found, no wind, therefor no aether. An aetheral field is more similar to an ocean we travel with, inside of a boundary layer. No wind, no proof, poor experiment design. EMF energy transfer requires the existence of a medium that can be magnetically energized and polarized. A universe filled with AETHER.
So what is Aether?

(the thing not there, yet is every where)

AETHER was described by the ancient Greeks and has been in and out of favor ever since. It is not matter. Matter is made up of organized granules of aether. It is not energy. It’s internal angular momentum is energy, Aether has inertia or mass due to it’s resistance to change in motion. It is magnetizable, to create magnetic lines of force. Aether exhibits fluid dynamics and behaves similar to a gas under extreme pressure. Aether is similar to granules that resist each other like ball bearings made of force fields. A granule of aether that spins has an electrostatic field and would be called an election. If it is moved an EMF effect results. If it travels in the spin axes direction, an electromagnetic field is created. A granule that travels and tumbles is a neutrino. And one that travels, spins, and tumbles a photon. When an independent electron, neutrino or photon travels through aetherial space it is the spin, travel and tumble information that actually travels. An electrostatic field puts stresses, (negative) pushes, (positive) pulls on the aether. An electromagnetic field moves it or if the aether moves an electro-magnetic field results. EMF energy travels through aether, as a sound wave travels through a medium, through compression, decompression. Compression caused by field, field caused by decompression. All different manifestations of the same

Soo what is AETHER?

(this is energizing)

Energy “The ability to do work”. is not a thing. It is an event that modifies or changes things. Modification or change of a thing will create an energy event. Energy applied to a thing, for change, must overcome resistance to the change ( inertia ) to effect the change. To reverse the change another energy event must take place. “An object at rest, will stay at rest. An object forced into motion, will stay in motion until equal and opposite force is applied”( at least Newtonian physics works ) The energy applied becomes part of the total mass of the object. Observed mass is relative to your point of view or the view point of the observer relative to the observed. If you and an object are accelerated at the same rate and direction there will be no apparent mass change. If the object is accelerated in a
different amount or direction to the observer it will have a measurable change in mass but no change in inertia. Inertia is the internal resistance to change in motion, the internal angular momentum ( this relativity stuff is sure tough ) The speed of EMF through the aether is at the local speed of light determined by the local medium density, regardless of the relative speed of the origin to the local observer. Relative speed only effects the frequency observed. Distance also effects the frequency. Waves, not particles, through a medium, aether.

Soooo what is aether

(the real thing)

The ancients did a fair job of describing the atom. The smallest common unit of construction of our universe is isotope hydrogen 1. This is created when a core (“0” net charge)of granules of aether organizes and collapse to a singularity, a proton, leaving a static charge on the outside of the bubble and spinning up the area’s surface to become a negative charged (more then”0″negative) electron shell. The proton core, appears to be positive, ( less then “0” negative ) and in counter rotation. The core to shell potential difference increases with distance of internal separation, decreases with closeness, pulling the core to the center of the shell. If the proton is driven from it’s shell it is still less then “0” negative (positive) and spinning. It can be attracted by negative and repelled by positive fields and is magnetic. The shell will be electrostaticlly negative as long as it spins, electromagnetic when it moves and with no motion disappears. It can be attracted by a positive electrostatic field, repelled by a negative one, and moved by a magnetic field. An electron shell has the same surface charge as granules of aether and repels them, the oppositely charged proton attracts them. When an electron shell moves through the aether, aether flows around it, pushed by electrostatic repulsion. When a proton moves it pulls on the aether electrostaticlly and drags a larger amount then the electron shell pushes. Thus a ball of aether around an atom or object is created, a net mass of attached aetheral granules that resist the change in motion and speed.

(pay attention)

The smallest common building block of matter in our universe, the proton and electron shell of the simple hydrogen atom, has several sizes. plasma, atomic, elemental and the neutron. Plasma hydrogen is basically a proton without it’s electron shell. Deep lack of charge, (high positive) and repels all other protons, and would seriously resist fusion. Atomic hydrogen is a proton with electron shell and carries to much energy to bond. Elemental hydrogen is smaller, has 3 possible weights or isotopes and can bond. The neutron is a simple hydrogen atom that has had it’s electron shell collapsed around it. It has a slight negative surface and can not bind electron shells. It has slightly more inertia / mass than the proton.
Soooooo what is Aether?

(the quick change artist)

An neutron is created when an atom of hydrogen that is attached to another atom, is pushed inside the other’s shell and it’s shell collapses around it. It has a weak negative surface charge and cannot bind outside electron shells against electron repulsion. The neutron has slightly more mass or inertia then the hydrogen atom, (because of it’s reduced apparent negative charge) and is about the same size as a proton. A proton- neutron nucleus is the result. If this happens again. A proton-two neutron core results. If one of the neutrons re-expands, a two proton-one neutron helium nuclei within a doubled shell may result, and on and on. No high powered collider, a crystal lattice will do. A neutron outside it’s atom is not stable and will decay in a short time. When a solitary neutron decays, it becomes a hydrogen atom with a high negative surface charge and with a slight net reduction in mass or inertia and a great change in volume. This change of volume *10to6, at the speed of light, yields a very energetic local event in the aether,( <mi>+ E=V*C ) and a very small change in mass or inertia. Neutron creation and decay is the source of fission/fusion atomic energy, not matter conversion


( is reality )

Every thing we see, feel and touch is the result of electron field interference of one kind or another. All matter in our normal space is composed of protons, neutrons and their electron shells. Protons, relative to the size of the electron shell, are tiny! It is said, “If protons were the size of beach balls, the electron shell would be as large as the United States”.While it is quite small, the relative mass or inertia of a proton is greater than the electron shell’s mass. A neutron is slightly larger and has slightly
more mass or inertia. The mass or inertia of an elemental atom is primarily determined by the number of protons and neutrons within it and their total effect on the aether around them. The materials that make up our apparent universe are molecules made up of 2 or more atoms of one or more elements. Atoms in molecules are held together and shaped by the field attraction of protons for their neighbors electron shells as well as their own, and the repulsion of like fields, protons against protons, electrons against electrons. .The fields, within and without,of the atom are shaped by the arrangement of protons and neutrons at the center of  the atom and their effect on the local field strength of the electron shells above them. This attraction to a lesser degree holds molecules together to create crystals and other structures.
Soooooooo what is Aether?

Electro-Motive Force
(the force with us)

EMF ( electro motive force ) is electromagnetic energy traveling through the medium of space. From DC (direct current through a wire), AC (alternating current in a wire), RF (radio frequency on a wire) to light and cosmic rays. It is all the same. In the case of DC, warpage caused by electrical potential is transferred from one atom electron shell to the next. At each jump the EMF pulse moves through the space in and near the conductor in one direction. In AC the charge moves back and forth, in and over the conductor. As the frequency increases more of the energy is transferred over the outside of the conductor. All atoms will conduct, shell to shell. Those with loosely filled electron shells will conduct
easier at no or low frequencies and low voltage potentials. Those with tightly filled shells will resist. At higher frequencies the reaction of the electron shells will be slower then the charge change and their difference will push the EMF field out of and off of the conductor’s surface. The conductor becomes the insulator. At very high frequencies, conductors are used to guide and control the energy transfer through repulsion as the energy travels through the aether.
Soooooooooo what is Aether


( reality is in the eye of the beholder)

Particle physics describes atoms made up of a nuclei of protons (positive charged, made up several differently charged and spinning sub particles), neutrons(similar to a proton in sub particle count, different net spin and no net charge),and electrons orbiting in layers like so many planets (very small and negatively charged). photons (similar in size to an electron and is the carrier of  EMF energy), and neutrinos(originally described to cover up a math error, same size as electron and photon with little or no mass, spin or charge). Photons, electrons and neutrinos, all have different mass, spin and charge test results. Test collisions of these particles show them to be interchangeable, one becoming another, different detector results. Present day sub atomic particle physics also call for masons, leptons, gravitons and glueons and ons and ons and ons…..The larger the atom smasher, the greater number of different kinds of shards of atomic colored glass that can be classified and named. And aether does not exist…!!……………………………………………………. well maybe……pg

P.G.’s theory of relativity;

The more money you appear to have,
the more relatives you appear to have.

41 responses to “On gravity

  1. Simon Derricutt August 1, 2012 at 2:00 am

    pg – most of the stuff I learnt about at school/college has flaws and inconsistencies, so I’ve spent the last 40 years or so thinking about it and trying to make some sense.

    Quantum mechanics and Einstein’s Relativity cannot both be right – that caused me a major problem of doublethink at the time I was learning them. They both give us the right answers, though, so must contain truth.

    I’ve yet to get some solid maths behind this (got diverted into LENR late last year, so have been working on that instead – more immediately useful) but I’ll try to give you the flavour of the thinking, which (sorry) is pretty much against what you think. but hey, things are complex and we could both be wrong….

    It has been measured that time slows down in the vicinity of a mass (gravitational time dilation). This effect also gives rise to “gravity lenses” in Hubble’s view of the Universe.

    In Quantum physics, any particle can be described as a probability function, with the maximum probability being where we normally measure it to be, but there is a calculable probability of that particle being anywhere in the Universe. Moving a particle instantaneously from one position to another requires only that the probability function is modified somehow. In a real sense, any particle can be measured to be anywhere at any moment in time – it is “smeared” over all space, and is not in reality a point at all. This is the difficult and non-common-sense heart of the quantum view, which we use to make things like computers work.

    If time is slowed in the vicinity of a mass, then the more particles are collected together the slower time gets in the vicinity of that collected mass.

    If a particle is not point-like, but smeared out in a probability function, then the volume where this particle overlaps a higher mass-density will be subject to slower time in that volume. Slower time is equivalent to lower energy level. If we say that things will move towards the point where they have the lowest energy, as seen in everyday life, then two particles alone in an otherwise empty universe will tend to move together, purely because time is slower in the vicinity of a mass and in slower time you get lower energy levels. The closer the particles get to each other, the slower time will run for both of them and the lower their energy level will be. This only looks like an attractive force, but is in fact the result of time slowing.

    Thus gravity is a result of time slowing in the vicinity of a particle, and we do not need to say that gravity is a separate force field.

    As we move inwards to a point, time stops at the Schwarzschild limit. It would thus make sense that any particle is a wave either at or slightly outside this limit – in effect light that has been stopped. Are these points of stopped time existing everywhere, and only become a particle when they are “clothed” with stopped light? Points I’m still pondering.

    If my viewpoint has enough has enough Truth in it, then it’s likely that if your device works then it’ll be for a different reason than you think. I’m replacing the Aether idea with a mass-probability-density idea, where time is universal not relative, and instantaneous transfers on energy/information and FTL travel are possible. Could be fun. It’s also going to take me quite a few years to get to the point where I can learn enough of the heavy maths to get it quantified and able to predict things we can measure and thus prove it wrong if possible.

    I’m not going to put anything open about the LENR stuff yet – wait until I’ve got some proof.

  2. P.G. Sharrow August 1, 2012 at 7:00 am

    Hi, Simon; I going to read this again to digest it further.
    I see one thing that concerns me with using atomic function as a measurement of time progression. As you increase the local density of matter/energy, atomic activity slows. Does this mean that time slows or does this mean that the atomic structure becomes more stable? The organization of matter tends to force organization in the local fabric of space or Aether. The creation of gravity is one of the manifested effects.
    Don’t worry about the mathematics of this, GOD is not a mathematician. God is an engineer! The math will only work correctly if you know all the facts and parameters. E does not really equal mass times the speed of light squared. Dr Einstein knew this but he could not come up with a valid math formula that described reality correctly. The use of E=MC2 can lead to poor conclusions if you don’t understand its’ short comings. I use math to solve engineering needs but I know that the math can lead you astray if extended too far from known postitions.
    To understand the working of LENR, the workings of the local matter/energy density on atomic functions must be grasped. We are all kind of like the blind men trying to understand an elephant. pg

  3. Simon Derricutt August 1, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    pg – at the heart of that question is “what is time?” – hard to answer, though when I was at school/college I could have told you (but it would have been wrong). The only way we can measure it is by the ticks of something that we know is regular, and we can’t say that something really is regular. It’s just one of those things that can only be assumed and never proven.

    Looking at the complex equations around, there’s no way that something as mindless as an electron could follow all that calculus and still get to the right place, so what really happens must be simple enough for a particle to understand – it reacts only to what it sees. Getting maths around the idea is really so that I can predict what will happen in certain circumstances, and if t doesn’t agree with the current understanding and can be measured, then it can be either shown to be consistent or disproven. Whether such an inversion of the idea can produce new physics (such as antigravity or FTL travel) remains to be seen. Since I was taught that gravity affects time, but there is no explanation of gravity itself, inverting it so that time slowing produces the effect of gravity may lead to other insights and technologies.

    If instead of Aether you substitute a probability field of matter, then it may also give insights into how to exploit it – it may even help in your project. This is why I thought you might find it interesting. It still doesn’t say why time slows in a matter probability field, though, or what matter is. Wrapping almost-stopped light around a slowed-time point is a first stab at getting an idea on that, but introduces a new construct that is currently just as ineffable.

    If you have some write-up you can point to on the problem with E=mc² I would appreciate you passing it on. It has been something I’ve regarded as a baseline in thinking on these things, and if someone has explored the limits of it I’d like to read it.


  4. Simon Derricutt August 2, 2012 at 2:52 am

    pg – a further bit of explanation…. Although it’s always necessary to remember that “the map is not the territory” and that the maths can be regarded as a map, the QM idea of a particle being not all in one place but smeared out into a probability function does lead to a lot of things that work. In this case, therefore, it may be the truth about what things are like rather than just a convenient representation.

    This has some (possibly measurable) consequences. The first is that the whole universe has an effect on any particular point in space or particle whenever you measure it, and that such effects are instantaneous. The second is that the effect of gravity must also be instantaneous, and we will not be able to measure a velocity for it – it is not limited by speed of light. This also means that “gravitons” do not exist. We may get some confirmation of this from the space experiments that are attempting to measure gravitational waves (null result).

    A further point is that there is a calculable, though extremely small, probability that you are at this moment standing on a planet circling Alpha Centauri (or anywhere else) at this moment in time. Now if we could only work out a way to bend those probabilities….


  5. P.G. Sharrow August 2, 2012 at 7:57 am

    @Simon; I agree that gravity can not be a thing, but is a standing field created by matter.
    That field has some effect on all other matter in space just as every electron in the universe has some effect on every other electron. As it is a field it normal doesn’t “travel” it just IS. If one were to “turn it on or off” the propagation should travel at the speed of light as if were EMF.

    It appears to me that a self powered device that operates within its’ own EMF bubble should have no speed limit as it does not create mass/inertia effects in the surrounding Aether.

    This problem of definition of the “fabric of space” is one that causes a lot of wasted time as Aether (ether) has been so defamed by main stream physics. All modern thought seems to require the existence of something, dark matter, dark energy, fabric of space, etc, etc.. Even Albert Einstein felt Aether had to exist even though the math did not require it. But we know that something needs to be there for everything to work. My examination of everything that I know of requires Aether to tie it all together. There ain’t nothing in space! pg

  6. Simon Derricutt August 2, 2012 at 1:30 pm

    pg – I haven’t read too deeply into the more recent Aether theories, but there seem to be some fudges included to cope with the problem of not being able to measure anything about it.

    If gravity changes only propagated at the speed of light, then I would reckon that orbits may be affected – where we see the Sun is where it was around 8 minutes ago. If you regard gravity as a field with separate existence, you can argue this problem away, but you are left with a massive amount of energy radiated into the space around an object. Standard physics has some fudges to deal with this problem, too, but if gravitons (limited to light speed) exist and have any mass at all, then a particle would be bleeding mass all the time.

    Replacing the Aether with real (but spread-out) matter and setting the propagation speed as infinite does get round the objections, and to me it seems simpler and thus more likely. This is based in quantum theory, which has a lot of counter-intuitive things in it yet does seem to give the right answers. The spread-out matter idea would of course vary in density, so the speed of light would vary – fastest in deep intergalactic space. I’m not sure if the Aether theory predicts that or not.

    I didn’t expect to convince you with a simple description of the idea – one of the reasons I need to get the maths sorted out and see what it can predict that could be useful. If the maths then says that something must happen, and it is shown to not happen, then I’ll have to throw it out and think again. On the other hand, it’s not too far away from Aether, just a change of the substance and properties. Any description of space and what it really is and how it works is going to be hard to visualise since we tend to be limited to thinking in 3 dimensions.

    I haven’t found a description of your earlier experiments with the lifting device (flying saucer?) though I presume you’ve made a smaller-scale model. I’d like to see details of this. It’s bound to be pretty dramatic to see it flying.


  7. P.G. Sharrow August 2, 2012 at 5:43 pm

    @Simon; the device I am constructing is the small test model! 😎
    This is the smallest size that I could hope would give a measurable result do to the low likely hood of getting enough things right to get a positive result.
    My attempt is based on hints that have been reported as strange results to others experiments carried out over the last 100 years.
    The 12 foot condenser disk has to create a high surface current supported on the skins hall effect. The curvature of the condenser must be as flat as possible to reduce losses so this shape and size is a balancing act between the work / cost and energy losses. This may be the most important experiment of the century or just another crazy old man out in the woods.
    I vote, crazy old man, but after 20 years effort why quit now as it is nearly ready to test. pg

  8. P.G. Sharrow August 2, 2012 at 7:34 pm

    @Simon; You pose several ideas to discuss. one is that measurements of the existence of Aether is unknown. Actually there are many experimental results that show the existence of something and there is measurable “flow” and “direction”. The failure of M&M a hundred years ago was due to poor design of their experiment as they were trying to measure flow within the bubble caused by the earths’ gravity field and parallel to the surface . Local Aetherial density is effected by gravity and would therefore effect the speed of anything that requires something to propagate through. As to gravity as an energy that is radiated, gravity sucks in, EMF radiates out. Large bodies may suck more energy as gravity then they radiate as EMF. Gravity acts as a linear accelerator and might be thought of as the effect of charge gradient in the fabric of space(Aether). Aether is the foundation of both matter and charge. pg

  9. Simon Derricutt August 3, 2012 at 12:46 am

    pg – yes, I read both the Aether and More Aether texts. I appreciate that these are simplified versions of the full theory, trying to explain the idea to noobs, but to me it seems like a mixture of things that I can accept (with a different slant, maybe) and things that I can’t. Even if gravity sucks in, and there is an energy flow associated with that, we have the same problem in reverse and the particles accumulate whatever is sucked in if that flow contains any energy. Without energy it can’t do anything and we can’t measure it.

    Measurements of directional flow in Aether may be something else – possibly the flow of neutrinos from the Sun and other nuclear reactions elsewhere in the cosmos. When I was working in Failure Analysis I became very aware of the difficulties of pinning a measured effect to a cause, and I became a lot less certain of a lot of things because of that. When I’m looking at a measurement, I try to think of a lot of explanations that could work, and tend to assign them probabilities of being right or close.

    Please understand I’m not trying to knock down your theories – looks like you’ve spent longer on them than I have. It’s just that there’s a whole load of paradox in the stuff I was taught, and I’ve been searching for solutions ever since. Your disk is a major effort to try to get confirmation of what you think. If I was in your vicinity I’d most likely be helping you build, whether or not I accepted the theory. It all adds to knowledge, and experimental results are much more important than theoretical niceties. I’m also doing stuff that can be regarded as crazy (with a couple other similarly crazy engineers) and expecting to succeed.


  10. P.G. Sharrow August 3, 2012 at 7:38 am

    @Simon; Your help is welcome even from long distance, that is what the internet is for. My theories were created for my use in getting a handle on this effort at reverse engineering a “flying saucer” from the point of view of an electrician. As I am not all that good at communicating with language, I think in pictures, I am not surprised with your view point. These after all are just theories. I too had a lot of problems with the physics I was taught and have read about.
    I once knew an old engineer that that was the “go to” guy at Lawrence Labs and he told me about the quality of physics research of the 1960-1980s period. They got money to prove a theory and he got them the results that they wanted. Kind of like Climate Science! As the costs for that kind of thing is very high, no one is likely to do the science a second time, just accept it and move on. Most of these “scientists” can only operate a desk and armchair, techs and grad students do the work, and nobody has a grasp on everything that is going on.
    Hell of a way to run a railroad. Makes for poor science as well.

    GOD works in applied science only, no theories. GOD must be an engineer! 😎 pg

  11. Simon Derricutt August 3, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    pg – get the technology working and the theory will catch up. Somebody will have to explain how it works, after all. Hopefully without introducing any more of those paradoxes that caused me so many problems back when I was learning the current theories.

  12. Zeke August 3, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    Simon Derricutt, did you mean you are running some experiments right now?

  13. P.G. Sharrow August 3, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    @Simon; I am sure there will be plenty of educated armchair scientists that can tell me why I am completely wrong about how it works. 😉 But they know all the answers and can provide the right theories of its’ operation 😆
    Hi Zeke, no tests yet, but getting closer. I have the shell done and am now applying the aluminum foil “skin”. New picture soon to be added to the shell post. pg

  14. Simon Derricutt August 4, 2012 at 2:13 am

    Zeke – I’m not going to talk about LENR until I’ve got proved results. No point in muddying the waters even further.

    pg – theories ain’t fact, and an experiment that works means that the theories have to be changed to accommodate the new thing that works when the previous theories said it couldn’t. Since you said you’ve developed your ideas because of anomalous results in the past, I think there’s a pretty good chance your device will in fact work. Unexplained anomalies have very often been the source of new science. There was some work with spinning superconductors that has shown some antigravity effects (Boeing appears to be working on it now). Once you have an effect, it would be interesting to see whether it’s reduction in gravity, production of lift or reduction of inertia/mass. You may need to have a vibrator added to the test rig then, and a mass above/below the disk on a spring balance, just to see which one. Lift is useful, reduction of gravity could be more useful, reduction of inertia could be world-changing.

  15. adolfogiurfa August 5, 2012 at 6:41 am

    @P.G.:Fortunately all (or almost all) breakthroughs in science have been produced by enlightened individuals far from institutions and light years apart from politics. Usually it takes several generations for the establishment to “digest” or process and to accept new discoveries. And, yes, GOD IS AN ENGINEER!…..and the Devil is a scientist! 🙂
    Not even God can change the formula 2+2=4 as he would destroy its creation: There are laws, known from old…and rejected by who believe themselves to be the “smartest guy in town”. Truth is everywhere and it has been transmitted through symbols by generations. Reality must be as simple as numbers and as beautiful as music, the rest it is not only but self-conceit and mutual caressing of anomalous individuals who form the unconscious legions of the devil´s useful servants.

  16. adolfogiurfa August 5, 2012 at 6:54 am

    And….we must not forget that guy who invented the first anti-gravitatory apparatus: Mongolfier (A balloon filled with excited-warmed up-gas ions).
    The brothers were born into a family of paper manufacturers in Annonay, in Ardèche, France. Their parents were Pierre Montgolfier (1700–1793) and his wife, Anne Duret (1701–1760), who had sixteen children…… December 1783, in recognition of their achievement, their father Pierre was elevated to the nobility and the hereditary appellation of de Montgolfier by King Louis XVI of France.
    A few years after the French Revolution succeeded, and the new “positive thinking” and “secular science” replaced the old world organization…..
    Of the same epoch was Franz Anton Mesmer:
    But the world changed for the worst. This was indeed a turning point for humanity. Evil prevailed since then.

  17. P.G. Sharrow August 5, 2012 at 7:24 am

    @Adolfo; Evil has not prevailed, but like Janis has changed its’ mask.
    In 1776 the true “New World Order” was announced. A conversion that is not yet complete.
    Free men do not need hereditary or self appointed rulers to direct their affairs. There are still those that believe that they are the ruling elite and they lust after power. The Idea of kings and emperors with god given power is dead. Warlords and dictators with man given power are the next to go.
    “The new era begins with a net that covers the world”
    The “Club of Rome” is not the new world order, it is the last gasp of the old roman empire and will be swept away along with its’ “holy papacy”. pg

  18. adolfogiurfa August 5, 2012 at 7:30 am

    Hey P.G., you say: If you have charge, it is negative. If you have no charge, it is positive. If there is both, it is neutral.
    I would say, instead, THERE IS AN ALTERNATE CURRENT, a real Bitkeland current, an Umbilical cord:

    That´s the force which moves the world: Love. 🙂
    You say:The movement of electricity appears to move from high charge to low charge but it actually moves in a curious manner
    It really evolves from high density of vibrations to lower density of vibrations, as from the center of the galaxy to the periphery (where we are: far from the CENTER): (latest version)

    REPLY; Adolfo, I just discovered this comment stuck in the bottom of my spam bucket and got it up November 5 2012. sorry 😦 pg

  19. adolfogiurfa August 5, 2012 at 7:54 am

    @P.G.: The wider the angle between charges, the higher the voltage, the lesser the pull of gravity:

  20. adolfogiurfa August 5, 2012 at 7:56 am

    Now….Fly away friend! 🙂

  21. P.G. Sharrow August 5, 2012 at 7:59 am

    @Simon; separating cause and effect will be a challenge. The present construct is designed so that parts can be changed, added, or removed in the hopes that real knowledge can be gained. Designing test apparatus will be the next order of business. The first is a set of balances to mount the disk on, to be attached to a working deck of wood with no metal in it. pg

  22. adolfogiurfa August 5, 2012 at 8:05 am

    Want to see a more familiar “water bridge” we live in? :

  23. adolfogiurfa August 5, 2012 at 8:09 am

    @P.G. “holy papacy”. You are right in your clever analysis. Perhaps it will be replaced by the “third Rome”, Moscow, as Edgard Cayce predicted (“from Russia comes the hope of the world”)…Let us buy some popcorn and wait!. In the meantime we want our friend flying….That will be great indeed!

  24. adolfogiurfa August 5, 2012 at 10:22 am

    A real nobility would be that of men of knowledge, men who know the principles upon which the cosmos is governed and thus they are the possesors of a certain “key” which can translate everything. Those real “nobel men” of antiquity were precisely those: Their government was called “theocracy”. It is easy to diferentiate “noble men” from “commoners”, as these “noble men” have as it main characteristic the impossibility of making deals with their inherited principles, as it would not be possibly other way, as those principles are those same “laws” which govern the universe. Commoners are aspirants to achieve knowledge, to become real men and women, to become the same as their leaders.

  25. P.G. Sharrow August 5, 2012 at 11:17 am

    @Adolfo; not clever analysis! prophecies of others. I merely report.
    The “Russian hope of the world” was the man with the mark of blood who kept the Russian bear in its’ barracks as eastern Europe bloodlessly dissolved the Soviet union.

    True nobility are “prince of the people” that are of help to others and not to aggrandize themselves.
    Knowledge without wisdom can be a great evil, so to give knowledge without imparting wisdom in its’ use is a sin. Far too many mistake knowledge for wisdom or feel wisdom comes with knowledge.
    Many “commoners” have wisdom but lack knowledge and can be easily mislead for a short while and the most knowledgeable can be easily mislead for a long time if they lack wisdom.
    “The Elites” generally are long on knowledge and short on wisdom. With the “Net That Covers the World” we no longer need the knowledgeable Elite, all that wish access can search the world for both knowledge and wisdom, from their homes. pg

  26. adolfogiurfa August 5, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    @P.G. I agree with you, my command of self taught english is poor so I used the world knowledge as synonym of wisdom, but as far as that “knowledge” is REAL it is the synonym. Wisdom comes first then “knowledge” it is the reason´s description of what a wiseman knows.
    The correct development of man must involve all his “apparatuses” to perceive the world: Feeling, reason and motor ability (handcrafting), thus a man becomes the long hand of the creator, making things which operate according to superior laws, as you are doing.

  27. Simon Derricutt August 5, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    pg – checking it’s weight with a wooden balance is good, but also run a piece of wood (like a xylophone stave) under and over it. Ringing this (use a wooden block on a string, with a long string to pull it with) and listening for a pitch change may give you some clues as to change of inertia at a very low cost and effort. If you haven’t got perfect pitch, then having a third one to compare against may help. Change of gravity in the vicinity can be checked by a piece of wood held at the centre by a rope. I’m assuming such pieces of wood will be easily available, and construction will be simple and quick. If the pitch changes then you’ve got inertia changes, if the bars tilt then you have gravity changes spreading beyond your device, and if neither happens but your disc rises, then you have lift.

  28. P.G. Sharrow August 5, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    @Simon says, use a vibrating stick to test for changes in inertia !!
    Every time I think of it, I get a BIG smile. OF course! a vibrating stick. Real high tech! A problem of test equipment that had me stumped, solved. A arm load of old florescent tubes and a bunch of wooden sticks for test equipment, this I can do and enjoy it. Thank you 😎 pg

  29. P.G. Sharrow August 5, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    @Adolfo; your use of American English is generally very good. You seem to have an occasional problem with correct use of the idioms in use at this time. You also have a much better grasp of the roots of the languages that we all use. I just read your stuff over a time or two to better grasp the communication.
    Wisdom knows no language, it just is. Knowledge can mean different things in different languages. Words can explain or can add to the confusion. A wise man will listen before speaking. pg

  30. Zeke August 5, 2012 at 7:59 pm

    A lot of cameras from every angle will also be important. My experience with experiments with electricity and its fields is that there are always, always meaningful results. They may or they may not be the ones you were expecting. When the electric force is the teacher it is likely to greatly exceed your original thoughts.

  31. Simon Derricutt August 6, 2012 at 2:05 am

    pg – using standard electronic gear to do the measurements would almost certainly give you the wrong answers. You can’t go wrong with a stick. I think a lot of the problems in the “exotic energy” arena are because most people don’t understand equipment errors, and think that because it’s on a meter (or whatever) then that’s the truth.

    Adolfo – I also have to read your posts a few times, since you use far more poetic language than I’m used to. Language is such a mutable thing. Oracles and prophecies also use the same poesy – without understanding they can be read many ways. I thank you for the insights.

  32. adolfogiurfa August 6, 2012 at 5:53 am

    @Zeke: If PG. succeeds, the strong EM fields produced won´t allow those cameras to work 🙂

  33. Simon Derricutt August 6, 2012 at 6:35 am

    Adolfo – I expect pg has some old cine cameras around, if he can still get and develop the films. Then again, there’s always the possibility of using long lenses to get far enough away with an electronic one.

  34. Zeke August 6, 2012 at 11:45 am

    Adolfo: That reminded me of the time I tried to take a picture of the back of an MRI – with my digital camera! (: So perhaps he needs Faraday cages for the cameras?

    It is important to replay everything from many angles. Using cameras will help repeat events at slower speeds, and will also allow more spacial observations. There will be anomalies, and even the most objective, enlightened experimenter should ensure that they have the resources to detect the unexpected results afterwards.

  35. Zeke August 6, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    And I can say I have been laughing and gaining wisdom from Adolfo’s posts for years.

  36. P.G. Sharrow August 6, 2012 at 6:00 pm

    Guys! Please! I am one old man with 1 old digital camera that I use for this blog. I do have a son that is into better quality electronic cameras.
    Zeke is correct that the “anomalies” are often the most important result in leading edge research. But Independent Experimenters must make do with the resources available to them.
    It will be interesting to find how close a digital camera can get and still work. TOO close could lobotomize the camera!
    Jim Hutchinson is a good example of an experimenter that tinkers in this field and gets anomalous results that can’t be duplicated because he does such sloppy work in an area where too many variables exist. This is why the only metal in my device are the active parts and the test area will have little or no metal in it. At least at the start all wood and plastic construction to reduce the possibilities of anomalous results caused by fields reflected or concentrated by outside metal. pg

  37. adolfogiurfa August 7, 2012 at 4:29 am

    @P.G.: Don´t worry: Chances are that your artifact will disappear in the sky, so it is better that you take pictures of it BEFORE it flies away!

  38. P.G. Sharrow August 7, 2012 at 6:58 am

    @Adolfo: It can’t get very far, the power cord is only 25 feet long 😎 pg

  39. adolfogiurfa August 7, 2012 at 10:52 am

    @P.G. Then you have to get an extension…at least for your neighbours to see your apparatus flying, but not too long as to allow Kalypornian authorities to see it and ban it.

  40. P.G. Sharrow August 7, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    Sorry Adolfo, I don’t want to see anything flying around, at least not here. This is just a test device to gather data on concepts. A flying device will come later. pg

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