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Defkalion Letter

I received a Email letter from Defkalion this week.

The Defkalion corp. is the Greek group that was formerly working with A. Rossi a year ago.

When Rossi was first contacted, I was directed to their site as a contact point for obtaining a working device. The reply I got gave me a bad feeling about their views on conducting business, so I dropped that connection and considered warning Rossi of my bad feelings. Soon after that he ended the arrangement on his own.

The letter I received was to offer me a chance to invest or buy into the technology for only 40.5 million Euro for a license to manufacture and market their devices in a market area.They wanted to do only the R&D and sell factories. A quote from the letter.

“Defkalion will become the first global player in LENR using its proprietary technology to commercialize its new products and diversify into new Research & Development efforts for new applications. It plans to have a fully operational prototype ready by July 2012.”

I don’t believe that they have a working device yet as one of their earlier this year comments on their site said that they were testing 1,000s of combinations to discover the correct combination for the fuel cartridge. This was soon after Rossi refused to sell them his cartridges. They have made and canceled several dates that they would publicly demonstrate a working device.

I have seen nothing yet that would lead me to believe that Defkalion researchers have a grasp on the needs for a useful LENR reactor.  pg

Update on December 26 2012.

Stremmenos Letter        of 19 December 2012, a must read to get a better understanding of the Rossi – Defkalion connection.  pg

6 responses to “Defkalion Letter

  1. Zeke April 13, 2012 at 10:46 pm

    “I don’t believe that they have a working device yet as one of their earlier this year comments on their site said that they were testing 1,000s of combinations to discover the correct combination for the fuel cartridge.”

    Sometimes I think that in science, every Tesla has his Edison – unfortunately!

  2. p.g.sharrow April 15, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    While Edison attempted to over shadow Tesla’s work, he at least produced many devices of value through his own efforts as well as the efforts of his employes . Rossi has created a number of devices and solutions to problems over the years before the Ecat reactor. I don’t see real innovations from Defkalion as of yet, although they are creating a great deal of very high class vaporware.
    Once a solution has been demonstrated it is much easier to follow a proven trail. If Defkalion can get their hands on one working Ecat, They can dummy up the outside and claim it was theirs all the time. They have an army of PR people at work on this. I wonder where all their money is coming from?
    When I first contacted them they claimed that the Ecat was their exclusive creation and only they could sell or license it through out the world. pg

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  4. p.g.sharrow July 4, 2012 at 7:14 pm

    A comment posted on Rossi’s blog by Ch Stremmenos who helped to set up the “Defkalion GT” connection to A.Rossi;

    Christos Stremmenos
    July 4th, 2012 at 4:36 AM

    “Dear Andrea
    “ΠΟΛΛΑΚΙΣ ΕΞΑΜΑΡΤΕΙΝ ΟΥΚ ΑΝΔΡΟΣ ΣΟΦΟΥ ….!!”, ….. “cadere ripetutamente in peccato, non è da uomo saggio” ….. !!


    I’m doing it for two reasons. The first is in defense of the dignity of LENR or COLD FUSION, AN ISSUE TO WHICH I HAVE DEDICATED 20 YEARS AND MORE OF MY PROFESSIONAL LIFE, AND WHICH IS, ONCE AGAIN, AT RISK OF BEING DISPARAGED. THIS TIME, THE ATTACK IS NOT CONDUCTED ON THE (PSEUDO-?) SCIENTIFIC LEVEL, LIKE AT MIT IN 1989, BUT IN A GENERAL PERSPECTIVE OF SPECULATION, on the part of characters, who, though incompetent, are usually opportunists in the economic and entrepreneurial field.

    The groundlessness of their statements — due to the fact that up to now nothing substantial has been publicly demonstrated by them — constitutes a serious threat in terms of further defamation for LENR-related work.

    Sweeping generalizations — drawing into the maelstrom of media misinformation even those who, with their hard work and competence, are seriously intent on promoting the new energy era (a fact to which I have been eyewitness on numerous public occasions) — are in my opinion unfair, and come at the expense of the enormous value that this issue has for the future of humanity and of the planet.

    The second reason, which places me under the moral obligation to bear witness (…even in a courtroom…), is the first question put forth by PETER GLUCK TO THE (ANONYMOUS?) MANAGEMENT OF DGTG:


    Allow me, in order to fit my reply within a proper sequence of events, to refer to a Party conference on energy held in Athens in 2004, in the course of which I presented my old friend G[eorge]. A[ndreas]. Papandreou (future Prime Minister of Greece) with a report on my research work in Bologna on Cold Fusion (Pd/D and Ni/H), emphasizing that such research was not only scientifically extremely promising, but, in my opinion, interesting on the political and environmental level as well, with possible important economic implications especially in the development of a Green Economy.

    We parted with the promise of bringing each other up to date periodically, as he also felt that that the issue was of utmost importance.

    Going a step further back in time to the early nineteen-nineties in Bologna, and in the wake of Fleischmann [1] and Pons’s [2] experience, we were striving, together with other colleagues of the University including Prof. Focardi, to conduct parallel research on Cold Fusion. We would exchange opinions, materials, instruments … optimism and trust… a veritable and atypical independent collaboration which continued for quite some time, convinced as we were, on the basis of the experimental results obtained, that the phenomenon of Cold Fusion was real.

    It was Focardi who, four years ago, informed me of the formidable QUANTITY leap which had been achieved through the initiative, suggestions and participation of Dr. A. Rossi, in a series of experiments in which the amount of excess heat leapt from watts to Kilowatts.

    I rejoiced at the news, because it was clear that the usual experimental phase of 4-5 watts in excess that we had obtained, working doggedly and for a long time without resources or moral incentives, was over. It was a victory for all of us …! But, as I believed then and still believe now, it was a victory for mankind.

    After meeting Andrea Rossi on his return from the USA, we agreed with and shared the idea of launching the European level of the new energy technology in Greece — for cultural as well as economic reasons (especially in view of the current critical contingency) — and, specifically, “with exclusive rights for Greece and the Balkans”.

    With this informal agreement, I went to Athens to inform G. Papandreou, who had by then become Prime Minister of the Greek Government. Papandreou called for an ad hoc meeting to plan the development of this energy innovation.

    Present at the meeting, presided over by the Prime Minister, were the Secretary General for Research and Technology, Prof. Mitsòs, the Deputy CEO of the State Energy Agency (DEH), Dr. Baratsis, and other collaborators to the Prime Minister, as well as myself. After ample information and discussion, the Greek Government expressed its intention to proceed with a feasibility plan, extending to the industrial level, of Rossi’s technology. Allow me to omit the subsequent behind-the-scenes scenarios, in terms of denigration of this issue, which were brought about by the usual “skeptical experts” who, though never having had any contact with the experimental reality of Cold Fusion, were nonetheless successful in exerting a negative influence on its image, thereby hindering the evolution of the project on the public investment level.

    About two months later, Alex Xanthoulis, an economist I was only slightly acquainted with, comes to the fore, with a view of developing Rossi’s technology entrepreneurially.

    In concert with Andrea Rossi, we invited him to Bologna for a demonstration of a small E-Cat reactor (about 2 Kw), in the presence of Prof. Focardi. Test and relevant calorimetric measurements were entirely performed, under Rossi’s vigilant eye, by J. Hatzihristos and G. Sorticos, who had accompanied Xanthoulis. Subsequently, in the midst of the usual enthusiasm for the test, a date was set for the following month, November 2010, for signing the contract in Athens between the brand-new ad hoc corporation “Defkalion GT”, and EFA, the firm holding the territorial rights for Europe over Rossi’s invention.
    The contract provided for, among other things, financial obligations to EFA on the part of DGT, to be met in two phases of the project: the deadline for the first phase was set for Feb. 24th, 2011, when a certain sum would have been guaranteed for collection on the part of EFA, subsequent to the success of a test performed by a certifying body (the University of Patras), in return for a license on Rossi’s pending patent, with exclusive development rights for Greece and the Balkans, and rights of pre-emption for the rest of the world with the exclusion of the USA.

    The second phase provided for the implementation, within an 8-10 month period of industrial R&D in Greece, of a domestic module (“Hyperìon”). At this point, Rossi’s technology (Leonardo Corp.) would have been transferred [to DGT], with obligations for technical assistance and guidance, placing DGT under the obligation to pay a second installment to EFA.

    NOT ONE THESE FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS WAS EVER MET BY “DEFKALION GREEN TECHNOLOGY”. As a logical consequence, after seven months of fruitless and psychologically exhausting expectations, in AUGUST 2011 Rossi challenged THE CONTRACT WITH “DEFKALION GT”.

    On a personal level, I am indirectly burdened by the weight of DEFKALION GT’s disparaging unreliability and inconsistency, despite the fact of my having interrupted all contact with that party as of said August date.

    In a manner of conclusion, I find to this day that the irrational brashness of periodically relating, as a result of these facts, … things such as the contents of that interview, and communicating over the Internet inconsistent scientific and technological achievements, is inconceivable.

    (Moreover…!!!) Respect is due to what, through hard work, competence, and less communication Rossi is striving to accomplish…!”

    Ch. Stremmenos

    (Retired Prof., University of Bologna,
    Former Ambassador of Greece in Rome).


    To my knowledge this is a accurate account of the Defkalion connection and experience in LENR development. pg

  5. Zeke July 4, 2012 at 9:44 pm

    Interesting read. Happy Independence Day Pg. Here are some real fireworks for you:

    “The canonical improvement is that the new E-Cat is now working stably at much higher temperatures than previously achieved. These temperatures allows for a vast number of electricity solutions at 40%+ gross heat-to-power efficiencies and 25%+ net efficiencies taking into account the power used by the process. The design allows for merely any heat transferring media including water/steam, heat-transferring-oils, molten salts but also hot air.”


  6. p.g.sharrow July 5, 2012 at 7:13 am

    Yes, Rossi claims to be testing 20 new E-cats at 1000 degrees C on the device outer surface. That is nearly twice the temperature of a fission reactor! The same total energy output and life of the hot water E-cats. These have been operating for over a month straight and he will soon publish the results.
    The high temperature elements would need to be mounted in a high pressure boiler or heat exchanger. pg

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