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A Great Comet!

Find out how Comet ISON could become the Comet of the Century in this Infographic.

Is This prophesied Great Comet That Heralds the end of the papacy?

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires is elected and becomes Pope Francis the 266th Pope.

Born on 17 December 1936 in Buenos Aires, of Italian descent, he was ordained as a Jesuit in 1969. When in Rome, he often preferred to keep his Jesuit black robe on, instead of the cardinal’s red and purple vest he was entitled to wear.

Nostradamus century-vi

Quatrain 25
Through adverse Mars will the monarchy
Of the great fisherman be in ruinous trouble:
The young red black one will seize the hierarchy,
The traitors will act on a day of drizzle.

Note there are two sentences not four, so it is the monarchy of of the great fisherman that is in ruinous trouble.  The christian churches in general and the Roman church in particular are under attack as NEVER before, both in war and political actions.  A “young” or new pope,  black, red one will take control in a day of drizzle.  Bergoglio, a Jesuit (black robe priest), cardinal ( red robe) The pope elect, gave his first public announcement in a day of drizzle!
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St. Malachy O’Morgair (1095?-1148)was an Irish saint and Archbishop of Armagh, to whom were attributed several miracles and a vision of 112 Popes later attributed to the apocalyptic list of Prophecy of the Popes.

The penultimate Pope was termed “Glory of the olive”. Cardinal Ratzinger took the name “Benedict XVI”. Notably, the Olivetan order of the Roman Catholics followed the rule of Saint Benedict !

Due to sudden resignation of Pope Benedict XVI on 31st March, 2013, we now come to the “Last Pope” prophesized as “Petrus Romanus” or “Peter the Roman”. St. Malachy wrote, “Petrus Romanus, qui paſcet oues in multis tribulationibus: quibus tranſactis ciuitas ſepticollis diruetur, & Iudex tremẽdus iudicabit populum ſuum. Finis.”

Translated into English, it says, “Peter the Roman, who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The end.”

This prophecy indicates that “Peter the Roman” will be the last Pope and at the end of his reign, Rome will be destroyed. This pope will expend a great deal of the church’s wealth to provide for the people as he does not feel that there is a need for the accumulation and display of wealth.

Other prophecies indicate that in late November or early December the last pope will have to evacuate Rome in a Time when 2 suns will be in the sky.  The end of the papacy of Rome is near. The Roman Catholic Church will once again be one of many christian churches. The end of the hierarchy, The Imperial pontificate of Rome.  pg

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5 December update

Comet ISON viewing

Comet ISON viewing

Comet ISON seems to have survived its’ passage through the solar atmosphere less its’ tail and most of its’ envelope. We shall see if it can grow new ones. The above gives an idea of where it should be in the dawn sky to the east.  My guess, after the 6th.

 Nice picture of morning light 6 December, No ISON to be seen  😦   pg