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Ukraine Situation

On 2/27/2014 1:39 AM, Keith Gorzell wrote:

Below is a link to an interesting view of the Ukraine situation.

Ukraine crisis portends apocalypse

Thanks for the link.
Looks to be a serious problem for Putin. He can’t let this slide and will occupy at least the eastern 1/3 of the Ukraine. It was /is Russian anyway. I’m not sure why they included it in Ukraine back in Soviet era. It is now the industrial area of the country. The Ukraine Army has kept their hands off so far. We may see a repeat of Egypt and the brotherhood. The EU and US will make a bunch of noise and do nothing as their socialists have drawn down their military too far to be effective and the eastern Ukraine is a bridge too far, actually several bridges too far for them.

This may be a good thing for our military as it will encourage the Congress to prevent further draw down by the ObamaNation.  pg

An Engineers’ Tale

An Engineers tale

 Berkeley/ Livermore; Former Chief Engineer, Lawrence Radiation Laboratories. .

In the early 1980s I was visiting the home of a good friend, his recently retired father was there. We were sharing beers and swapping lies. When the subject of his fathers’ engineering work at Lawrence Radiation Labs. came up. His father said that the scientists would come to the Laboratories with Large grants to carry out a test of their pet theory. It was up to him to create the experiment that would yield the results that were required. When the needed results were created, they would then write up their paper and publish it. It would then become the foundation of the next step in the “science” of physics. As the cost of the experiment was so high, it was not likely that anyone would ever get the funding to repeat it.

So, he said, I should not believe everything that what was published is an actual fact in physics.


Berkeley Physics Laboratory

On my 1963 visit to a symposium of physics papers and tour of the Berkeley science labs.

As a budding young scientist, the government funded my travel to California  Berkeley University to encourage my travel on that path. This allowed me to visit much of the Science Department. In particular the radiation lab run by Lawrence Laboratories. This entailed their Cyclotron, linear accelerator, Detector system, computers, cloud chambers, and photo labs. The biggest and best of that era. They were very proud to show off their toys to the budding, want to be,  science students. The Physics work was of some interest to me. The engineering needed! Magnets, shielding, detectors, computers, right down to the time measurements of signal travel in the wires and equipment in nano and pico seconds. That was fascinating! The hell with being a Physicist! I wanted to be an Engineer. Applied Science, real stuff, not lame theory based on Assumptions  and verbal higher mathematics  priest talk.

After the presentation of the grad students papers on their experiments, facts ( the real science) examined and conclusions that they had drawn. We questioned them. I was struck by the lack of exploration of other things that might have caused the results that they had detected. Generally the experiment was to prove their theory and their argument rather then explore all the possibilities. But then what did I know? I was just a 17 year old, Hick from the Sticks, kid.

When I was a science student we were told that Science was done by creating a theory, Develop an experiment that gathers the facts that you will use to prove your argument. The proven theory then becomes scientific fact.

That can be the path to BS ( Bad Science) if the “proved” facts are bs (bull scat) and the key parts of the argument are based on assumptions from “cited authorities” previous work. pg

Forget AGW: Somerset was flooded by E.A. Incompetence

Tallbloke's Talkshop

From SWK AKA The Ghost of Corporal Jones, we get some inside info on the cause of the flooding problems in Somerset:

floodI’ve tried to get the following info into the MSM, I managed to find ‘Bishophill’ last night and from there got to here, it might be of interest to those who want the truth of the situation

I wish to remain anonymous for good reason, I think you’ll understand why.

You have to go back to 1939, when the MOD decided that they needed a new Munitions factory for HDX explosives, HDX uses a lot of water, all munitions manufacture does, but HDX is greedy.

The levels had too much water and so we built one on the Levels, ROF37 or ROF Bridgewater or ROF Woolavington, it’s all the same place.

To ensure that there was enough water even on the waterlogged Levels, we built the Huntspill River…

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9th Circuit Court 2ed amendment Descision

The 9th circuit court rules against California gun control 

Yesterday  the 9th circuit court filed its decision on an appeal to San Diego county restrictions on permitting of concealed carry of hand guns for personal protection.  FoxNews article on 9th circuit court on California gun prohibitions:


 Decision on both concealed and open carry guns

The above link is a pdf of the decision  filed on the 12th by the 9th circuit court.

In brief:  Because the state bans open carry the counties must permit concealed carry . One or the other must be permitted or there is an outright ban on the right to bear arms. This is unconstitutional and is not permitted!

Interesting read.   An extensive examination of court cases in regard to the 2ed amendment over the last 200 years as well as the English laws preceding it.  This justice argues for the majority, that Americans have the right to bear arms or carry self protection in public.

For most of this republics’ history this meant  open carry of weapons  was virtual uncontrolled and concealed carry was controlled.  An acceptable arrangement as having concealed weapons was frowned on as cowardly.  last year California outlawed open carry and made counties responsible for license of concealed carry. License for concealed carry was made very difficult to obtain. Virtually prohibiting the right of citizens to bear arms for personal protection . Thus erasing the right to bear arms.  Not Constitutional!  pg

Iranian War Fleet

Iran sends War Fleet against America!

This may sound like a joke, I’m not laughing, see this FoxNews article


Sinking feeling: Iranian Navy sends message with US-bound ‘rust buckets’

By Joshua Rhett Miller

Published February 11, 2014

  • iranianships.jpgThe commander of Iran’s Northern Navy Fleet said the ships began their trip last month from southern port city Bandar Abbas. Admiral Afshin Rezayee Haddad said the vessels had already entered the Atlantic Ocean near South Africa en route to U.S. maritime borders as part of a three-month mission. (FARS News Agency)

The two Iranian warships headed toward U.S. waters — one of which barely survived a 1988 run-in with an American fighter jet — are a pair of “rust buckets” Tehran is using to prove to its people it can project power around the globe, naval experts said.

The commander of Iran’s Northern Navy Fleet said the ships — the frigate Sabalan and Kharg, a supply ship capable of carrying helicopters — began their trip last month from the southern port city Bandar Abbas. Adm. Afshin Rezayee Haddad said the vessels had already entered the Atlantic Ocean near South Africa en route to U.S. maritime borders as part of a three-month mission. Haddad characterized the move as a response to the ongoing presence of the U.S. Navy’s 5th fleet, which is based in Bahrain, across the Persian Gulf.

But the British-built ships, which are reportedly carrying roughly 30 Iranian Navy academy cadets, are not militarily imposing, according to defense experts reached by

“From a tactical perspective, neither one of these ships are any good; they are an afterthought to the U.S, Navy from a warfare perspective,” said Christopher Harmer, senior naval analyst at the Institute for the Study of War. “From a strategic standpoint, they are very important.”

“From a tactical perspective, neither one of these ships are any good, they are an afterthought to the U.S, Navy from a warfare perspective.”

– Christopher Harmer, senior naval analyst, Institute for the Study of War

In 1988, the 310-foot Sabalan was attacked by American forces after it fired upon an A-6 Intruder aboard the USS Enterprise following tensions in the Persian Gulf. The Iranian ship was completely decimated but did not sink, ultimately being restored and improved — something not lost on the Iranian powers, Harmer said.

“They are very aware that we nearly sunk the Sabalan, and there’s absolutely a psychological message being sent here by the Iranian Navy,” he said. “Up until five years ago, everything the Iranians were doing was focused on short-range defense with their navy, including small-missile ships that were optimized for shallow waters in the Persian Gulf.”

The larger of the two ships, the 679-foot Kharg, is also British-built and can support three helicopters, but poses no real threat. One analyst, Michael Eisenstadt of The Washington Institute, characterized the aging vessels as “rust buckets” with little heft on international waters. Another expert questioned how much of the naval war games really convinces the average Iranian.

“What happens day after day in the Iranian press is there’s a constant theme that Iran is capable of defending itself and that the United States cannot attack or invade it,” said Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “A lot of that deals with the ability to deal preventive strikes.”

While the Iranian admiral said the ships were already in the Atlantic, Harmer said there are no indications that that’s the case. He said the ships were most likely approaching South Africa, still toiling in the southwestern Indian Ocean.

“I’m skeptical,” said Harmer, adding that the Iranians have previously expressed similar global naval aspirations. “But we’ll respond in the sense that we’ll keep an eye on them.”

Above all, the move should be seen as a direct message to Iranians, not the U.S. Navy or the citizens it protects, according to U.S. Army (Ret.) Lt. Col. David Johnson, now serving as executive director at the Center for Advanced Defense Studies.

“This would be aspirational and demonstrate that they have the capability to reach out to us and hopefully threaten us the way we threaten them on a daily basis,” Johnson told “I believe the target audience is internal — not us. They are demonstrating to [Iranians] and others in the region that they can stand up to the big boy.”

If the ships make it across the ocean to U.S. maritime waters, they wouldn’t even be a match for Coast Guard cutters, Johnson said.

“The point would be that the world is a much smaller place,” Johnson said, perhaps leading to expanded political pressure stateside to increase American presence in the region. “It’s a message to their population that we’re a conventional power.”

But the ships — and their capabilities — paint a different picture, according to Cordesman, who said they’re conventionally armed with the equivalent of little more than “terror weapons,” or less operational than a 2,000-pound bomb.

“We would get concerned if there was any kind of air-sea capability or missile launch capacity, or if Iran had the kind of surface or submarine fleet that could reach across the Atlantic,” Cordesman said. “At this point in time, Iran cannot pose a single meaningful naval threat outside the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.”

It isn’t the first time Iran tried to use its modest navy to threaten the U.S. In 2011, Iran warned it might deploy warships close to the U.S. coast. The official IRNA news agency then quoted Iranian naval chief Rear Adm. Habibollah Sayyari saying, “Like the arrogant powers that are present near our marine borders, we will also have a powerful presence close to American marine borders.”  FoxNews


This may be an Jehad Mission, Not the first for the Sabalin!

The  Kharg is large enough to carry an Aga Kahn type atomic bomb. The North Korean and Pakistani atomic devices  were likely several Kilotons of high explosives wrapped around enriched Uranium core. A atomic dirty device of 6,000 tons high explosive and 200lbs enriched (over 20%) of Uranium to give the impression of a real fission bomb.  The Kharg is large enough to carry 10 to 12,000 tons payload. Enough to transport the device and needed shielding.  I would hope that our subs are tracking and checking for radiation leakage.

  The Iranians have stopped their enrichment and are beginning to “sweep” the westerners from the Muslim Emirate, perfect time to strike a blow to the weakening “Great Satan” as he is being driven from their lands.

We will see if Obama is willing to sink the Iranian “War Fleet” or do a “FDR” and let an attack happen .

Otherwise this is a lot of effort to rid themselves of two worthless old ships for a little bit of hometown PR.  pg