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9th Circuit Court 2ed amendment Descision

The 9th circuit court rules against California gun control 

Yesterday  the 9th circuit court filed its decision on an appeal to San Diego county restrictions on permitting of concealed carry of hand guns for personal protection.  FoxNews article on 9th circuit court on California gun prohibitions:


 Decision on both concealed and open carry guns

The above link is a pdf of the decision  filed on the 12th by the 9th circuit court.

In brief:  Because the state bans open carry the counties must permit concealed carry . One or the other must be permitted or there is an outright ban on the right to bear arms. This is unconstitutional and is not permitted!

Interesting read.   An extensive examination of court cases in regard to the 2ed amendment over the last 200 years as well as the English laws preceding it.  This justice argues for the majority, that Americans have the right to bear arms or carry self protection in public.

For most of this republics’ history this meant  open carry of weapons  was virtual uncontrolled and concealed carry was controlled.  An acceptable arrangement as having concealed weapons was frowned on as cowardly.  last year California outlawed open carry and made counties responsible for license of concealed carry. License for concealed carry was made very difficult to obtain. Virtually prohibiting the right of citizens to bear arms for personal protection . Thus erasing the right to bear arms.  Not Constitutional!  pg

One response to “9th Circuit Court 2ed amendment Descision

  1. p.g.sharrow February 13, 2014 at 10:38 pm

    Appeal from the United States District Court
    for the Southern District of California
    Irma E. Gonzalez, Chief District Judge, Presiding

    Opinion for the majority 77 pages of argument, very extensive history on cases questioning the meanings of the 2ed amendment.

    THOMAS, Circuit Judge, dissenting: says:”the majority
    not only strikes down San Diego County’s concealed carry policy, but upends the
    entire California firearm regulatory scheme.”
    Wow! that is TOO bad. The Peoples Socialist State in California just lost one! pg

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