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Ukraine Situation

On 2/27/2014 1:39 AM, Keith Gorzell wrote:

Below is a link to an interesting view of the Ukraine situation.

Ukraine crisis portends apocalypse

Thanks for the link.
Looks to be a serious problem for Putin. He can’t let this slide and will occupy at least the eastern 1/3 of the Ukraine. It was /is Russian anyway. I’m not sure why they included it in Ukraine back in Soviet era. It is now the industrial area of the country. The Ukraine Army has kept their hands off so far. We may see a repeat of Egypt and the brotherhood. The EU and US will make a bunch of noise and do nothing as their socialists have drawn down their military too far to be effective and the eastern Ukraine is a bridge too far, actually several bridges too far for them.

This may be a good thing for our military as it will encourage the Congress to prevent further draw down by the ObamaNation.  pg

15 responses to “Ukraine Situation

  1. p.g.sharrow February 27, 2014 at 2:38 pm

    Be sure and go the blog linked above. The Main Stream Media will not publish this! pg

  2. Simon Derricutt February 28, 2014 at 1:33 am

    pg – I read the blog and also the comments. The viewpoint of the blog feels wrong to me. Although Timoschenko’s government was not that clean, Yanukovich’s was authoritarian and corrupt – his country estate has been shown on TV and the cost of that high-quality work can’t have been small. I see that as rot at the core, and that always spreads outwards. It looks to me, from here, that Yanukovich feathered his own nest at the expense of the people – Ukraine has never been a rich country and it got poorer under him. I hope the new government works, and that Ukraine can stay together and sort out the ethnic problems. Not an easy problem, but it can work if it’s not only fair but seen to be fair. That could be difficult if the oligarchs see their profits or influence dwindling. It’s a different history there and what we might see as a good solution may not be optimal for the Ukrainians.

    In the comments on the blog, there’s a whole lot of anti-semitism. Yep, a lot of the rich people might be Jewish or of Jewish extraction, but that doesn’t mean that all Jews are the same. All Germans are not Nazis, either. I have friends/family who are Jewish and German. It’s just too easy to put a certain ethnicity or nationality into a pigeonhole and hate a group for the actions of some of the people you see as being part of that group. I would not want to be associated with most of the people whose comments I read there.

  3. p.g.sharrow February 28, 2014 at 6:54 am

    @Simon; Very true, not all National Socialists are German. There seems to be Nazis in every corner coming out of the woodwork again. Kind of like a disease that reoccurs every few generations. Those that follow the dark feel empowered by their righteousness and the lack of awareness and control from the general population. The journals of Immanual Velikovsky describe a similar time in the early 1900s in eastern Europe. Private armies financed by who knows?, roaming about, plundering “others” as they went. In the end resulting in dictatorships and regional wars. An evil time.
    Yanukovich is a real piece of work, as well as a braggart about his corruption of the Ukraine’s political system. No loss there with his ouster. It appears that secret Russian agency troops have taken control of important assets in the Crimea. At this time most parties seem to want to “cool it”.
    As to the denizens of various blog sites. At times I go into dark places to learn about the things that others avoid. Often I discover information not generally available. When I was younger, before the internet, I spent some of my time in bars in the some of rougher parts of the world. This is easier and better for my health. 😉 pg

  4. p.g.sharrow March 3, 2014 at 4:27 pm

    IT appears that a pro Russian Ukraine Admiral, that was sacked by the new Ukraine government, tried and failed to get his junior officers to shift their alliance to the pro Russian Crimea government.
    The Russian secret service military that had surrounded the Ukraine military in their bases and demanded their surrender has stood down for now after the Ukrainians said NO. Putin is trying for a tactical victory that may well be a strategic failure. It would appear that the Ukrainians will not surrender readily. If the Russians resort to military action, they may get a lot more trouble then they planned on.
    The bear is big and scary but can not see very far or change directions quickly.
    I had a friend point out that Putin acts like a “male homosexual bully”. She is rarely wrong about such things. A dangerous animal for sure. Certainly not someone that I would expect to act honorably towards those perceived weak. pg

  5. omanuel March 4, 2014 at 7:13 pm


    My concern is that this may be a staged conflict to cover collapse of western economies.

  6. p.g.sharrow March 4, 2014 at 7:30 pm

    Staged by men or by GOD. The outcome will be the same. This socialist fascination must be burned out. Look to the World Wide Web to save civilization. The old way of Warlords&Oligarchs is at an end. We no longer need them. pg

  7. p.g.sharrow March 6, 2014 at 9:18 am

    In the 1700s Russia drove the Turks from the Crimea. In 1956 a Ukraine, N Khrushchev then leader of the Union Soviet Socialist Republics, transferred control of the Crimea to the Ukraine Soviet. I guess now they want it back. Also much of eastern Ukraine was once Western Russia and part of that 1956 transfer of control. It appears to me that the ” Russian troops” involved are the “private police/security” force that was set up to guard the Olympics and are now being used by their boss, Putin, to further his aims. These are “locals” not regular Russian Army. Power politics of an Oligarch that has some control of the public purse. Notice that the threat of force is being used, not real force. Kind of like a bully that demands that you “give” him your lunch money rather then just take it by force. A want to be Caesar. pg

  8. Simon Derricutt March 6, 2014 at 1:15 pm

    pg – maybe this is going to be controversial, but the current interim Ukrainian Prime Minister is there because of a coup – Yanukovich was deposed illegally (although I think he’s better gone). At the moment, Crimea have a similar illegal group who claim to be representative and are declaring Crimea independent (and Russian). It seems to me that although currently the Ukrainian government and the Crimean ones are both illegal, these could both be sorted out with elections or referenda – I don’t know why the Ukrainians demand that Crimea remain part of Ukraine since it hasn’t been officially part of it for long and also has regarded itself as separate anyway. There is a natural split in the current Ukraine boundary, based on language and culture – seems silly to insist that they remain together, in the same way as the Walloons and Flemish remain at loggerheads in Belgium. No reason why it shouldn’t work OK, but hotheads and politicians seize on such things to bring dissent and riots. Racial prejudice doesn’t have to be black versus white – language and culture differences are actually more powerful even though you can’t tell until someone opens their mouth. A Flemish friend of mine was very disparaging about Walloons as shiftless and workshy, and miss-spending the taxes he was paying.

    This looks to me one of those situations where (like Belgium) they’d be better as two friendly countries than as one which is always pulled in two directions. Disentangling them is going to be a tough job, though.

  9. p.g.sharrow March 6, 2014 at 2:17 pm

    Even more bizarre, the Russians have sunk an old ship in the channel to blockade Ukraine ships in their base after the Ukraine’s refused to join the Russian Navy.

  10. p.g.sharrow March 14, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    Interesting, The Ukraine’s, Russians and Nato signed a treaty to guarantee the territorial integrity of the Ukraine in exchange for the Ukraine’s giving up their atomic weapons. With the breakup of the USSR the Ukraine’s had the largest stock pile of all! With Nato on the hook, Merkel may find her balls yet. We also see why Putin is using his private army and a lot of saber rattling to get the Ukraine’s to GIVE him control of the Crimea. The U.S. is transferring fighter jets to Poland. 6 this week, 6 more next week. Perhaps this little general will not get a free one after all.
    Also it is about time for the Head Oligarch to be assassinated by Muslims. I wonder who is the head Oligarch?
    We all live in interesting times! pg

  11. p.g.sharrow March 14, 2014 at 9:02 pm

    Additional; 1 AWACs sent to Romania last week, 1 sent to Poland and 1 sent to Romania yesterday. Looks like they want to have at least 1 in the air at all times just west of Ukraine to keep an eye on the real Russian Army. pg

  12. p.g.sharrow May 3, 2014 at 9:20 am

    Looks like Ukraine has decided to strike back at Putins private army.:
    Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said Ukrainian forces had seized control of a television tower in Kramatorsk, near the rebel stronghold of Slovyansk where at least three were killed in fighting on Friday, “We are not stopping,” Avakov wrote on his Facebook page early Saturday. pg

  13. Stasha December 9, 2014 at 8:41 am

    Hiya, I’m really glad I have found this info. Today blogs publish just about gossip and internet stuff and this is actually irritating. A good site with interesting content, this is what I need. Thank you for making this web site, and I will be visiting again. Do you do newsletters? I Can not find it.

    REPLY; you are welcome, Sorry no news letter. Just posts on things that really catch my interest. I am curious about how you came to my site? pg

  14. omanuel December 10, 2014 at 7:39 am

    Yes, p.g.sharrow has great insight into international events that I cannot comprehend.

    Five years of Orwellian responses to Climategate revelations have confirmed the addictive delusion of power in world leaders and their science advisers, but I am confident Truth will yet be revealed by another traumatic event, like:

    _ 1. The destruction of Hiroshima in August 1945

    Click to access The_FORCE.pdf

    _ 2. Sudden exposure to a cosmic-ray burst in 775 AD
    Usoskin et al, “The AD775 cosmic event revisited: The Sun is to blame,” Astronomy & Astrophysics Letters 552, L3 (2013):

    _ 3. The event Isaiah 40:5 described ~2,500 years ago
    “The glory of the Lord shall be revealed
    And all flesh shall see it together;
    For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.”

  15. p.g.sharrow December 10, 2014 at 9:25 am

    Time is like a great tapestry of threads that paint a picture as the threads come together and then diverge. Oliver Manuel points to a knot of threads that effects events to this very day. Just as a stray Neutron might effect an Atom to trigger a chain reaction of later atomic events.
    Issac Asimov’s “Foundation” Books describes such a concept of cause and effect in the affairs of men. The efforts of one man can effect the affairs of a nation or the world for generations. An unknown laborer turned preacher changed the course of all the worlds political and religious history in just 3 years. A Serb with little education created much of the foundation of our present industrial electrical world. One small stone can change course of a river.
    One must stand back an look at all of the tapestry as well as look closely at the individual threads to see how all of it works together.
    In the Ukraine a small band of Vikings set up camp in the hills above an eastern river to prey on the people of the Plains to the west. The Rus have been at it ever since. Ukraine is easy to conquer in the summer. Hard to hold in the winter. A rich farm country much coveted and much fought over by it’s neighbors. Putin is the head Oligarch that covets control of Eastern Europe as well as Gasprom covets control of the rich gas fields under the Sea to the south. Putin’s thread will soon end and the knot of the Russian Empire will continue to unravel. pg

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