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English Powerplant has No CO2 emissions!

Biomass Emits Double The CO2 Of Gas .

A blog post about the CO2 emissions caused by the use of American wood fuel to power former coal to electric powerplant.

But it appears to me that author missed the real point. The burning of American wood fuel in British power plant is a major win for the English Ecoloons! NO! CO2 emissions at all!

“In reporting emissions the UK follows the requirements of IPCC guidelines on International Greenhouse Gas reporting. In order to avoid double counting of emissions and removals, the reporting convention is that the CO2 contained within biological materials, such as wood pellets, which are to be burnt for energy purposes, such as electricity generation, is accounted for by the harvesting country. This emission is reported by countries included under the forest management sector.”

Any emissions in collection, transport and combustion count against the Americans and the Americans are not allowed to count their forests towards sequestering the CO2. The British Drax plant generates electricity and has NO countable emissions of CO2. What is not to like? pg

One response to “English Powerplant has No CO2 emissions!

  1. omanuel February 26, 2015 at 9:16 pm

    Thanks for acknowledging accounting errors under UN’s totalitarian rule.

    I suspect Russians who lived under Stalin could recite similar stories.

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