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Monthly Archives: September 2015

UN ignores science council warnings in creating Sustainable Development Goals

When the United Nations approved a massive agenda of sustainable development goals last week, it over-rode pointed warnings by two international science councils that the program is in many ways uncoordinated, unmeasurable and unrealistically ambitious.

Managers of the vast exercise in setting the global, progressive agenda for the next 15 years known as the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) decided it would be “too dangerous” to reopen the sprawling package to improve it, according to Anne-Sophie Stevance, lead coordinator of the critical analysis and a science officer with the International Council for Science (ICSU), the most prominent voice of the international scientific community.

“I know our report was considered by the U.N.,” Stevance told Fox News. “I participated in meetings in January and February about it.”

WWII Japanese Atomic Bomb

A bit of the history lessons the Liberal Progressives don’t want taught, as it conflicts with the agenda of their Communist MASTERS:…A  HT to omanuel for prodding us to remember..

Communists, Liberal Progressives,  Have been waging a war for world wide domimation for a long time. They have infiltrated all governments and educational systems and have started most of the wars of the last 200years. As we have seen, Killing millions is nothing to them as they work both sides of any conflict to always gain more control over the total.

below see:

Atomic plans returned to Japan Saturday, 3 August, 2002, 18:44 GMT 19:44 BBC news UK
Documents hidden since World War II showing Japan’s plans for an atomic bomb have been returned to the country, according to a newspaper report.
The widow of the Japanese scientist who had spirited the documents out of the country after the war has given them to a Tokyo research institute, the Asahi daily says.
The 23-page dossier shows the Japanese army’s plans for a relatively weak atomic bomb – blueprints that were ordered destroyed just before Japan’s surrender in 1945.
The documents were instead secretly given to chemist Kazuo Kuroda, who then left for the United States and died there last year.
The documents, the newspaper says, could be a valuable addition to the study of Japan’s wartime history.
They show how far Japan got in trying to build nuclear weapons of its own before the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing hundreds of thousands of people in August 1945 and forcing a surrender.
Weaker weapon
A photograph published in the newspaper shows diagrams and drawings of a bomb, together with text written by a military officer who interviewed the scientist at the head of the atomic bomb development team.
But the newspaper says experts who have examined the documents do not believe the bomb would have been very powerful.
Kuroda, who was a professor emeritus at the University of Arkansas before his death in 2001, kept the documents secret for more than half a century.
His widow has sent the documents to the Riken scientific research institute just north of Tokyo where Kuroda worked as a young man, the Asahi newspaper reported.

Other information indicates that this bomb was tested, in Now North Korea, before the end of WWII. The Soviets captured that area and continued the research and development effort that the Japanese had started there… After the North Koreans took over that area they have continued that work ……………………………………………………………………………………………..
and plan on returning a working model to Japan ;-( pg