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California, Drought or poor management

Victor Davis Hanson
The Scorching of California
How Green extremists made a bad drought worse
Winter 2015

The drought has threatened to turn large tracts of farmland into dust.

In mid-December, the first large storms in three years drenched California. No one knows whether the rain and snow will continue—only that it must last for weeks if a record three-year drought, both natural and man-made, is to end. In the 1970s, coastal elites squelched California’s near-century-long commitment to building dams, reservoirs, and canals, even as the Golden State’s population ballooned. Court-ordered drainage of man-made lakes, meant to restore fish to the 1,100-square-mile Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta, partly caused central California’s reservoir water to dry up. Not content with preventing construction of new water infrastructure, environmentalists reverse-engineered existing projects to divert precious water away from agriculture, privileging the needs of fish over the needs of people. Then they alleged that global warming, not their own foolish policies, had caused the current crisis.    For the rest of the article


Very good but long read for the history of the present California water shortages.

Our main problem is politically directed bad management and not an unprecedented water shortage. California historically is very wet or very dry and the paradise that people here expect to enjoy is the creation of man and not god. The natural California is one of swamp or desert often in the same place during the same year.

Lake Sacramento the book pdf. History of the major floods 1700s though 1900s in the Central Valley.

Friends of Governor Brown plan to create two new cities in the south state, connected by the fast rail line. They need water for those cities and are establishing the legal system to take that water from Central Valley farmers that own those rights.
Follow the money! And the taxpayers of the state will PAY vast billions into the pockets of these developers.
Ecoloons and Federal Judges are just convenient tools…pg

One response to “California, Drought or poor management

  1. p.g.sharrow February 4, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    I’m a 6 generation Californian and have been watching this for almost 70 years. Spent many of those years farming in this swampy desert. My forebears created an agricultural paradise in a wilderness that the Indians and then the Spanish did not inhabit. Those people lived in the foothill valleys and the Coastal valleys that were actually livable. After the Central Valleys and the south lands were made habitable we have had to watch Ecoloons from all over move into my state and then DEMAND the State be returned back into their perceived version of gods paradise.
    Before mans intervention, the rivers would sometimes turn the fertile valleys into raging muddy torrents, miles wide and at other times green stagnate sewers. Many of the smaller rivers would dry up in the late summer and only return with the winter rains. Now in their vast numbers they demand we abandon the Central Valley to wilderness as they ship the water south to green their desert cities, lawns and swimming pools while using our hard won stored waters to turn the rivers into cold clear streams that flow into the sea. A thing that even GOD could not do!…pg

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