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The Islamic Conquest

Swedish authorities stop Turkish ship that is delivering containers of military munitions into Europe!  The ship report is dated January 28, 2016  …pg
“The ship was due to unload some of these in Sweden, but port authorities got to it first. The ship had called at a number of other European ports before being intercepted in Sweden, and the last call had been in Sheerness in the United Kingdom.”

That is the money shot! A Turkish ship with cargo containers bound for Yemen stopped in Sweden for being “having unsafe living conditions” is found to be carrying military munitions and has been delivering into European ports.

Add that to the recent brag of a Iranian Republican Guard general that they are readying attacks in western countries. As well as thousands of military trained, young men, salted into the muslim refuges flooding from the ME. An English woman that fostered muslim children discovered her 12 year old refuge was a 19 year old, military trained, young man.


One response to “The Islamic Conquest

  1. pg sharrow November 5, 2016 at 1:37 pm

    Vallerie Jerrett and Huma Weiner are daughters of the Muslim Brotherhood’,
    And are long time “Handlers” of Barack and Hillary. If you don’t know, “Handlers” are those that are assigned to manage Traitors by those that turned them.
    Obama said that if things got bad, HE would side with the Muslims. Now you know why Obama and Clinton are pushing for heavy import of Muslim young men from the Middle East, as well as doing everything possible to help the Brotherhood take over the nations of the Middle East. The Clintons have received hundreds of millions of Dollars from the middle Eastern entities and locate their main operations And money in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. There are many Brotherhood plants in the highest levels of the U.S. government.
    The period after the Election and before the swearing in of Trump is the time of greatest danger of Brotherhood attempts to destabilise and take control. Like it or not WWIII is on and about to get hot as the Muslim Warlords strike against the west.
    Every GOOD MUSLIM MUST make war on non-believers. The Muslim Warlords and their followers must be eradicated if the world is to know peace, there is no middle road for them. Their own prophecies call for them to destroy their world before peace can come.
    “The 12th Imam, “or teacher” walks with Jesus” The followers of the Black Prince of Death must be brought to their appointed END…pg

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