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the Word

The Word was GOD

In the beginning Humans were as “Beasts of the Field” Without language or history. The ape like “see do” and personal experience were the only means to learn new things and non-language vocalization and gestures the only way to communicate. Then came the invention of “WORD”,   The naming of things, events, conditions, motions, places, the communication of experiences and knowledge, one brain to the next. “And the Word was GOD”, the properly naming of something gave power over it. MAGIC!

The old could teach the young their knowledge, describe their experiences, their wisdom. The total of Human knowledge could multiply far beyond the ability of one person to gather through experience.

For thousands of years knowledge was memorized one generation to the next, but that required person to person exchange. Persons rarely traveled much in distance nor communicated with many different people. Knowledge traveled slowly from one group to the next if at all. Knowledge became family or tribal limited by the use of local words and phrases.

It is said that King Nimrod sent his soldiers out to collect the wisemen of his kingdom into a university, an Ivory Tower of learning so that all the knowledge of the land could be exchanged and taught to the young.

As a memory tool, cypher or pictographs were created, In time these evolved into a common language that everyone schooled in their use could understand and use, regardless of their native dialect The transfer of knowledge no longer required a common language or person to person contact. A written language of common words evolved. The knowledge base expanded and spread, it even could be communicated over extended time.

Writing these words of wisdom required a long a laborious process so these books of knowledge were rare and expensive only the wealthy or connected could access them. In time, Hand copied pages became machine printed pages and books of a few copies became additions of thousands, then became copied in the millions. The spread of the “Word” knowledge, became available to everyone. But still a difficult and expensive process under the limiting control of the few.

Today we have this miracle of the electronic computer age of an inexpensive World Wide Web.  Communication of thought and knowledge in real time and translated into the language of your choice.

The wealthy and powerful still struggle to impose and maintain their control over knowledge.

We Don’t Need Them! …pg

4 responses to “the Word

  1. H.R. October 22, 2018 at 4:38 pm

    Don’t know how I missed this on the 20th, p.g. I check your blog every day, now.

    You are 100% dead on about the wealthy and powerful losing their omnipotence through their stranglehold on knowledge.

    The www provides ‘clue’ to the masses and there ain’t a bloomin’ thing the GEBs can do about it.

    Good post, p.g.

    P.S. Been hiking up a beautiful trail that starts out of the back of the campground where we are staying. I take our Scottie and Cairn terriers and they are all in; let’s GO! It’s about 1.5 miles and a 1,000+ ft change of elevation and the girls just keep chuggin’. They do not want to stop; eyes, ears, nose, and tails forward in case there is a hapless squirrel they can exterminate.

    I just bought some Blackberry Moonshine today here in Tennessee and I’ll try it soon. I still think your blackberry shine would be the standard to beat, but there are some logistics to overcome to engage in a side-by-side taste test. We’ll be heading west someday not too far off, so perhaps we can set up a taste test. Maybe so, maybe not, but it will be a good day here on Earth if it does come to pass.

    P.P.S. Looking to get a picture of that wicked hill that we encountered on our way to the TN campground. It was like being in the first car of a roller coaster on the first hill: you’e just hanging there looking seemingly straight down. I’m just looking to verify my claim of a 45 degree descent into a tee intersection. We shall see. 😁

  2. p.g.sharrow October 22, 2018 at 8:10 pm

    @H.R. Your account was as close as I would want to get to that kind of predicament ! and I have been in many such hair raisers, Call it “White Knuckle Driving”. Glad to hear you safely completed the maneuver. Pictures not necessary as we accept your veracity. 😎 Blackberry Brandy is just the thing for enjoying “No Shit” stories and other lies. I’m nearly out at the moment, too many friends, 😎 but nearly have all the fixins to make 10 more gallons, just need to pick up a jug of honey to complete the recipe.
    Oh Boy! there is nothing better to a dog then being out on a new adventure! over new ground, with new smells in the air, on the ground. Dog FUN ! . A 1,000 climb is fair chore for an old man but it will be a nice jaunt on the down hill. When I walk out to the front gate it is 80 feet drop to the creek and back up 30 to the gate. Not bad out but a bear back up to the house. Specially if I’m swinging a brush knife to beat back the wild blackberries and poison oak that keep trying to choke the driveway.
    I don’t know how big your trailer is but there are places on our 20 ac. along the drive where it can be parked for an extended visit.
    Not to worry about lateness about viewing my posts as they are not timely. Just stuff that I want to get down before I forget about it…pg

  3. H.R. October 22, 2018 at 9:31 pm

    p.g., It is a joy to walk the dogs on that trail. My wife had a stroke in 2008 and she walks too slowly for me and the dogs. There’s no aerobic benefit to me at her pace, so I take the dogs and head out at a double-quick pace. Today, I stopped a few times to give her a chance to catch up but the dogs were having none of that. They were pulling hard to take off so my pauses were only for 20-30 seconds. (They are sleeping very well right now.)

    I’m sure that bears use that path. It follows a fast running mountain stream and there are very few places where you can head off the path without going nearly vertical. A bear is going to follow the terrain just the same as a person would. I would like to catch a glimpse of a bear for the dogs’ sake. I can only imagine the discussion between them about “the biggest dang squirrel you have ever seen!” It won’t happen as I’m sure any bears would avoid our noisy troupe.

    The OAL of our trailer is 34 feet. Throw in the F-250 Crew cab with a regular bed and we are somewhere just shy of 50 feet long in total. My in-town rig is a Honda Fit. It’s always a shocker when switching between the two.

    If we do find ourselves in your neck of the woods, I’d imagine we’d stay at an RV park. Then I’d make it a day trip up for a visit. It’s the Mrs. H.R. part that would hold me back from hauling a trailer up the back roads for a visit. It’s too long a story to go into it, but that stroke has left her with some issues. Still, those inconveniences beat the alternative of her not surviving it, so that’s the good part.

  4. p.g.sharrow October 23, 2018 at 7:15 am

    @H.R.; I would not recommend navigating the road to our place in a full size F250 long cab pulling a 34footer. It would be doable but no fun at all. 5 miles of “White Knuckle” driving in and out!. Some fool from Montana tried it last month on the advice of a woman that rarely drives and then only in crampacks. I tried to stop him but he was sure he knew better then I. He damaged his brand new 1 ton pickup truck as well as the trailer and required a big tow truck to get him out of trouble. If an old man that has driven everything from a Honda 90 street bike to overloaded 18 wheelers on interstates and mountain trails gives you advice maybe you should listen. 😉 oh well, he got his lesson anyway. expensive!
    On dogs you like and bear, hope they don’t meet. It could go badly for you and the dogs. Black Bear will generally avoid you and the dogs if they can but if they stand their ground they can cause a lot of damage.
    We have a big Dog, dog, that keeps the bear away from the hill top by discouraging them with his loud mouth, but he is smart enough to stay out their reach. An earlier big dog we had, a border Collie, met his first Black bear a few days after he got here. I released him from his chain for the first time and he ran off down the hill, into the brush, and this big cloud of dust appeared in the brush and this big black shape and dog disappeared down the creek. The barking trailing off into the distance. Damn! 3 hours later the foot sore dog finds his way home, flops down and takes a nap. Never chased a bear again.
    Next year about 2:00am a bear shows up on the veranda. Dipping into the Garbage barrel there is this 500lb Black bear, the Collie Dog is barking up a storm from the front doorway, little inside Peke at the door trying to help! wakes me out of bed. As I go out the door with a heavy steel kitchen chair, ah-la lion tamer, I am kicking the little dog that wants to attack, back to keep her inside, the big dog is trying to get BEHIND me while I drive off the Bear! Bear is looking at me as if I’m some crazy damn fool, I am! Roaring like a Giant Bull Ape, (naked) charging this bear with a chair LoL….. Bear loses it’s nerve and runs. Dogs are impressed. and I get to go back to bed.
    Good thing nobody, except the dogs, is around to witness my foolishness …pg

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