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The Great Coil

Great coil in disk

The great coil and plasma jet in place under the Disk frame

In this configuration the black coils are the primary and the white above is the necklace coils. Each of the necklace coils is a single loop terminated at a condenser unit distributed around the circumference of the disk along with the driving primary.

HV Coil with Pincushion plasma cone


The Original Device


bottom of old coil deck, coil is welded to the other side of the central portion of the device.


The original device was constructed of welded polypropylene, the bulge rings were built in condensers that were terminations of a necklace of wired loops  bundled with the primary loop of the Great Tesla coil. During early testing the condensers failed and could not be repaired. All of this outer works was cut away to salvage the Great Coil.

Tesla Coil plasma jet

Flat spiral wound tesla coil with central pincushion/plasma jet

The central part of this device is the flat wound spiral coil. This coil is created from about 1200ft of 14 gauge copper wire, 120 turns, at 5 turns to the inch, fixed with 5/32″ polypropylene rod welded to the 1/2 inch thick polypropylene deck. The insulation value between winding turns  was tested to 40,000 volts per turn or 4 million volts of stress for the entire coil. The coil center termination is a 8 inch disk with pins set in a 1/4 inch grid for 16 pins per inch square. The pincushion is inside a polypropylene forcing cone that terminates with a 2 inch plasma conduit. The necklace bundle is just visible inside the ring of the left picture, the central discoloration is the coil it’s self spiraling out from the pincushion/ plasma cone. During initial testing of the device, it was being directly powered from the 15,000 volt transformer when a lead came loose and began arching. The coil went into full Tesla mode of about 2 million volts at the pincushion. A violet plasma jet 6 feet high erupted from the cone! After 25-30 seconds the loose wire came free and the system died.

Some of the built in condensers were damaged and could not be repaired. The Great Coil was removed from the damaged device for further use as it would be very difficult to replace …pg

For a description of the Tesla Coil driver parts see:   Pictorial of parts.

For a description of the Tesla Coil  driver see:   primary-driver

for  the layout and parts test of driver:   condenser-sparkgap-test 

These above links will open new tabs so you won’t get lost…pg

3 responses to “The Great Coil

  1. H.R. November 3, 2018 at 7:09 am

    Thanks for the update, p.g.. I see you are getting motivated again and I’m glad you’re keeping up on your documentation here.

    I did not have any particular interest in your project when you introduced it on E.M.’s blog a few years ago, other than the work on the shell. I like woodworking and fabrication and I was awestruck by the construction of the shell. Practical uses aside, the shell is a work of art on its own.

    I started visiting your blog because I enjoyed your comments on E.M.’s blog and, of course, reading here allows visitors to get to know you better.

    Well, when Simon Derricutt started conversing with you regarding your project, I started to get more interested in your idea (and Simon’s idea’s). Although I only have an undergraduate degree in Engineering, still it gives one a decent foundation in physics and math. But that was 30 years ago and my career path took me into designing production systems and made little use of the physics and math I learned as an undergrad. Use it or lose it, and since I didn’t use it all that much, some of the details under discussion are fuzzy to me.

    But I retained enough to follow the concepts so now I’m following your progress with much more interest… even though it doesn’t involve fishing.😜

    Which brings me back full circle to where I started on this comment: thanks for the update, because I’m now following along and I am very curious as to how it will all turn out.
    P.S. Gatlinburg was an interesting trip. That daily walk up the mountain with our two terriers? I did start picking out signs of bears over the days. I even spotted a couple of places where it looked like bears had winter dens, but no bears spotted. We were too noisy and the bears were too focused on fattening up for the winter to have any curiosity about us and to come have a look.

    We’re back home now and getting ready to snowbird in Florida. ossqss lives about an hour away from where we are staying in Florida. Some of that’s city driving, so he’s really only about 20+/- miles away. We’ve agreed to meet up for a beer and a visit at the Linger Lodge at some point this Winter. Maybe get in a little fishing as he likes to fish, too. He works. I’m retired, so I’ll have to adapt to his availability.

    I think E.M. might make a trip to Florida in December to check in on his friend while we are there, but he’ll be tied up with other matters so I don’t know that we’ll get to meet up for a visit over a beer or two. And, he’s located about 3+ hours away in Florida, so it’s not like either of us can just pop over to some place on the spur of the moment if a little free time opens up.

    I mentioned before; if our Western travels over the next couple of years take us anywhere near your neck of the woods, I’ll take you up on your offer to pop in for a visit… uh… without the trailer of course. 😜 I’d like to get a first-hand look at your experiment.

  2. p.g.sharrow November 3, 2018 at 8:26 am

    @HR; Glad to entertain you, that is a part of my object in creating this blog as well as to chronicle my efforts. Be sure to catch up with the Chiefio when you have the opportunity, It will be well worth the effort. As to education level, I barely got out of high school and was slated to be a farm laborer, but did stumble into a rather unique Navy training course on Electrical/electronics engineering. Only 120 of us received that training and then they canceled it. I would suppose that it was wasted on the others, Too much, too fast, but as I had rather unique growing up, it was an upgrade on my existing knowledge. The craftsmanship of the disk is also a result of that upbringing. Because of that lack of education I can write in a manner that most can grasp without the jargon of the specialist.
    I once loved to fish, but after 2 years in Alaska where I had to fish to eat, I seemed to have lost all interest in it. I suppose I should include some fishing tales in Memories that I have started writing for the entertainment of others.
    Simon and Mike are both open minded and knowledgeable enough to take an interest in my project while helping me examine my thinking as I proceed. A friend that pushed me into this died a number of years ago and I lost that prod and contribution to the effort. Feel free to poke your nose in at any time…pg

  3. p.g.sharrow November 6, 2018 at 10:59 am

    To accomplish the transfer of energy to the surrounding Aether various components can be used but, the the original method used was a spark gap. As the energy must travel the distance from atom to atom by jumping through the Aether it must transfer energy into the Aether during the jump. In modern Electronics that transfer is accomplished with Inductance and Capacitance while electrical current conducts or transfers directly. Very little of the energy is actually transferred to the Aether. It is current in the conductors that has losses from heat creation. Under HV the Great Coil’s pincushion creates a massive “spark” of plasma that would radiate through the poly forcing cone while acting as a Diode to the current in the coil.
    click on “Energy Transfer” to open a new page to see energy movements. Play attention to the different results involved in conduction and radiation…pg

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