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The New old project continues.

T6b Airwasher

T6B Airwasher

There it is, Airwasher T6B that now sits on my kitchen floor quietly humming away cleaning about 60 cubic feet a minute of air while using 60watts of power. Made of Grey ABS plastic. on a little Monoprice IIIP printer (see below). It sits in a 1 gallon food container and took about 40 hrs of print time and most of a spool of filament. Quite a learning experience in Acad and 3D printing.

Monoprice 3D Printer IIIPv2

Now that it is reality, I can contemplate and easily create improvements. I must say, having a manufacturing facility in my tiny Computer Lab is amazing to me. Quite literally, the magic of the 21st Century that I read about in the mid 20th SiFi pulps, is now real.

This morning I sat here marveling at the magic of modern technology that makes this possible. A tiny Hurricane that I have trapped in a container, is cleaning the air in my room while I sit here communicating that fact with the rest of world.  Tesla’s rotating electrical energy system, mass produced computers systems and the World Wide Web of communication makes all of this possible, even for a poor man living in a cabin out in the middle of the woods.

the first post on this project A New Old Project.

January 21 201 the latest Airwasher T6 c; blue & white

This one in black, is operating on my kitchen floor next to my computer 😎 lab. I think This model incorporates all of the improvements that it needs…………..for now.

The bucket is a semi-clear 1 gallon food container. Nice to be able to see the interior operations and water levels.

Airwasher T6 blowup

T6 Genii Whirlwind Airwasher

lots of parts. Uses the motor from a high quality swamp cooler circulation pump.

Any interest in the codes to build one for yourself should be voiced in comments below….pg

12 responses to “The New old project continues.

  1. kakatoa January 15, 2019 at 7:54 am


    My in-laws reverted back to heating their home with kerosene vs the baseboard heaters they used for a few years while my father in law was getting over various medical issues- new body parts, etc. Our Kerosene heater works great in our kitchen to take the chill off the ground floor and ours efficiently burns the fuel. We take the unit outside as soon as we turn it off. Their units have an inverted tank that seems to outgas just a bit when it’s not in operation- boo!- and unlike our units they do not seem to be as efficient in burning all the fuel. Hence I’d love to order up one of your prototypes as soon as you are ready for beta testing.

    My in-laws lived through the smoke this summer too. They don’t have air conditioning so they didn’t have much choice but to either be really hot at night or open the house up in the evening……..

    I saw a post over at Hass recently about an indoor Purple Air sensor that you may find of interest-

    as folks who have an indoor monitor would likely be a target market for your commercial unit(s).

  2. p.g.sharrow January 15, 2019 at 9:46 pm

    @kakatoa; thank you for stopping by and commenting. Indoor air quality has always been a problem for me so I am stoked about once again having a working machine available. Last fall’s fires were particularly bad for me. So I plea self defense. But I hope to soon have units available for others. When I tried to market the first machines 25 years ago but things went bad for me at that time and I had to walk away.
    People that got to use test models loved them and have kept after me for years to produce them. Maybe this time will be charmed
    Thank you for the link, I will check it out…pg

  3. kakatoa January 16, 2019 at 10:46 am

    P. G.

    It seems indoor air quality is an issue in the UK too-

    Let me know if you set up a go fund me account for a bigger, better, faster printer. I recently received a 20 dollar credit on my utility bill from PG&E for some billing errors and I like to support your efforts.

  4. p.g.sharrow January 17, 2019 at 1:39 am

    @kakatoe; for some reason you double posting your comments. No big deal, just a bit of house keeping..
    Indoor air quality has been a plague on the human race ever since they moved out of the trees and out onto the dusty plains and had to create shelters or live in caves. I have been afflicted with Asthma and Hay Fever since the day I was born. Pretty rough for someone that lives on a farm. I survived it but really appreciate the ability to breath clean, humidified air. It would seem that life has again set my path on this effort.
    I was planning on working on other projects but, maybe I can kick this off while I’m resting and then let others take it up and run with it once it is started. It always seemed to me to be a good niche product that could move several hundred units a week into a developed market.

    People that have had and used them wanted new ones, but I no longer had any way to produce them even in small numbers. Now, that has seemed to have changed. I have a New. Airwasher sitting on my floor! quietly cleaning my air. In many ways a better device then the ones of 25 years ago. It would seem that no one has realized my patent and jumped into this market. Or maybe no one that would manufacture and sell air cleaners understands how it works ,or how well it works.

    With todays computers and this little 3D printer I can create a real device that I once dreamed of, and It can be duplicated by me as well as by others. So as they say ” the beat goes on” …pg

    ps, there is a Paypal donation button in the upper right corner of my blog pages and if you follow my work you will know when the first finished one is available, with your name on it….pg

  5. kakatoa January 18, 2019 at 3:20 am


    GREAT!!!! Looking forward to trying the AirCleaner out at home before getting it up and running in my in-laws living room!!

    The last time I logged into Pay Pal was to buy the PC I am currently using.. It’s a windows 7 based Samsung with about half of the keys worn down to the point that it’s a good thing that I took typing in 6th grade. .

    About the time the Berlin Wall came down I got to do some hands on product and process development. Even with boat loads of capital the cycle time to design and then make prototypes took forever. Things sure have changed, for the better, product and process development wise over time. .

    Having played a lot in the dirt as a kid, and/or having benefited from resilient genetics, means that I am allergic to pretty much nothing (poison oak being the exception). Living on a ranch I know what you mean about dust and dirt as we have particulate matter in the air most of the year. Pollen from oak and pine trees coat everything around here in the spring and my wife seems to be affected a bit when we have high ozone levels. It’s kind of odd that some of our bad air days have been linked to the pine trees in the area(1)..

    I am a bit more sensitive to very dry conditions these days then back in my youth. It’s almost like I am experiencing some within life Karma as I really I should of put my foot down and said no to requiring our coating and assembly rooms 5 grain moisture limits decades ago. I don’t think I could spend 15 minutes in that type of environment without my eyes being damaged due to dryness these days..

    Mark (kakatoa- the mountain that blew up in 1883)

    1) Carnegie Mellon University. “Pine trees one of biggest contributors to air pollution: Pine gases chemically transformed by free radicals.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 9 August 2012. .

  6. p.g.sharrow January 18, 2019 at 5:16 pm

    @kakatoe: thank you for the donation, I get to buy more supplies! yeah.
    This development work creates a lot of scrap. Not only do I have to create a new device, but also research into the best filament alloy for the job. The supposed wonderful stuff that I bought last week is the worse so far. and the cheapy that we got 2 years ago, the best so far. Too bad it was a close out.

    Getting a handle on this 3D printing so I get quality parts has been half of the job. I must acquire an education it that, improve my grasp of CAD and do the design of a miniature scrubber within the confines ( 7.8 x 7.8 x 7 inch) of the printer build area. A quality part that fulfills it’s needed function is a wonderful thing when it happens. Nearly every change gets us closer to our goal of an Airwasher that can be duplicated.and sent out into the world.

    My idea for these Beta test units is an extended loan rather then outright sale. I need feed back and can replace any defective units or provide up grades as needed, if problems are discovered during the R&D phase. This will also cover us during the R&D phase for records of sales. We can accept Donations during research as at some point we will get them back…pg

  7. p.g.sharrow January 19, 2019 at 12:21 pm

    We have mixed woods here, about half Pine and the rest Oak, Ceder, Fir, Maple etc, lots of Manzanita and laurels. Pine is the worst for allergies, laurels a close second. I cut down, the small pines as often as needed as they are a real pest around here. Just over 2,000ft elevation and a wet pocket between 2 ridges, kind of like a small hill of a “W”with spring feed streams on both sides. Lots of micro-climates for different plant types. and no neighbors to be seen due to the screening of the Tall Trees around us. and at the end of over a mile of driveways, so no traffic. A good place for a Wizard or Inventor to hide out in, away from distractions

  8. p.g.sharrow January 19, 2019 at 12:37 pm

    Printing up the last of the parts for this latest version. It incorporates the latest internal improvements. The semi-transparent food container bucket makes it handy to see actual functions inside the Airwasher, I’m glad I discovered it among the household goods. It really reduced the problems involved with containment creation within the confines of the printer’s abilities. After the scrubber section is complete I can work on creation of the base and water management. A test over last night indicated the Airwasher evaporated 16oz of water during 8 hours of operation, so not bad as a humidifier as well. We will defiantly need at least a half a gallon (64oz) of water management for 24hr operation. It will run for about 3 hours with no management…pg

  9. kakatoa January 22, 2019 at 5:14 am


    Sounds fine- your beta testing plan that is. We have a fair amount of analytical (chemistry wise) equipment around as we evaluate the quality of our grapes and wine. It’s amazing what one can find at Craig’s list, and via e-bay. Our .1 mg Sartorius balance, and filtration set up’s (for micro on the wine, and various stuff from my days of working with membrane firms to come up with novel hydrophobic and hydrophilic membranes) might come in handy during beta testing. I can relate to your material issues. In my former life lot to lot differences in materials caused havoc with our chemistry and hardware/algorithms working right.

    Hope your thoughts on how to handle h20 quantities work out better than my efforts last week to keep water in our culvert and the 1500 feet of ditch that parallels the narrow country road in front of our place. We had a gully washer last week (2+ inches in about an hour). Lots of debris came down the ditch limiting the flow of our 24″ culvert. The backup forced the water out of the ditch over the driveway apron (a small patch of asphalt). The fast flowing water found its way to the low point in the front pasture before it returned back to the ditch about 1000 feet to the south.

    Debris got stuck on fencing and on the driveway apron up till the cattle guard. I had cleaned out about 50 feet of the ditch leading to the culvert of leaves, plastic bags, cans, etc, before the storm.. Our local paper posts “found” adds for free. Last year I used their service to note a garish yellow sign that was found by me 10 feet up a pine tree on the road.

    This year I am tempted to post these found items: 1) 4 partially torn garbage bags, 2) 1 soggy 2ft by 10 inch piece of thick cardboard 3) Red flag in perfect condition 4) One large shop towel embedded with local dirt, gravel, gold, and who knows what 5} Five pieces of Masonite of various sizes and shapes; the smallest being 4 inches square, the largest being a foot by 6 inches. 6) A 30 inches wide by 5 feet long piece of Masonite that was previously placed in the back of the long bed truck.. Getting that piece out of the road lead to a sprained finger. . 7) Assortment of juice and soda cans.

  10. p.g.sharrow January 22, 2019 at 8:34 am

    @kakatoa: your little story of the last weeks “fun” brought a smile and a chuckle. Been there and done that several times where I used to live in my younger days on the bottom end of mountain born streams. Our present place is high enough on the local tiny streams that we don’t have any flood problems. But California is kind of like that, Desert or swamp, often in the same place and during same year.
    Better get out the metal detector, gully washers in gold country tends to bring up buried goodies. Finding Gold is even more fun then farming.
    My wine making test gear is, will I drink it or not, if not, there is the still so I can make fruit brandy or maybe Manzanita aged brandy, last years wine was substandard so I need to char a bunch of Manzanita and start a cask of that. I have 2 bottles left of a 15 year old lay down. I might live long enough to enjoy this one. Anyone can make wine. My neighbor does it as a real business, but a good brandy is a very rare thing.
    I’ve begun to gather materials for making the Beta test units, so this effort is moving right along. The CAD files are done and I’m closing in on the printer settings to dependably create parts. Water management will have to await a larger printer bed. There is just not enough room to include everything within this 200mm x 200mm build space. So adding water every 4 hours will be necessary for now. I can see making a base that this Airwasher will drop right into, in place of the present food tub. So no loss during future efforts for improvements…pg

  11. p.g.sharrow February 3, 2019 at 5:35 am

    @Simon; while watching the operation of the New little Air washer I put a turned metal flashlight atop the motor cover to quiet a vibration buzz, and the light being centered over the motor rotated being drug around by the spinning AC field of the motor. Hummmmm could it be that easy to spin my rotating high energy field in an experiment?
    Meanwhile I watch this magical little robotic, 3D printer, creating new plastic parts for an improved Airwasher, very nearly satisfied with this model as a limited production thing that others can use or even make for themselves with this new technology…pg

  12. Simon Derricutt February 6, 2019 at 3:52 am

    pg – if you want a quick-and dirty rotating field, just take the rotor out of a shaded-pole AC motor and run it. May need a bit of fan cooling to replace the normal airflow. A three-phase motor coilset would be even better if you have three-phase to drive it. Really depends on what sort of rotating field you want, since those fields are strongest inside the frame – if you want a field outside then just spin a magnet attached to a motor shaft. Actually, for the motor you’re just playing with, the drag on the flashlight shows that the motor isn’t that good and leaks flux too much. The gaps needed to allow free movement also leak flux, and if you make those gaps very small so they don’t leak so much then the motor costs more to make and may jam as the bearings get slacker. I may have a solution to that using the homopolar motor idea, which I’m intending to test out fairly soon. The gaps can then be reduced to zero clearance, basically the thickness of the conductor used in the gap. Should be more efficient. If it works I’ll send you some details.

    Nice to know the design is meeting your expectations. For 3D printing, there’s also now the option of using UV-curing resin to produce shapes that the extrusion-type printers can’t do. I’m not however sure the cured resin will be that strong. Otherwise, there’s the laser-sintering of layers of powdered metal/thermoplastic to achieve those shapes and properties that the simple extrusion printers can’t achieve.

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