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Psychiatrist: Trump Derangement Syndrome is real – and serious

It is not news, of course, that the foundations of adult competence are laid down in the earliest interactions between an infant and his mother. She is, after all, his first and most important connection with a world he must eventually comprehend. But the nature and quality of that connection are both profound and subtle in ways we did not suspect in earlier inquiries.

The child’s interaction with his mother begins with her willingness and ability to engage him, bond with him and enable his secure attachment to her. The child brings to this relationship certain genetically determined dispositions – his own abilities and limitations – for connecting with her. But it is in that most basic relationship that he must begin to understand a complex world of psychosocial interactions, and what he learns there will strongly affect how he relates to others as an adult.

Unfortunately, some individuals who do not complete this difficult task well enough develop personality disturbances that cause significant impairment in coping with life’s challenges. Many of these disturbances are formally catalogued by psychiatrists as personality disorders, but occasionally such impairments get labeled informally by laypersons as “derangement syndromes.”

go to the link above and read the rest. Quite well done paper…pg


Solar Project

A solar PV installation has been a dream from the start of this farm project but HIGH cost and lack of funds has always forced us to just grit our teeth an pay the electric bill. a couple of months ago I came across an offer to sell used panels in bulk an a very low price. These were removed from a 10 year old PV power plant that was being upgraded to increase it’s production and take advantage of tax law changes. This model of Sanyo panels are guaranteed to produce 90% after 10 years and 80% after 20 years. It appears to me that there may be a lot of used Solar equipment that will be available soon.

i1035 FW1.1

To do a simple system, gridtie, was selected to get the most bang for the buck in reducing the Utility costs that are scheduled to increase even more from their present high rate.

i1035 FW1.1

Sanyo  200Watt MonoHIP-200BA add Gridtie micro-inverters

Image result for Enphase-m190-72-240-s12/grid Tie Micro Inverter



         The Enphase Energy Microinverter System solves solar power challenges by performing Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) at each solar module. MPPT is an algorithm used to calculate and respond to temperature and light changes detected on a solar power system, and to determine how much power to draw from the module.
The SANYO HIT-HIP (Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin Layer) solar panel is made of a thin single crystalline silicon cells surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers.  The unique structure produces highly efficient cells capable of achieving more than 18% module efficiency while producing more power even at higher temperatures
These panels leads are terminated in MC connectors for a massive series- parallel DC grid so I needed to convert them to MC-4 connectors that would match the micro controllers input leads.
These controllers are becoming available in bulk, as well. They are too small for more modern higher output panels of commercial system upgrades.

R.O.ed !

By Court, Ordered to dispose of my weapons, leave my home of 23 years and never return! and be entered into a data base of violent and dangerous persons.!  What the heck is going on here, I’ve never harmed that woman or even threatened her. She and her husband  had purchased a share of our property for a place to live and we got rid of our mortgage. But he died 3 years ago and she began a campaign to drive us off.  Various Groups of people would show up to help her run her farm  and push us off of her farm. so for 2 years we lived under siege conditions as we resisted them and pointed out many times to them that we were the majority owners and that they were trespassers.

A year ago something happened to her, her room mates disappeared and the next day she called 911 for medical assistance, Someone had attacked her! She had been beaten, burned and electrocuted by “someone”. I was suspect number one because she had been calling the sheriff about me being a threat to her several times. Once I wasn’t even in the area.  Twice I’ve been swatted while she wasn’t even here. She and her house guests even tried to set me up for assault charges ala-Antifa with recordings but their videos showed their young man assaulting me. The Deputies arrived before I even got up off of the ground and they had to travel at least 30 minuets. A 72 year old assaulting a strapping 26 year old. and he pointed out injuries to his side as if I could have done them. The Deputies Laugh at him  We got a restraining order that they had to leave us alone and stay out of my gardens and quite tearing down my fences to pasture their livestock in my cultivated areas. 3 months later the event of her injuries happened. For the next 2 months she would occupy her house and bring people to look after her and I would convince them that they could not live there only visit. Then the CampFire happened and a couple tried to move in to this nice farm that they were going to rent and then learned that it was all a lie. By late winter the woman had left because she wouldn’t buy wood to heat her house and she had burned all of the wood that I had had nearby.

All was nice and peaceful for 7 months, then one evening the power went off as I was preparing for bed. What the heck! I paid the bill and it was the middle of summer. I put my pants and boots back on and went out to the service panel on the pole and here is a young woman and man messing with the main switches trying to turn on the house power. I take some time getting through to them that there was no connection from the service to the house as the people that built the house never hooked it up. They had been using my heavy extension cord to tap my service for their use and I had need of the cord and removed it. The young woman then served me with the Court order to leave my property immediately! The injuries from a year ago was the basis for the court order against me.  She and her man with their kids had been trying to move into that house since the week after our partner died.

I am still here, have spent money I can’t afford on a lawyer,  Could be arrested and jailed any time, and now have a record as a violent and dangerous person.