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Bucket Geezer audio

A SiFi Novel under construction , is being read by the author into U-tube.

Jim was a retired accountant trying to evade death. He did the operation to put his “brain in a jar” and hook up to Virtual Reality. A new life of endless potential, possibly centuries long, and free of the burden of meat-space. It was an amazing existence…. Until the world collapsed and abandoned him completely.

Now Jim has to start from zero, but with the help of a clever kid, they prove brains can beat brawn. Together they overcome the harsh realities of a brutal world that has no space for the weak. It’s a violent and gritty story, but one that tells the beginning of their new life.

Bucket Geezer book

4 responses to “Bucket Geezer audio

  1. p.g.sharrow October 7, 2020 at 5:54 am

    my son is writing-reading this SiFi novel into U-tube. At 22 chapters it is getting engrossing as to what is next. A new chapter every day or two, 10 to 15 minutes per each…pg

  2. p.g.sharrow November 11, 2020 at 6:30 am

    Well crap, 5am, now I’m up and drinking my first cup of coffee. Warming fire banked in the wood stove, cat snoozing on the chair next to me, computer lite up, beginning a new day a bit early.

    My son has has imposed on me to help him edit his new story about a bucket gezzer,….. what the hell is a Bucket Geezer?
    My son says;
    An insult for the neurally encased, created by teenagers annoyed that retirees were taking over their VR games, It”s also a catchy title.

    I got up about 3am to take a leak, old men do that a lot, and my son messages me on the computer about his new book. I reply and a conversation takes place for over an hour. Anyway, now I must start breakfast and begin my morning crawl through the internet to see what is happening in the world today.
    and now I have a new chore to add to my list. as well as expand this posting..,pg

  3. p.g.sharrow November 14, 2020 at 9:27 pm

    Back story
    Notes:……………………………..Bucket Geezer; Forward
    The story is entirely from Jim’s perspective, so if it seems a little one sided, it is. He does break the 4th wall with some internal comments now and then. A few events are things he guessed at.

    Jim is over 138 years old, but lost his physical body at 83. For just over 60 years he was a skillful accountant. He spent a little over 40 years in VR, and almost 10 years lost offline. Jim did not get an neural encasement due to health, he simply longed to be free of his frail body. As mentioned earlier, he was into hiking in his youth, but years of neglect (and his child-like diet) robbed him of the freedom he once had. He couldn’t walk without a cane before his neural encasement. Jim went in for neural encasement in the fall of 2045.

    Jim was never married, but came close once. He had some crushes over the years, but hadn’t had the warm and fuzzy feelings for anyone in a decade or two before he met Sarah after his encasement. He attempted to get close to her several times, but his childish interests fell well outside of her’s, so they weren’t around each other much. As such, they knew of each other, but were never close before their incarceration by the Bloody Eye. 

    Sarah was an artist and part time school teacher. She was married once in her youth to a wealthy man. They parted ways many years before her neural encasement and the devorce left her well off. In addition, she also had a sizable inheritance from her family. Money had never been a problem for her, and she was always free to pursue her altruistic interests. Even teaching was something she did by choice and did so sporadically. She has several degrees, some of which she got just because she felt like it. When she was younger, she built homes for disadvantaged families, volunteered whenever possible, and generally enjoyed getting her hands dirty for the common good. As she got older, she took more of a leadership position in such things, and helped manage some charities. Even after her encasement, she was still involved with such things right up until the Jonna Collapse, she just did them all remotely over video calls. She’s never had to deal with much misfortune herself and usually been in charge. 

    Nate lost his parents in the violence after the Jonna Collapse. First his mother, then his father. The little girl Amy was not his sister, but she is somebody he knows well from the mission. They often slept in the same burrows and hideouts. 

    I’m a bit fuzzy on the year the story takes place in, but I think it’s around 2095. 

    The mission that fed children like Nate did not have the resources to house the orphans, only provide them with donated food, at least when they weren’t being robbed. It was one of the few places that did still help children on violence ravaged streets of Seattle. Barter systems are difficult to use and very open to theft. As such, people find themselves very desperate. Children get lost in such environments. Fear not, such things are high on Sarah’s agenda for a “Better Seattle”. 

    Neural Encasement had been publicly available since 2031. The breakthrough that made it possible was the Sensory Net, which allowed the mind to keep a virtual body presence without having a body. It also facilitated the transfer of sight, hearing, sound, touch, and taste to the brain. 

    The Sensory Net technology was originally created by DARPA for telepresence to allow soldiers to pilot remote robotic bodies for weeks at a time while their bodies were safely kept out of harm’s way. WIthout it, eventually a soldier would fatigue and lose a sense of self. 

    Top Secret experiments with dying soldiers found the Sensory Net could allow the brain a lone to survive the death of the body without the mental degradation and insanity caused by keeping a brain alive without full body feedback. (see Robocop 2, lol)

    Neural Encasement technology spread to the medical sector, and eventually became a hallmark of life extension after the development of Cerebral Suspension Fluid. (CSF)

    The CSF allowed brain cells to enter a state of hibernation while still allowing for neural function. The energy for thought is provided by the slow breakdown of the fluid, from it’s clear state, to a black sludge. It’s unknown the limits of brain cells in the solution, but it’s guessed that the cells will eventually break down at the molecular level after 200 years. That’s assuming there isn’t a method found to later restore the cell structure. Jim and his buddies might eventually become truly immortal.

    Many people who had the procedure paid to have their bodies cryogenically frozen. Jim did not. His body was old and he despised it. It was only through the abuse at the hands of AZ that he actually learned to respect his older self. 

    People who were neurally encased typically paid their bills through a trust fund system. The hosting company for their brain often helped setting these up. Jim set up his own, as he felt he could get a better return then they could. This was mostly for the sake of pride, as the extra money he earned did little for him. 

    The world economy was just moving into the Global Credit around the time Jim went in for neural encasement. Initially, this seemed like a good thing, and people prospered. But in order to promote fairness on a global scale, prices for items were fixed internationally. They also attempted to level pay across all jobs, everywhere. 

    People weren’t crazy about these attempts to socialize the world and some attempted to revert to physical currency to get by. To stop the spread of economies not based on the Global Credit, all other forms of money were banned and destroyed. It became illegal to own physical currency. Also global interests moved to “Re-educate” people about what currency was. 

    Something all governments united against was cryptocurrency. The ledgers of these were hunted, and helping to traffic in them was seen as nothing short of sedition and treason against the world authority. 

    Jonna Freeman rose to prominence around 2056 decrying these efforts and predicted that a complete breakdown of the Global Credit was envidiable. The Collapse happened around 2075, with New-U’s fire happening a few months later. At that point what few staff remained at New-U worked on a part time basis under the assumption they would be paid when, and if, the Global Credit was restored. They never were. 

    There are alot of details I have in mind for the Alaska Colony, Mathew’s history, the state of US’s splintered governments, and the various entities like The Syndicate, which rose up in the resulting power vacuum of the Jonna Collapse. These will have to be covered in another book. This book will, likely, be based around Mathew’s life, as he’s more involved with global adventures as part of the Alaskan Colony’s key soldiers. He’s Mr.Fixit. That will likely have some bits about Seattle, the fate of those there, and perhaps stretch further into the future beyond Jim’s story. So we haven’t heard the last of Jim, but he’s not the star of the next one, for sure. Really, I’m not entirely certain he won’t become the villain. (eck!) 

  4. Walter Sharrow December 1, 2020 at 8:22 am

    Now I just need to figure out how to find a literary agent and get this all published!

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