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Monthly Archives: April 2021

Lindell Strikes Again

More computer vote count manipulation

Computer science Expert explains the how of the 2020 voting count outcome was controlled. by the use of computer Algorithms. While teaching a class on computer science, the teacher had his class use the public available data on the 2020 election from each American County as an evaluation and teaching tool and discovered the local evidence of computer manipulations of the local vote count on a nation wide scale.. The signature of the manipulations algorithm is unmistakable because it’s baseline was set using the 2010 census data of American population age curve. Therefore all the manipulations are out of sync with local 2020 county populations!.

The inglorious history of American Elections. From the Richardson post

The history of vote tabulation machines has many stories of use by both Republican and Democratic parties. Fixing the vote count has been going on as long as voting has been use to make decisions.

“John Sununu, the relatively unknown governor of New Hampshire, cut a deal with Bush to ‘fix’ primaries using Diebold vote-counting machines with some ‘special’ features, if Bush would make Sununu his chief of staff.

“The rest is history – and a few years later when Bush’s kid won with a razor thin margin in 2000 – the Democrats began complaining about electronic vote-counting machines, saying they were too easily rigged.’

The only difference between previous fraud and the present case is the magnitude of it. The Republican candidates should have won most of their contests But, the biggest of all was Donald J Trump should have won massively with over 80% of the vote, won 49 of the 50 states! What happened? 28 million more votes were cast then there were voters ! Only computer control of the tabulation nation wide could have yielded such an outcome.