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Monthly Archives: January 2022

50 THOUSAND TRUCKS clog Ottawa streets

Thousands of trucks and people clog the streets Might be over 100,000 trucks in the area. They have brought tankers of fuel and food trucks as well as sanitation. They are planning for an extended stay.

Thousands of Canadian people and truck have descended on the Canadian capitol to demand an end to the C.O.V.I.D.-19 lock down. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family have left their home in the national’s capital Ottawa for a secret location as 50,000 truckers gather to protest against the country’s Mandated lock down.

The once compliant and peaceful Canadian people have had enough of the Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum, “Build back better” program. While the Main Stream Media beats the drums of war with Russia and China, the people of western nations are in revolt against their W.E.F. trained and Soros funded oppressors. Those people scream Dangerous Domestic Terrorists to incite Police and Military forces into protecting them from the wrath of the people that have had enough of their Freedom eradication program.

Meanwhile the death toll from complications skyrocket as the authorities keep changing their definitions of “vaccinated” to force more draconian measures against those they deem “Vaccinated” to be able to blame the rapidly rising toll on the virus rather then their “Kill” shot.

The WHO and CDC know full well about how to STOP COVID but big Pharma and Big Government with the help of the MSM Drive Expensive and ineffective treatments to line their pockets and destroy lives. In India they help provide real prevention and cures for the pandemic while driving the narrative that the western nations must follow protocols that destroy lives and economies. This program is all a part of the deliberate effort to destroy Western political freedoms and institute the “Davos Dream” of a One World collective that the W.E.F. Elite RULE.

Over $5million has been raised at Go-Fund-Me for the Canadian Convoy but Go-Fund- Me has embargoed the money so other avenues are being utilized to help fund them.

World News

More Freedom Convoys Launch In Europe & Australia To Shut Down COVID Tyranny

the epidemic is spreading Canada’s anti-COVID mandate movement sparked by the truckers has gone global, with convoys spotted in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and Australia. INFOWARS

Convoys are forming around Europe to be in Brussels on February 14 2022 to occupy that city until all restrictions are lifted

The Australian Freedom Convoy already raised over $150,000 on GoFundMe to support their journey and occupation of Australia’s capital of Canberra, which they announced will take place on January 31. convoys are on their way to Occupy that city.

Solar power project

40 Solar Photo Voltaic panels, over 8 thousand watts, 8Kw of panels mounted for maximum winter power production. The winter angle, 42 degrees, also aids with snow shedding, half hour of sun will clear the panels.

40 – 200 watt Sanyo/Panasonic panels mounted like shingles to create a water shedding roof over the wood frame structure and cover the electrical system and batteries. The next step is to upgrade the battery system to provide up to 35 – 48Kwh of batteries to supply 5 days of power to the farm grid. Then Inverters to turn the 48vdc from the battery bank into 240/120 split phase power needed to run the water pump and other 240/120 loads. Presently the panels are directly connected to a 36vdc bussed battery and grid-tie system that pumps 2Kw back into the local grid. While better then nothing this is very a inefficient coupling that wastes over half of the power harvested and will produce nothing if the grid is down.

Back of rack shingled with copper clad thin FRP

only 30 minuets of sunlight cleared the snow from the rack.

8 Kw of Photovoltaic: this link should load a new window with more construction details