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Monthly Archives: February 2022

Our Rulers are TAKING control

4,000 of the selected Global Shapers ELITE will rule us all ! At this very moment they are consolidating their power within the governments of the world, George Soros Funded NGOs are leading the way..

The Enemy within, The World Economic Forum, The Davos Lab: Building Our Future

“The Color Revolution already happened in this country, it just didn’t look like the Maidan Square. It didn’t look like it looked in Egypt and elsewhere.

“It happened by stealth. It’s Globalism. It’s Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, with his…countless underground groups that have been particularly groomed and put into positions in the media, in city halls, in bureaucracies – they’re not out front. You would never recognize these people but then, you start looking at them and they’re part of the World Economic Forum. The Color Revolution already happened. All of these people already did it.

This is a real war. It is either everybody stops now and cuts their losses and says, ‘This fight is unwinnable?’…or we grow up immediately, face how serious this moment is; face what really needs to be done – and we try to do it.

Just ending the mandates is not going to be good enough. If that happens, without tons of resignations, without changes to the Public Health Act – by that, I mean eliminate all powers of Public Health – eliminate so much of the administrative state powers that go on in this country – they will just use all of this as a lesson on how to further control us in the future.

Klaus Schwab, brags about how his Young Global Leaders “penetrate zee cabinets” of the world governments and how many of his acolytes are now serving the highest offices of their lands to “BUILD BACK BETTER” From Angela Merkel, The Harris/Bidden administration, Emmanuel Macron to Justin Trudeau, saying of the latter, “I know half of his cabinet or even more than half of this cabinet are actually Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum.” also “In the future you will own nothing. And be happy about it.”

The reason why Trudeau, Macron, Biden, or others for that matter, never really address the questions of their constituents is because they are Globalist minions of the World Economic Forum who have hijacked our governments and are actively sabotaging our institutions. It’s a global agenda to fundamentally rip apart the economy, the society, the culture, the legal system, the education system and the healthcare system. This is what they want. They’re destroying it because they want to bring in a new one, all based on super high tech, like QR codes, the Internet of Things and much more.

C.O.V.I.D.-19 is not a virus, it is an Agenda to use Corona-SARS virus to impose Dictatorial Rule over the world.

Install the mark of the beast on every hand. You will submit or be excluded from their New World. Outlawed

from all of society.

Here is a entertaining video that explains it all.

Every part of this is true and is being implemented NOW. The Elite that believe they have the Right and Duty to rule us all are putting in motion their Great Plan Now.


Like Nazis of old, They must be eradicated, Such Evil can not be allowed to continue to exist.