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Monthly Archives: October 2022

Putin Is hard at work

His 30 year project to destroy Russia is nearly completed.

Putin worked as a KGB foreign intelligence officer for 16 years, starting out as an analyst in hydrocarbon production, rising to the rank of podpolkovnik,( lieutenant colonel) before resigning in 1991 to begin a political career in Saint Petersburg. While there as head of customs security, he was given a “heads up” by westerners about a Major Drug smuggling operation into his city. A shipping Container full of “canned beef” cocaine was “Discovered”. After great fan fare about this cocaine, capture from the Russian Mob, it was to be used at a lab in Moscow, as a base to create medications for the Russian people. It then disappeared. He moved to Moscow in 1996 to join the administration of president Boris Yeltsin. He briefly served as director of the FSB (Federal Security Bureau) and secretary of the Security Council, handling the attempted secession of Chechnya and Georgia. After putting down rebellion of those people, he installed groups friendly to his leadership , before being appointed as prime minister in August 1999. After the resignation of Yeltsin, Putin became acting president and, less than four months later was elected to his first term as president. By this time he had also become the head Oligarch (Mob Boss) and richest man in Russia.

A great deal of his power was his control of State Security, and control over Military spending which he spread out to his former KGB associates. We can now see that they so looted the Russian Military that the 1.2 million Military, armed with vast amounts of New and older Soviet weapons. was a 200 thousand man army, poorly lead and supplied. Warehouses are empty of the supposed to be, paid for supplies, Vast army payrolls of non-existant troops seems to be the case., Huge modern fleets of Armored war machines that don’t exist, backed up with left over 30 -60 year old Soviet era equipment. After 240 days of a 3 day war over a nearly weaponless Ukraine Military. Putin’s military is Losing ! Armed with hand me down Soviet era Weapons donated by Eastern Europe “and the Russian military”( abandoned equipment and munitions easily make Russia the biggest donor to the Ukrainian Army., and a few new high tech Artillery pieces with munitions from the West, Ukraine is winning and driving the Russians out. Putin has called up 200,000 more men to serve as a new army to bolster his badly damaged old army, but, that vast bottomless pit of Soviet era weapons and supplies is exhausted, so they are scrapping the bottom of that barrel for supplies. The new conscripts are being told that they must supply themselves, dress warm, and they might get paid…..some day..!. And Winter is beginning,,,,,,,,,,,The Cold Russian Winter that breaks ill prepared Armies. The Ukraine Army is being well supplied with food, warm clothing and munitions and they are fighting on their home turf for their freedom.

This war is Putin’s war. There is a prophecy that “A Muslim Group will assassinate the head Oligarch, A loss to them because he is the one that empowered them”. The Russian Federation will ask for peace because everyone will realize that this war of conquest is no longer an acceptable thing for the world to allow. Both NATO and the United Nations has stated recently that war will no longer be allowed to be used to settle Political or boundary disputes. Another prophecy is that “The Brothers of the North will unite and outlaw the use of war.” Putin has forced the Brothers of the North, NATO, to unite against his dream of conquest. This is no longer a contest between Putin’s dream and Ukraine’s independence. this is the Western world against the old way of doing things. Stop Putin and you stop all other would-be conquers. All of the wealth confiscated from the Oligarchs , about $300 billion I think, will be utilized as reparations, Ukraine will be returned to their International recognized boundaries.

26 October update:; I may have made a mistake on Who is the head oligarchic.

Yevgeny_Prigozhin appears to be the head MOB boss and Putin is the head politician that he helped install.

Also known as “Putin’s Chef” because he owns a catering service that has had very large contracts of supplying food to government agencies including to the Russian Army. He took over the Wagner Group, a para military group, some time before the 2014 seizure of Crimea and Donbas from Ukraine by Putin.

This would make Prigozhin the head Oligarch that Ramzan Kadyrov head of the Chechen Republic, will have his people assassinate.

Electronic propulsion in space

True space flight requires something better then Roman Candle technology. Rockets are too slow, too expensive, too dangerous and too inefficient for anything but near space use. What is needed an Electrical solution. Everything in the Universe works under an electrical component. While early work in electricity was conducted in Electro-statics, current flow in a conductor to create Electromagnetic conditions was where most effort was placed.

For the last 65 years I have studied this problem, tried many solutions, walked down many dead ends. There must be a solution ! Nicola Tesla started working on this problem while in middle school. everything he developed was the result of this quest and the creation of the needed tools and parts. there must be a solution.

Flying saucers are saucers for a reason, form follows function, Eyewitness reports tell of electrical effects near them, quite Strong Electrical Effects from their operations.

There is not Nothing in space this proposal is to gain a grip / traction on the stuff of space Electronically.

Shaded torus representation of Electro-Static Effects in space caused by field effects at the edges of a highly charged capacitor disk plates.

By creating a very high charge between the capacitance disks we have high static charge but little current flow in the system. It is the losses caused by current flow that really eats up power. But it is the presence of Electron charge that causes the effects in the Aether

Cross section of stylized version of edge of capacitance disks


Goodby Democratic Party

Tulsi Gabbard has had enough.

Tulsi Gabbard launches her own channel with an “I’ve had enough, I’m out of there. I quit the Democratic Party” party

Tulsi ! Welcome into the Light. I quite in 2019 but as I live in California I’m sure that all of my votes are being still “Counted” as Democratic Party line votes.

Happy Birth Day Vladimir Putin

President of Russia is now 70 years old. and his dream for Greater Russia is crumbling due to his greed.

Kerch bridge 10/8/2022

Vladimir Putin’s prized bridge spanning the Kerch Straits was damaged by truck bombs and fuel tanker rail car fires for his 70th birthday.. One lane’s two spans were broken up and the rail cars above were set afire. the actual damage to the underlying concrete and steel by the fuel fire remains to be seen. It may look fine after cleanup but still have lost much of it’s strength. Putin had the bridge constructed after he “Annexed” the Crimea area so he would have an invasion supply line for his 20 year project to conquer Ukraine and make it part of Russia.

u-tube with video of damage and truck bomb blast;

Surveillance video looks to me to be of 2 tractor/trucks pulling semi-trailers. Semis blew down against road bed, odd there is a car next to each truck. Two spans were broken in the outbound from, Crimea, side lane. Early report, Russian, was that the lead truck driver survived ?!? He was an independent, hired thru the Internet to drive…… How did 2 truck bombs get sent from Crimea?? “To Russia with love” from Russian controlled area to Russia??? By Ukrainians !! to coincide with a group of loaded Railroad tank cars on the above nearby rail road bridge. Boy them NATO directed Ukrainians are awesome to pull this off !

an Australian gives his evaluation of events, this is a good history on the Kerch Bridge;

Putin began the latest conquest February 25 with the intent to present his successful inclusion of all of Ukraine into the Russian Federation for his big planned celebration of the 75th anniversary of Russia’s Victory over the Nazi’s during the Great Patriotic War. We are 226 days into that attempted conquest and it is appearing to be that Putin’s Special Army is doing badly in that effort. Ukraine has demonstrated that the once highly Vaulted Russian Military has become a Paper Tiger after 20 years of the Putin Oligarchy Kleptocracy. It’s vast stock piles of old Soviet equipment has proved to be shallow, while massive, on paper, numbers of trained solders and modern equipment have proved to be nearly nonexistent. On the other hand Putin and his Oligarchs have looted the military to build vast estates and fleets of Huge yachts to prove their importance to each other. Putin’s fall back was to force the weak lazy Western Democracies to force Ukraine to surrender to his demands. That doesn’t seem to be working ether.

an Australian gives his evaluation of events : he gives good presentation of all the facts in his V-blog postings I don’t always agree with his conclusions but a good man to follow.

He threatens Nuclear War if he doesn’t get his way! Nobody important seems to be impressed as Russian Nuclear doctrine does not permit him to launch on his orders. that doctrine only permits use after Russia is attacked with nuclear weapons and the West has stated that they will not use Nuclear weapons first.

See this former Russian’s report , V-blog U-tube on Russian Nuclear Doctrine :

Now after the botched callup to conscript a new Army, that he can’t pay or supply, Revolts are beginning to brew as well as Putin’s private War is rapidly becoming personal problem to the people of the Federation. Putin does not have legal power under the provisions of the Federations Charter to do these things.

Save Ukraine, saves the Russian Federation, Putin must be put down!

A Propheice says that the “Head Oligarch will be assassinated by a Muslim group”. ” foolish on their part as he was the one that empowered them.” Sounds to me that Ramzan Kadyrov and his Chechen’s are good candidates for doing that double-cross. Kadyrov is dumb enough to go for it. Dreaming of using his new statise in Putin’s system to grab power and become military dictator while arranging Putin’s removal.

In the end Russia will leave all of Ukraine as ordered by the world’s body politic. International borders can not be changed by force. International disputes no longer will be settled in armed conflict. War is outlawed!

Update 12 October 2022

Notice Road bed blast damages, left and right spans likely jerked off their supports by the blast over the center one, As well as Rail Road tanker cars fire damage to the rail road bed. The fire was so hot the rails were melted and the concrete damaged