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The Completed, New Old Project

The completed New Airwasher, a miniature Industrial fume scrubber . see our patent. and patent drawings We want to put these units out on long term loan to those that donate to our R&D effort, please indicate any interest in this comment thread below…pg The project of the last 2 years  is completed and several […]

The New Old Project – multiplication

The song of the little Robot is silent for the moment as I consider my kitchen table of little fume scrubbers and contemplate, my NEXT number. The Black Airwasher on the left has been working for me for a couple of weeks as We , the robot and I, create new additions to it’s family. […]

The New old project continues.

T6b Airwasher There it is, Airwasher T6B that now sits on my kitchen floor quietly humming away cleaning about 60 cubic feet a minute of air while using 60watts of power. Made of Grey ABS plastic. on a little Monoprice IIIP printer (see below). It sits in a 1 gallon food container and took about […]

A New Old Project

The Genii Whirlwind Airwasher While blogging in the dark of smoke and power outage of the Camp Fire. I struck up conversation through an Internet Link with my youngest sister about my need for one of my fume scrubbers. The last of the hand made ones died last year. My grandson and I had purchased […]

The New Old New Project continues

  Continuation of the continuation The new old project continues, The Little Robot is turning out more parts as we continue to manufacture more test units and send them out to new homes to improve inside air quality using only electricity and water.               Our little Genii Airwashers are […]

Solar Project

A solar PV installation has been a dream from the start of this farm project but HIGH cost and lack of funds has always forced us to just grit our teeth an pay the electric bill. a couple of months ago I came across an offer to sell used panels in bulk an a very […]

My adventure in 3D printing

This Little 3D printer is about the minimum usable, as well as inexpensive, machine available.   $250 at this date. 2 years ago I purchased this little machine, with it’s 200mm x 200mm ( 7.8″ x 7.8″) build plate, so my grandson could get acquainted with this new technology along with his computer abilities. Last […]

8 Kw of PhotoVoltaics

Another project underway. 40 – 200 watt Sanyo PV panels installed on a wooden rack with a winter orientation. The panels are arranged as shingles to provide a dry area under them for the wooden framework as well as a place for power management and battery storage area. You will notice the steep angle of […]

California, Drought or poor management

Victor Davis Hanson The Scorching of California How Green extremists made a bad drought worse Winter 2015 MICAH ALBERT/REDUX The drought has threatened to turn large tracts of farmland into dust. In mid-December, the first large storms in three years drenched California. No one knows whether the rain and snow will continue—only that it must […]

Survay of peaceful Muslims

Another Email from Keith: The Clarion Project video is the most succinct explanation of proportionate Islamist risk and clarity of numbers that I have ever seen. It is and well worth the time to view and help in future conversations. Many Thanks, Keith —————————————————————– This is very, very informative. It’s not left wing or right […]