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About pg and his blog

About pg and his blog

pgtruspace is pg’s  effort to create TRUe Space Propulsion and Circular Environment or TRUSPACE by pg.
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pg is an old man that has walked many roads, done many things. A 6th generation Californian born in1946. While growing up on farms he learned to create food, build things and repair or operate anything made by the hand of man. Spent 4 years in the Southeast Asia war, repairing naval ships and flying light aircraft. Later, operated heavy trucks and then lived in Alaska for a couple years repairing pleasure yachts and fishing boats.Returned to California to live and farm, learned to weld plastic, invented a fume scrubber (drawings) and help clean up electronic industrial manufacturing in California.

In 1958 while studying rocket science I realized that rockets could never result in real space flight, not enough thrust impulse under any condition. Just too slow and not enough mass could be carried for the needed reaction, not chemical and not atomic. Rockets need reaction mass to work.  TRUSPACE travel needs a real space drive. Use of rockets of any type is like using a horse to power an  aircraft. It just can not work in any real condition, 25 years to cross half the diameter of the solar system is not TRUSPACE travel. In 1986 I had a vision of a “black box” that manipulated mass/inertia., the problem was how! EMF, electro motive force, is the key to all actions and materials of the universe. EMF had to be the Key to TRUSPACE propulsion. So I reexamined everything that was known, facts as well as much that was proposed, even read up on UFOs as reverse engineering is easier then starting from scratch. There have been many reports of  explained and unexplained effects during experiments involving EMF. Clues toward a real understanding of the fundamentals of mass/inertia, gravity  as well as all EMF effects, IT ALL has to fit together!. Much of main stream physics does not hang together. So the experiment moves forward, slowly, as I have time and money and as my thinking progresses.

Did I mention two grown children, one of each, GIANTS, as well as two grandchildren. Man I must be getting old!

Hobbit house; Home of The Wizard

Now I am creating a small self contained farm in 20 acres of woods, clearing brush, moving large rocks to build walls  and landscaping, butchering wood to create buildings, wood bowls,  Gardening to grow food and drink for friends and family. In my spare time I am creating a device for my ongoing project to control mass / inertia and gravity as well as  learning to run a blog.  I hope those that view here enjoy this creation, be sure to check out all the categories above. From time to time I will add to the posts and category pages, so snoop around! look for goodies.

Maybe someday I’ll retire.   😎    NAH!  pg

Perhaps The Wizard of Castle Kilburn is in.

The story is told in my clan that my grandfather’s Grandfather came home to his family in upstate Wisconsin, and informed them that, with the new treaty between Britain and America that established the border, they were Americans, registered as Sharrow, From this day forth they would only use American English. No longer their native Canadian French, British or German. The start of a surname and the custom of being Americans, only. As being French Canadians in British Canada, they had been treated as second class citizens in their own country as much by their language as well as their name Chareux (sp?).

first solo flight: Solo

Edit:   3 September 2019 update; the last year has been very eventful to say the least

Camp Fire,

3D printing,


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