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Wizard’s Page

Wizard’s Page

Tripod and ball, with support staff,  along with an open mind, are the tools of the wizard

Tools of the Trade

Nostradamus Quatrains 1&2

Sitting alone at night in secret study;
it is placed on the brass tripod.
A slight flame comes out of the emptiness and
makes successful that which should not be believed in vain.

The wand in the hand is placed in the middle of the tripod’s legs.
With water he sprinkles both the hem of his garment and his foot.
A voice, fear: he trembles in his robes.
Divine splendor; the God sits nearby.

from “Centuries”


Hopi Prophecies


Malachy     on popes

The complete Prophecies of Nostradamus  Original French and English translation.


A true wizard seeks not fame or fortune. A true wizard seeks knowledge and wisdom in it’s use.

His greatest satisfaction is in helping others achieve their dream.

Be very careful about what you wish for! you may receive it.

Everything has a cost, even when it is free.


“The Watermelons and Strawberries are past their prime and their perfume is turning to stench, soon they will be compost”  pg

The new era begins

The Church of the Sacred Carbon

“Praise be to Carbon, foundation of life, giver of health and happiness!”E.M.Smith

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