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A Message from President Trump


The second Impeachment is over, The Senate says No. Democratic hysteria over the Capitol Building “invasion”that they engineered. has failed in it’s intent to demonize Trump. They are still driving to paint Trump and the people that back him as domestic terrorists. They know that the American people voted in a landslide for Trump and only intervention by international actors shifted the count in Biden/Harris favor. Now the Dark State politicians hide out on Capitol Hill behind barricade fences and thousands of troops to protect them from the angered citizens that they fear so much.

Where Democrats have utilized hundreds of violent protestors in the Nation’s Cities to demonstrate their power to disrupt. Now they fear that real Americans in their Millions will treat them to the same for what THEY have done to America. They just don’t get “Conservative”. Liberal Progressives want to destroy America so that they might benefit from the destruction. Conservatives want to preserve this thing that has taken Generations of Blood and Sweat to create.

While the contested evidence is being slowly gathered in spite of Dark State hindrances, the Progressives shout that there is no proof of any vote counting fraud. They think that as long they keep up this verbal barrage nobody will realize the truth. Nearly 70% of American Voters voted for the trump ticket. As more of them realize that they have been cheated out of their intent they are getting pissed! As The Biden team try to rule by decree that reverses all of Improvements that had been put in place by the previous administration, massive increase in costs of Fuel, Food and Medication, as well as national health mandates are starting to bite hard. The liberals think that winning at any cost has bought them favor. In reality they have acquired Hatred, even from their followers….pg

Inaugural Day approaches

Per the Constitution, Inaugural Day is the 4th of March, swearing in to be conducted by the Chief Justice at 12:01 (high noon). The date was changed by law, but while observed, that law did not change the Constitution The Supreme Law of the Republic that Trump’s all other laws.

Imagine finding this this morning on FB.
Everything I’ve seen of the Biden “administration” leads me to feel that it is all a sham to mislead. There is just too many things that are not logical and are fake.
I am reminded of camouflage, I see what I am supposed to see / or not see, but it just doesn’t seem quite right. The sheen or tint is just off. Things are just not quite right…

The last President sworn in per the Constitution was Franklin Pierce 18.

The White House seems to be unoccupied at night. All the lights go off at 11:00pm. ALL the lights!

The swearing in was not done at the right time or conducted by the correct person, The Bible was not positioned correctly. It was Upside down and backwards. And the event may have been taped many hours before. It appeared in Europe 14 hours early and was shown “live” in America 4 minutes late.

The pictured, Oval Office, during events is not the real office, but appears to be a movie stage prop located in Hollywood. Too many details in it are not correct.

A pictured stroll through the White House gardens by president Biden and vp Harris must be fake because the gardens were in Spring/Summer Bloom while the Date was winter in Washington DC.

Th EOs “signed” by Biden appear to be staged for effect and not real.

Cabinet Members appear “on stage” but are very strange people without any apparent vetting or Congressional actions.

And on and on. After watching this pageant for over 70 years, this one is not right! ….pg

censured- do not watch this

“there is no proof that the 2020 was rigged” is the refrain of politicians and left wing pundents of the Main Stream Media. below is their brag on how hard that they have worked to sell that concept and save the Republic from the much Hated Trump and his minions. Today they yell traitors and terrorists at any that might have back President Donald J Trump, meanwhile mouthing words of unity.

The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election

Stunning: TIME admits well-funded cabal of influencers worked behind-the-scenes to ‘save’ 2020 election


Mike Lindell presents 1:60:00

After 4 months of collecting Evidence this Video presentation is presented to the public. Every MSM and large platform provider have censured and removed this. You are not allowed to know about this attack on the American vote tabulation process and the World Wide conspiracy to rig the balloting in every country that use ballot counting machines. Dark State politicians exist world wide and will do anything to insure their grip on power. This is a Communist created system designed to insure the outcome chosen by those in power to insure their success in every election.

The Trap is Set

The Bait, Scheduled 2ed Impeachment will draw all of congress and other Anti Trump factions into the trap,

February 9, for the second time Democrats will attempt to destroy their Greatest Foe in their lust for power and wealth. For 4 years he has been laying a trap for them, Why February 1st is when it all starts – Executive Order 13848 goes into effect! Will the Lust for revenge make them blind to their danger. They know that Donald Trump actually won the election by a Landslide and that only intervention of Foreign powers, an act of war, drove the ballot count for Biden/Harris to such astronomical heights. The Constitutional end of the term of the President is March 4th!

Just before the Joint session of Congress sat to certify the count of the Electors they were given dossiers on the evidence collected by Military Intelligence and the DNI on Foreign interference in the Election. In spite of that they voted to accept and certify the count, Treason! They installed Joe Biden as their president in a, manor and time, that is not as decreed in the Constitution.

The “Trial” of President Donald J Trump for Insightment and Sedition, will become their own. Their Media lap dogs will suffer the same fate. The Trial set for the 9th of February will well be worth watching as you are the Jury and this outcome may well determine the fate of humanity for the next thousand years.

From time to time GOD has told us what the outcome will be. Can you heard it?

R.I.P. mr President

that must have been the shortest presidency in history

The Show has begun

“Ready to Go”

From “Telegram”

Reporter; What is this for Mr.President? President; You will find out.

Steve Gorzell go to;

For a possible scenario over the next few days, Not a sure thing but FaceBook censured it, So it may be the Truth about the CCP war that has begun with the Biden/Harris fraud election


A New Bowl is taking Shape

After about 10 hours of labor this 12″ x 22″x 4″ offering bowl is now shaped and ready to begin the needed finish work

After a couple days cutting up a dead and down Oak tree I have the stump to cut up. Now that last 2-3 feet of a log has a very tortured and tough grain. Very difficult to split with a splitting maul. Such tortured wood makes for the kind of bowl making wood that I seek, The cut out of the center of a Big crouch also makes for a beautifully colored and grained chunk of wood and is nearly impossible to split..

The Draw back of using this kind of wood is you never know what you might encounter as you work your way towards the finished bowl. Sometimes great beauty, sometimes junk! and great piles of wood chips and saw dust

The rough cut from the log, in this case a section from the stump
After cutting away the dross and squaring up the block
The bowl is hollowed out using router and chisels to get the general depth and shape.

Then the outer shape is cut and chiseled into shape, As I never know what I might encounter. the finished shape and size is dictated by the sound wood that remains for the bowl.

A pine, bread making bowl or Trencher

Next a pine bowl being created from a half of the butt cut ( stump )of a pine.

Rough semi-shaped bottom of the 14 x 27″ bowl, outside
Top view of the bowl 12″ x 24″, inside dimensions,

Finished bottom shape
Finished top shape

The size and weight of this bowl will make for a fine bread making bowl. Mix and knead the dough in this bowl and let it rest & rise right in the bowl. Is it a bowl or a trencher? Due to it’s width to length my guess Bowl

The Game is Afoot

vote manipulation

American Attorney Lin Wood on the President’s legal fight in several key states, his personal take into the contested races and more – via Newsmax TV. November 23 2020


The Pennsylvania Senate Majority Policy Committee has held a public hearing to discuss 2020 election issues and irregularities, at the request of Republican senator Doug Mastriano.


Anomalies in Vote Counts and Their Effects on Election 2020

A Quantitative Analysis of Decisive Vote Updates in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia on and after Election Night


Pinned by Eye Opener


Mob Boss betrayed Biden; Dominion Voting and Smartmatic: made to steal election | Eye Opener

The Buffalo Chronicle, citing information from an anonymous associate, said that Philadelphia’s Italian mob leader Joey Merlino, otherwise known as “Skinny Joey,” is willing to testify before Congress about how the Biden team cheated in Philadelphia. Republican Senator Josh Hawley questioned Facebook CEO Zuckerberg in a hearing on Nov. 17. According to the testimony of a former Facebook employee, Facebook staff members were involved in a joint effort with Twitter and Google to make decisions about censorship and modification of certain websites and content. A personal bodyguard of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who has accused three company executives from Smartmatic, a Venezuelan election software system, of conspiring with Chavez and the president of the country’s electoral commission


Susan Voyles is a veteran Georgia elections poll manager who submitted a sworn affidavit in a Trump campaign lawsuit against Georgia’s Secretary of State. She recounts some of the most significant improprieties she witnessed participating in the recount of Georgia’s
election, which Joe Biden supposedly won by around 13,000 votes.
Voyles, who has done elections work for twenty years, describes counting an unusual “pristine” batch of absentee ballots that were cast 98% for Joe Biden. She states that the packaging containing these absentee ballots was unlabeled by the Secretary of State.
” We came to one batch- it was surprising, it was stark- having done this for years, I’m very familiar with how the ballots work, how they fold, how they feel, their general appearance- these ballots appeared as though the first one had been bubbled in by a person and all of them were replicated, exactly the same.
We were further alarmed that in our count 98% of these ballots were for Joseph R. Biden. Two were for Donald Trump.
That’s a very odd count. My coworker agreed with me that there was something very unusual about these ballots.”
Voyles even suspects that the unusual ballots she counted in the recount were filled out with a marking device.
” Every single ballot was absolutely identical, and they appeared to be printed with some sort of marking device. ”
Unfortunately, it’s very difficult for elections integrity monitors to verify the veracity of these supposedly pristine absentee ballots. They’ve been separated from the envelopes that contain the supposed legal information of the voters that cast them, and they can’t be reunited with them.


The first half is about George Washington at Valley Forge, the second half is about the Scytl / Dominion servers in the CIA facility at Frankfurt Germany

Larry Johnson writes that the US military does not have legal authority to seize servers in other countries, but he did get information about a team under the US army in Europe’s command. OANN News reported that Dominion’s system deleted 2.7 million votes for Trump in the U.S. This is only the deleted data, but the deleted data is not shown in the total number of votes. As we reported earlier in the show, some U.S. computer technicians estimated that at least 3.8 million votes were tampered with under Trump’s name in the U.S. for Biden. Also on Nov. 15, in a media interview, Giuliani made it clear that the Trump team had recorded enough illegal votes to flip the vote in key swing states and believed the presidential election results would flip.

While the American Army has no jurisdiction over private servers in a foreign country. the Scytl servers were in an American CIA server farm facility ! and therefor under US control.


This lays out the possible events , past, present and future for the Trump /Dark State war. It is long, involved and interesting.



case filed by computer forensics investigator on Dominion connections.


Is this the real election result before the Dominion vote diddle? I am sure that California is a great deal more Conservative then we are being told.