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Solar power project

40 Solar Photo Voltaic panels, over 8 thousand watts, 8Kw of panels mounted for maximum winter power production. The winter angle, 42 degrees, also aids with snow shedding, half hour of sun will clear the panels.

40 – 200 watt Sanyo/Panasonic panels mounted like shingles to create a water shedding roof over the wood frame structure and cover the electrical system and batteries. The next step is to upgrade the battery system to provide up to 35 – 48Kwh of batteries to supply 5 days of power to the farm grid. Then Inverters to turn the 48vdc from the battery bank into 240/120 split phase power needed to run the water pump and other 240/120 loads. Presently the panels are directly connected to a 36vdc bussed battery and grid-tie system that pumps 2Kw back into the local grid. While better then nothing this is very a inefficient coupling that wastes over half of the power harvested and will produce nothing if the grid is down.

Back of rack shingled with copper clad thin FRP

only 30 minuets of sunlight cleared the snow from the rack.

8 Kw of Photovoltaic: this link should load a new window with more construction details

Hold the Line

The counter revolution has begun

The Communists in Washington DC believe that their revolution to fundamentally change America has been won. They now have the power to force Americans into compliance with their program.

Now it is American’s peoples turn to show them who really holds the power in the Nation. They need us to live . We don’t need them. Now it is the turn of the Deplorables in flyover country to demonstrate a bit of their power over the lives of the Coastal City Elites.

This Holiday season will see empty shelves, so prepare. Once broken, the supply chain will take quite a few weeks to repair. Things that were strained due to political mismanagement will now snap. So be warned. The people that actually keep the system running are taking a week off. No Shot, no JOB!………. = …. no work! We quit !

8 Kw of PhotoVoltaics

Another project underway.

40 Photo Voltaic panel array

40 – 200 watt Sanyo PV panels installed on a wooden rack with a winter orientation. The panels are arranged as shingles to provide a dry area under them for the wooden framework as well as a place for power management and battery storage area.

You will notice the steep angle of the panel array. This is to maximize the winter production at the expense of summer production. The best average inclination is the same as the Latitude of solar collection, then plus up to 15degrees for maximum winter power production, or less up to 15degrees for summer maximum production. The angle of the Solar Collection Panels is best set at 90degrees to the Sun but in a fixed array one must compromise to produce the most advantageous output for the position of the Sun available as well as time of year needs. In this case I opted for a winter angle. Giving up summer production in favor of greater winter production. This has the added benefit of reducing the array’s foot print, fast snow removal, and ease in cleaning

construction started
40 panels with outriggers
30 panel rack design

This spring, a bunch of used lumber became available to create the rack to mount them on, so I built it on the space available that had a suitable “Solar Window”, something not common in the woods.

I first planned on a 25 unit system but as I designed found that a 30 panel rack was possible on the base created because of the steep winter angle. After much consideration that grew to 40 by adding outriggers on the ends. An important part of the design was to shingle lap the panels to provide a dry environment for the wood frame and equipment below.

Now that it has been built I found that the best “window” available is where the green pickup was parked so I moved the pickup as well as the old equipment behind it. Now at this point the entire rack has been moved about 15 feet to the south., But that will increase the usable “window” from 6 hours to 8 hours. A gain of nearly 10% in possible energy production. 8 hours is about the maximum effective “solar window” that a fixed array can utilize. When you build in the woods tall trees cast long shadows. But an added benefit of the move is that I can add another row of 8 panels along the bottom of the rack frame because of abrupt elevation change of ground level at this point. As the seasons progress I can evaluate the sun and shadows cast to determine the final placing of the rack. a nice side effect from building the rack on a skid that can be moved.

The project begins.

Nearly 3 years ago we had the opportunity to buy 50 used, 200watt 10year old Sanyo panels for a very good price and brought them home.

stack of Sanyo PV panels

Sanyo HIP205-BA5 Photo Voltaic panels

Max Power 205 watts

96 cell ( 48vdc )

maximum voltage 68.8vdc

maximum current 3.8 amps

maximum operating voltage 56.7vdc

To this we added used Enphase inverters also at a cheap price.

enphase Micro Power Point Tracker…mppt controller

enphase M190-72-240-12s

Enphase Micro Power Point Tracker – mppt controller/inverters

M190 – 72 – 240 – s12, 190watt – 72 cell ( 36vdc ) 240vac, split-phase

22 – 40vdc input ( that is about 6amps at 40vdc )

240 vac – 0.8amp output split phase ( that is 120vac – neutral- 120vac or 240vac )

12 panels temporary set up in field

A dozen were set up in an open area with salvaged individual grid-tie controllers but the mis-match involved yielded very little power.

At best 3 amps at 240vac. from the 12 units at right. The ( 96cell ) panels can only output 3.8 amps @ their peak effective 57 volts to create 200 watts.

Solar panels are limited in their output amperage, in this case 3.8amps so that the panels could not develop enough energy to really load the controllers that wanted over 6 amps @ at least 40 vdc (72 cell) to power 190 watts. The panels open voltage is over 68vdc (96 cell) so if the inverters cycled off for any reason they would not turn back on during that day due to High voltage at the input. But if on, would drain the panel below the needed 22 volt operating voltage. This effort to generate useful power was abandoned.

Then it was possible to build the rack and mount 40 panels! As I was mounting them up I discovered why the inverters were not working direct drive from the Solar panel as they were designed to do. I was hooking 36 volt(72cell) inverters to 48 volt(96cell) panels. By loading the buss with 36vdc of batteries I could sink the Solar panels output voltage to within the operating voltages of the inverters that were connected to the buss. Wow, they all worked ! Over 2Kw output to the grid.

At first I installed a large number of used Lead Acid batteries but soon found that they were inadequate for the job. They have narrow window of working voltage and their output is very limited. A 40Ah Lithium battery will store and output several times a comparable Lead Acid battery and last 10 times longer under sever use. So I was able to pick up 12 – used 40Ah LiFePO4 to replace 15 – 80Ah lead acid batteries

Valence 40Ah LiFePO4 battery

Valence 40Ah

To this I have added 12 used LiFePo4 batteries. These have built in controllers that make the batteries mimic 12volt lead acid batteries operating voltages. All this equipment. has been included in the erected system, and a bunch of wire and connectors has arrived so I can start hooking up things.

Now to put what I have learned from my mistakes into practice within this rack. Panels in series and parallel as well as batteries in series and parallel on a buss to balance the Panels to the inverters.

batteries hooked to buss wir

The present system uses panels hooked directly to the buss along with 12 – LiFePO4 batteries in 36 volt configuration to supply the Gridtie Micro inverters. The enphase inverters output nearly 2Kw to the grid for a good 6 hours.

At present the battery bank is only able to deal with the output of 28 of the panels. I will need to add 12 more batteries to use all the panels. At some point we hope to have a stand alone system that will only use the Grid for backup charging of the batteries

This post will be under construction as I build the generation system.

Lindell Strikes Again

More computer vote count manipulation

Computer science Expert explains the how of the 2020 voting count outcome was controlled. by the use of computer Algorithms. While teaching a class on computer science, the teacher had his class use the public available data on the 2020 election from each American County as an evaluation and teaching tool and discovered the local evidence of computer manipulations of the local vote count on a nation wide scale.. The signature of the manipulations algorithm is unmistakable because it’s baseline was set using the 2010 census data of American population age curve. Therefore all the manipulations are out of sync with local 2020 county populations!.

The inglorious history of American Elections. From the Richardson post

The history of vote tabulation machines has many stories of use by both Republican and Democratic parties. Fixing the vote count has been going on as long as voting has been use to make decisions.

“John Sununu, the relatively unknown governor of New Hampshire, cut a deal with Bush to ‘fix’ primaries using Diebold vote-counting machines with some ‘special’ features, if Bush would make Sununu his chief of staff.

“The rest is history – and a few years later when Bush’s kid won with a razor thin margin in 2000 – the Democrats began complaining about electronic vote-counting machines, saying they were too easily rigged.’

The only difference between previous fraud and the present case is the magnitude of it. The Republican candidates should have won most of their contests But, the biggest of all was Donald J Trump should have won massively with over 80% of the vote, won 49 of the 50 states! What happened? 28 million more votes were cast then there were voters ! Only computer control of the tabulation nation wide could have yielded such an outcome.

COVID-19 vaccination?

Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING: DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE!!

I think I will wait, Lawyers in the EU are readying a class action “Crimes Against Humanity” Nuremberg type trial for the principals involved in the creation and spread of this disease and the treatment hoax. Now as the death/injuries rate sky rocket from the Experiential Vaccine we can see that it was never a matter of Protecting the population from a terrible pandemic but, a project to establish control over the worlds population.

In my opinion, everything points to this being a World Wide experiment in population control being deliberately conducted using scare tactics and the Media to stampede people into accepting slavery and biological control. And of course MONEY ! the vaccine manufactures and distributors are making Billions thru Governmental grants and edicts being readied, that you must have proof of yearly vaccinations to conduct your life.

Death Rates Skyrocket in Israel Following Pfizer Experimental COVID “Vaccines” as 53% of Israelis have now been vaccinated.

“I think it is safe to conclude that what is happening in Israel right now with the massive roll out of the experimental Pfizer COVID mRNA vaccine is a test of what the Globalists desire to roll out in other countries around the world, so everyone should be watching carefully what Israel is doing right now to see what is probably coming to the U.S. and other countries around the world. Israel has now started a “Green Pass” program that requires people to show proof of COVID vaccination to gain entrance to “registered” places of business. This was published yesterday, 2/28/21 in

The Jerusalem Post:

The country is expected to further return to routine on Sunday and to facilitate this, the Health Ministry will roll out its “green passport” program. A green passport will be required to enter certain places and to participate in certain activities. Only people who have been vaccinated or have recovered from coronavirus will be eligible for one. As part of the program, registered gyms, theaters, hotels, concerts and synagogues will be able to operate starting next week. “We are giving a huge line to vaccinators,” Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said on Thursday during an extensive briefing. “This is the first step back to an almost normal life.Welcome to the new “almost normal.” Will the Israelis and other populations around the world comply with this?

Thanks to Emergency Declarations the Pharmaceutical and Medical companies were given immunity to action against them for any bad outcomes due to the lack of real testing for long or short term bad side effects. As well as guaranteed profits for their efforts to treat ALL the world’s population, as quickly as possible.

The Gates Foundation as well as Dr Fauci knew about this corona virus “pandemic” as early as July of 2019 and held a “War Game” in September of 2019 with WHO, CDC and world medical leaders on how to deal with it. They also were involved in the creation of this virus in the laboratories, first in the US and later at the Wuhan Lab. According to a Chinese Doctor’s report on the internet at the end of November 2019 young Chinese Army volunteers vaccinated with a SARs corona vaccine were the first patients he treated for this “New Virus”. He even listed the treatments that worked well and those that did not. In December he was arrested and by the end of December both he and his paper disappeared. By January of 2020 all mention of those successful treatment protocols was LOUDLY discredited by World Medical Officials. We now know that they all work very well. If they had been used this would not have become a Pandemic that required a Medical Emergency Declaration that triggered the exemption from long term testing of this NEW Vaccine Technology. The books on the sickness and mortality were cooked to make the disease appear more deadly then it actually was to most healthy people and now the vaccination appears to be as dangerous as the disease it is supposed to prevent. And there is no proof that the vaccination will have any long term protection! This is just a massive experiment with the world’s population…pg

Almond / Peanut Cookies

These are addictive, so beware. You can’t eat one!

My inability to get to the local cookie shop, 40 miles away, has forced me to attempt to make my own. Peanut Butter being my type. One day as I was about to make a batch. OMG ! I’m out of peanut flour and roasted peanuts. What am I going to do?

Improvise ! I do have a bag of whole Almonds. So I grind up 2 and a half cups whole almonds and sift the flour from the pieces to regrind them.

dry ingredients: mix in a bowl,  set aside
2-1/2 cups – all purpose flour
1 tsp – baking powder
1 tsp – baking soda
1 tsp – salt
Grind to flour 2 – 1/2 cup of almonds, I use herb grinder and strainer, set aside.
1 cup – crunchy peanut butter,  set aside
break 3 large eggs  ( 2/3 to 3/4 cup of egg liquid),  set aside
note: Important get the egg liquid amount right !  2 large eggs are not quite enough.

In your large mixing bowl add:
16 Tbs – butter, ( 2 sticks ) 1/2 lb soft or room temperature
1 cup – granulated sugar
1 cup – packed brown sugar
mix butter and sugar to a heavy cream texture, takes about 5 minutes
mix in peanut butter
mix in 2 teaspoons vanilla extract, add eggs and mix well

and then incorporate the ground almond flour

slowly add flour ( dry ingredients mix )

The dough should be moderately stiff and oily to the feel.

I chill in refrigerator over night to get uniformly cold dough, which forms better and gets better baked results
Onto your prepared cooking sheet, make into 1-1/4 inch size balls.
Flatten to the thickness you want the finished cookies to be.
Cook in a 350F preheated oven, for about 15-16 minutes, or just barely browned edges. As they cook they get bigger in diameter but not much thicker. They will finish a bit over 3 inches in diameter at 1/2 inch thick. Somewhat smooth surface with small cracks. Allow to cool a bit before transferring from cooking sheet as they will be a bit tender while hot. This should yield over 3 dozen cookies…pg

Note: they get even better with a day or two of ageing, if you can resist the temptation. My lady complains about these cookies when ever I make them. Generally while eating one.  😉  …pg

A Message from President Trump


The second Impeachment is over, The Senate says No. Democratic hysteria over the Capitol Building “invasion”that they engineered. has failed in it’s intent to demonize Trump. They are still driving to paint Trump and the people that back him as domestic terrorists. They know that the American people voted in a landslide for Trump and only intervention by international actors shifted the count in Biden/Harris favor. Now the Dark State politicians hide out on Capitol Hill behind barricade fences and thousands of troops to protect them from the angered citizens that they fear so much.

Where Democrats have utilized hundreds of violent protestors in the Nation’s Cities to demonstrate their power to disrupt. Now they fear that real Americans in their Millions will treat them to the same for what THEY have done to America. They just don’t get “Conservative”. Liberal Progressives want to destroy America so that they might benefit from the destruction. Conservatives want to preserve this thing that has taken Generations of Blood and Sweat to create.

While the contested evidence is being slowly gathered in spite of Dark State hindrances, the Progressives shout that there is no proof of any vote counting fraud. They think that as long they keep up this verbal barrage nobody will realize the truth. Nearly 70% of American Voters voted for the trump ticket. As more of them realize that they have been cheated out of their intent they are getting pissed! As The Biden team try to rule by decree that reverses all of Improvements that had been put in place by the previous administration, massive increase in costs of Fuel, Food and Medication, as well as national health mandates are starting to bite hard. The liberals think that winning at any cost has bought them favor. In reality they have acquired Hatred, even from their followers….pg

Inaugural Day approaches

Per the Constitution, Inaugural Day is the 4th of March, swearing in to be conducted by the Chief Justice at 12:01 (high noon). The date was changed by law, but while observed, that law did not change the Constitution The Supreme Law of the Republic that Trump’s all other laws.

Imagine finding this this morning on FB.
Everything I’ve seen of the Biden “administration” leads me to feel that it is all a sham to mislead. There is just too many things that are not logical and are fake.
I am reminded of camouflage, I see what I am supposed to see / or not see, but it just doesn’t seem quite right. The sheen or tint is just off. Things are just not quite right…

The last President sworn in per the Constitution was Franklin Pierce 18.

The White House seems to be unoccupied at night. All the lights go off at 11:00pm. ALL the lights!

The swearing in was not done at the right time or conducted by the correct person, The Bible was not positioned correctly. It was Upside down and backwards. And the event may have been taped many hours before. It appeared in Europe 14 hours early and was shown “live” in America 4 minutes late.

The pictured, Oval Office, during events is not the real office, but appears to be a movie stage prop located in Hollywood. Too many details in it are not correct.

A pictured stroll through the White House gardens by president Biden and vp Harris must be fake because the gardens were in Spring/Summer Bloom while the Date was winter in Washington DC.

Th EOs “signed” by Biden appear to be staged for effect and not real.

Cabinet Members appear “on stage” but are very strange people without any apparent vetting or Congressional actions.

And on and on. After watching this pageant for over 70 years, this one is not right! ….pg

censured- do not watch this

“there is no proof that the 2020 was rigged” is the refrain of politicians and left wing pundents of the Main Stream Media. below is their brag on how hard that they have worked to sell that concept and save the Republic from the much Hated Trump and his minions. Today they yell traitors and terrorists at any that might have back President Donald J Trump, meanwhile mouthing words of unity.

The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election

Stunning: TIME admits well-funded cabal of influencers worked behind-the-scenes to ‘save’ 2020 election


Mike Lindell presents 1:60:00

After 4 months of collecting Evidence this Video presentation is presented to the public. Every MSM and large platform provider have censured and removed this. You are not allowed to know about this attack on the American vote tabulation process and the World Wide conspiracy to rig the balloting in every country that use ballot counting machines. Dark State politicians exist world wide and will do anything to insure their grip on power. This is a Communist created system designed to insure the outcome chosen by those in power to insure their success in every election.

The Trap is Set

The Bait, Scheduled 2ed Impeachment will draw all of congress and other Anti Trump factions into the trap,

February 9, for the second time Democrats will attempt to destroy their Greatest Foe in their lust for power and wealth. For 4 years he has been laying a trap for them, Why February 1st is when it all starts – Executive Order 13848 goes into effect! Will the Lust for revenge make them blind to their danger. They know that Donald Trump actually won the election by a Landslide and that only intervention of Foreign powers, an act of war, drove the ballot count for Biden/Harris to such astronomical heights. The Constitutional end of the term of the President is March 4th!

Just before the Joint session of Congress sat to certify the count of the Electors they were given dossiers on the evidence collected by Military Intelligence and the DNI on Foreign interference in the Election. In spite of that they voted to accept and certify the count, Treason! They installed Joe Biden as their president in a, manor and time, that is not as decreed in the Constitution.

The “Trial” of President Donald J Trump for Insightment and Sedition, will become their own. Their Media lap dogs will suffer the same fate. The Trial set for the 9th of February will well be worth watching as you are the Jury and this outcome may well determine the fate of humanity for the next thousand years.

From time to time GOD has told us what the outcome will be. Can you heard it?