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Bucket Geezer audio

A SiFi Novel under construction , is being read by the author into U-tube.

Jim was a retired accountant trying to evade death. He did the operation to put his “brain in a jar” and hook up to Virtual Reality. A new life of endless potential, possibly centuries long, and free of the burden of meat-space. It was an amazing existence…. Until the world collapsed and abandoned him completely.

Now Jim has to start from zero, but with the help of a clever kid, they prove brains can beat brawn. Together they overcome the harsh realities of a brutal world that has no space for the weak. It’s a violent and gritty story, but one that tells the beginning of their new life.

Bucket Geezer book

The New Old New Project continues


Continuation of the continuation

The new old project continues, The Little Robot is turning out more parts as we continue to manufacture more test units and send them out to new homes to improve inside air qualitymonoprice iiip using only electricity and water.

T6c Airwasher








Our little Genii Airwashers are on test in places from the Oregon border to Grass Valley as California is again blanketed with a pall of smoke from hundreds of grass, brush and timber fires.


2020 Farmers Almanac



latest offering from the never Trumpers to be added to the net.

Sweet Pickles

Sweet Pickles: Homemade Bread and Butter Pickles Recipe


  • 2 dozen 3-inch cucumbers
  • ½ cup pickling salt
  • 3-¼ cups apple cider vinegar, divided
  • 2-⅛ quarts water, divided
  • 6 cups sugar
  • 2 tablespoons whole cloves
  • 2 tablespoons pickling spices


  • Put 2 dozen 3-inch cucumbers, freshly picked, in a crock or a jar. A crock can be anything from an unchipped enamel crock to a big glass jar or suitable container.
  • Cover with a brine of ½ cup pickling salt, ¼ cup vinegar, and 2 quarts water.
  • Weight down the cucumbers (a plate with a canning jar full of water on top of it will do nicely), and cover the crock.
  • The fermentation of the cucumbers will cause a white, scummy substance to form on top of the brine. Every day for 2 weeks, check on your cucumbers and just skim the scum off if it is present.
  • After 2 weeks, drain, cut into chunks, and let them stand for 24 hours in cold water, and then rinse.
  • Combine 3 cups vinegar with 6 cups of sugar and ½ cup (⅛ quart) water. Tie 2 tablespoons each whole cloves and mixed pickling spices in cheesecloth, add to vinegar solution, and bring to a boil. Pour over cucumbers and let stand for 24 hours. Drain, reheat vinegar solution, and repeat process 4 times (this is only a 5-minute task each day).
  • Remove spices and pack pickles in sterile jars. Bring vinegar solution to a boil and pour over pickles. Seal and process in boiling water bath for 10 minutes.

Now you have tasty sweet pickles

– “It’s just a mask.”

no Idea on the author’s Identity as of yet,….searching

found it !

Mirrored FB Video of- IT’S JUST A MASK… by The United Spot

Jul 13, 2020

“It’s just a mask.”

…..”It’s just a mask” can turn into “it’s just a vaccine” very quickly. And it will, you can bet your bottom dollar on that!

In less than 5 months, our government has successfully divided the country into “obedient mask wearers” versus “selfish people that refuse to wear masks.”

“It’s just a mask, you guys.” It’s for “the greater good!”
Where have we heard this phrase before?💡

In less than 5 months, our government has dictated what events are acceptable versus unacceptable to attend. Riots are OK, but church and family funerals are not. Standing in a graduation line is a “safety hazard,” but feel free to line up at WalMart, Lowes, and Home Depot.
But it’s “just a mask” & “safety precautions,” you guys.

In less than 5 months, our government successfully facilitated the closing of family-owned businesses while granting authority to large corporations that they have invested interests in.

It’s “just a mask” and “safety precautions” you guys. Oh & here’s a measly $1200 that we stole from you in the first place. Enjoy!

In less than 5 months, our government was able to successfully sway the population into believing that a CASHLESS SOCIETY is a good thing! In the name of a government sponsored virus. (Also, have you noticed that many businesses are strongly suggesting you use your debit or credit cards instead of cash- or expect you to pay in exact change..because there is a “shortage” of cash and coins at the federal reserve. Supports the cashless society agenda doesnt it??)

In less than 5 months, our government closed down public schools, and has “restructured” school moving forward under the guise of “public safety” from a “virus.” These same schools fed children crap per the corrupt USDA food pyramid. But “health” matters when it comes to a government sponsored virus 💡

It’s “just a mask” & “heightened safety precautions,” you guys.

In less than 5 months, our government demonstrated how easily people assimilate to “guidelines” (that have NO scientific premise whatsoever) when they are fearful.

What was up with all that toilet paper?

It’s “just a mask” & “6 foot social distancing,” you guys. Oh, and dooky paper.

In less than 5 months, our government has successfully instilled fear in a majority of the population in America.

But citizens are not “afraid” of the people in power who are responsible for the removal of their “freedoms.” Instead, they’re fearful of their neighbors and family, human touch, and air. Government created division.

There are thousands of viruses that *could* affect the population, but these viruses do not matter because MSM didn’t say they do.

It’s absolutely terrifying to me that so many people do not question authority because they see that authority as “all knowing.” It’s even more terrifying that these same people rely on corrupt “leaders” to be led, thus lacking all critical thinking skills/independence.

Slaves to the system that keeps them oppressed.

How quickly history is forgotten and repeated!

What’s most problematic to me about all of this is that the people who are wearing masks “for the greater good” will be the first to sign up for this shiny new vaccine that’s had 0 longitudinal safety tests against an inert placebo.

What’s more problematic to me is that this Vaccine MAY be the deciding factor in life moving forward.

You thought a mask was inconvenient? Wait until you’re told that you cannot enter a store without proof of the Covid-19 vaccine. Wait until you cannot go to public events, or travel, without proof of having received this vaccine.

To everyone that doesn’t believe this is possible – do you understand that our government just successfully dictated to people WHEN they were allowed to be outside, where they were allowed to go, and how their children would be educated, in less than 5 months? And that a majority of the population followed blindly because they were told to do so.

You’re kidding yourself if you believe that they’re not going to repeat this behavior with a vaccine.

If people have not protested the occurrences in America over the last 5 months, they will assuredly continue to abide by unsubstantiated “guidelines” that will include a vaccine.”

It’s not about a mask, it’s about CONTROL.
This is a copy and paste, but after all that has happened it needs to be read and considered.”  or watch! very intense video. …pg

Kitchen Garden 2020

2020 Kitchen Garden as of July 9, 2020.

i1035 FW1.1

It is 1:30 in the afternoon 92 degrees F and the garden is in full grow, Tomatoes in bloom for about a week. We have been picking Greens and strawberries for about a month and a dang gopher has wiped out half of the Spaghetti Squash plants ( see upper left) already! Another is working the salad greens just out of this picture, lower left. Been after them with bait and traps. Seems like an unending war with them. While I get a few of them, there is always more to contend with.

The second plantings of beans and peas are up just as the first are beginning to bloom. I am replanting the missing Spaghetti Squash as they produce long and the baby fruit are far better then Zucchini in stir fry. Hopefully  I will get the gopher before it gets all my plants.

The near lower right is Butternut Squash. I hope I got the gopher that was working that area a month ago.

Lots of Amish Paste tomatoes planted along with Anahiem and Chyanne Peppers, maybe a good year to make sauce  8-). These Paste tomatoes are like giant Roma in shape and are quite dry and meaty,  a big, fist sized, one is perfect for slicing in sandwich and won’t melt the bread with excess juice.

Generally I grow standard bred crop lines and save seed so most of my crops have been acclimated to my soil and climate. after over 20 years of selection they generally do better then Hybreds from the store stock and are far cheaper in the bulk produced. But they are a real pain in the neck to produce as many require additional space and time to mature.


Sweet Bread,

i1035 FW1.1


To proof yeast:

  • Pour 1 cup of warm (110 degrees F) water into a bowl.
  • Add 2 teaspoons of sugar; stir to dissolve.
  • Sprinkle a packet of yeast (2 ½ teaspoons) on top.
  • Let it sit for a few minutes, then stir until it dissolves.
  • Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and set it in a warm, draft-free place (inside your turned-off oven, for example).

Within 5 to 10 minutes the top of the mixture should have turned creamy and foamy, which means the yeast is working. If nothing happens, the yeast is dead; discard the mixture and try again with different yeast.



6 cups General Purpose flour,  1 teaspoon salt ,  ½ cup white sugar; mix well and then add

1 cup warm milk or water (110 degrees F/45 degrees C) plus yeast and sugar from above, 2 eggs, room temperature,  ⅓ cup margarine, melted

mix until incorporated into a ball, cover and let raise

knead and let rest twice more

Cinnamon Rolls

stretch into 10 x 14″  and apply filling  leaving 3/4″ edges clean, then roll and divide into dish and let rise before baking


⅓ cup butter, softened
1 cup brown sugar, packed
2 ½ tablespoons ground cinnamon
optionally chopped toasted nuts and/or raisins
mix well
bake at 350 for 30 minuets, 20 covered, then brown

Recipe yields 12 servings (9 x 12 deep dish)



Hard Tack, Survival Biscuits;

These are the minimum survival biscuits made of flour, salt and water, that can be stored dry for years. Use General Purpose Wheat Flour for the longest life.

4 cups flour
2 cups water
4 tsp salt

Hardtack Recipes
Traditional Hardtack Recipe

4.5 cups White Flour
3 Tbsp Salt (Optional)

1.5 cups of water


Preheat your oven to 375°F
Add dry ingredients to your bowl.
The amount of water you need can vary a bit. I add a ½ cup at a time and work it in.
Knead dough, The end consistency you are going for is just pliable enough to be smooth and worked with a rolling pin.
Roll out till approx 1/4 inch thick
Cut into square biscuit shapes
Dock or poke holes in the dough.
Bake in the oven for 30 to 40 mins
Allow to cool completely

Modern Hardtack Recipe

3 cups White Flour
1.5 cups Sweet Sorghum Flour
9 Rounded Tbsp Nutritional Yeast
½ Cup Refined Coconut Oil
3 Tbsp Iodized Salt

1.5 cups of water


Preheat your oven to 375°F
Add dry ingredients to your bowl.
The amount of water you need can vary a bit. I add a ½ cup at a time and work it in.
Knead dough, The end consistency you are going for is just pliable enough to be smooth and worked with a rolling pin.
Roll out till approx 1/4 inch thick
Cut into square biscuit shapes
Dock or poke holes in the dough.
Bake in the oven for 30 to 40 mins
Allow to cool completely

Gluten-Free Hardtack Recipe

People who suffer from gluten intolerance have difficulties consuming wheat based product.
So when preparing for when SHTF you need to take that into account.
In this recipe we’ll be replacing the wheat product flour, by almond flour, which is a nut based product.
This recipe uses much less water then other hardtack recipes because almond flour has a higher amount of fat in it.

2 cups of almond flour
1/4 – 1/3 cup of water
1/2 – 1 teaspoon of salt (optional)


Preheat your oven to 375°F
Add dry ingredients to your bowl.
The amount of water you need can vary a bit. I add a ½ cup at a time and work it in.
Knead dough, The end consistency you are going for is just pliable enough to be smooth and worked with a rolling pin.
Roll out till approx 1/4 inch thick
Cut into square biscuit shapes
Dock or poke holes in the dough.
Bake in the oven for 30 to 40 mins
Allow to cool completely

These should be dry stored in a freezer for the longest life.


i1035 FW1.1

The easiest way to acquire a sourdough starter is to make your own by adding water to flour and wait for natural spores that are everywhere to ferment a water /flour mix. After a few weeks of evolution it will assume a balanced character for your kitchen.

Recipe & instructions to make starter .

Leavening starter, 1/2 cup flour +1/2 cup warm water

mix well and let set 1 day, then second day add another batch, 3th day again. by the 4th day it should be working well enough to use, remove 1cup to make leavening, you should remove a cup of starter every day or two and replace with new ingredients or put container under refrigeration to slow it’s action, After the mother reaches the character that you like freeze a bit to save it in case you forget to feed and nurture it. This bit will be helpful in quickly reestablishing your starter.

add 1/2 cup water and 1/2+ cup flour as makeup for 1 cup removed


Bread ingredients, per cup flour:

3/4 cup warm water (80F)
1/4 cup starter, mix with half cup of the warm water
1/4 teaspoon salt mix with 1/4 cup warm water
best bread making temperature 75-78 degrees F

Ingredients for 2 loaves;

(6 cups = 2 – 4x 4 x 8inch or 2 – 7inch diameter loaves) nearly 4 pounds total


#1 – mix cup of leavening with 2 cups warm water + 2 heaping tablespoon sugar (starter) and then let it rest a bit, stir a few times to keep it mixed while yeast works
#2 – mix in 5 cups flour with water/leaven mix (to make sponge )
let set 1 – 4 hours to grow sponge
#3 – add 1 teaspoon salt to a cup of warm water
(salt improves the strength of the gluten as well as the bread flavor
but limits the speed of the yeast multiplication)
and mix salt water well with sponge
start working liquid sponge and adding flour (about 2 cups) to dry out dough ball,  until liquid sponge gets to be a strong dough ball. Let rest covered for at least an hour.

Dough Ball

#4 –  knead 30 minuets/ rest 30 minuets while adding flour to dry dough ball
let rest half an hour then knead and add flour again, up to 6 times
# 5 – let rest,  hour or more,  then divide and shape and let rest half hour
finish kneading and shaping and then let rest for proofing 1-4 hours
or overnight in refrigerator before baking
pre heat the cooking container to 475F before putting the dough loaf in it
start baking at 475F covered for 30 minuets then bake at 450F for 30 minuets
then remove lid and bake to desired browning.

Sweet bread;

add to 3 cups sponge from above
half cup milk
half cup butter
1 cup sugar
3 large eggs
work in soft flour , about 1 cup plus