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Origins Of Jihadi Terrorism

If you are confused by the seeming cross purposes of the war on Radical Islam it would be best if you had some idea of how we got into this mess. Remember that this is a “Game of Thrones” that has been under way for 1,500 years. Today is just a point along the script […]

Is a Warp Drive possible

My son pointed me to this article at about the latest thoughts of researchers about the possiblity of Faster then Light Travel space flight. True space flight will require FLT for several reasons, the main one being Space is a Very very large place. Rocket propulsion just won’t do. Too expensive, too slow, too […]

Wind Fraud in California?

Federal Bureaucrats and Elected officials suppressed key report Failed to halt project or recover taxpayer dollars “It was heartbreaking to see this project desecrate such a historically and culturally significant landscape, and it’s even worse when you find out that it was built on false claims by the developer, and with the assistance of the […]

Arab Spring

Jehadi score card This very good article should give you a clearer idea the layout of the Muslim Holy War against all others.  Remember, The people they hate worse then non Muslim Infidels is Apostates. The Muslim world must be bathed in blood until they get so tired of their own blood shed they forswear […]

Iranian War Fleet

Iran sends War Fleet against America! This may sound like a joke, I’m not laughing, see this FoxNews article ……………………………………………………………………. Sinking feeling: Iranian Navy sends message with US-bound ‘rust buckets’ By Joshua Rhett Miller Published February 11, 2014 The commander of Iran’s Northern Navy Fleet said the ships began their trip last month from […]

Agenda 21 or Sustainability

Sustainability or Agenda 21 Letter from Keith Gorzell to PG Sharrow ____________________________________________________________________ Howdy, My apology for the delays, but below is the lengthy UN Agenda 21 info previously promised. My quest to learn more about this surreptitious erosion our freedoms in the name of “sustainability” began while preparing a challenge to the Wetland Reserve Program […]


This is the start of a new category It appears that Rossi has sold and delivered ( not delivered yet as control system is being up graded) at least 1 – 1Megwatt heating plant to the DoD  of a 13 unit order, these to be used for heating of apartments and has an order for […]

About pg and his blog

About pg and his blog pgtruspace is pg’s  effort to create TRUe Space Propulsion and Circular Environment or TRUSPACE by pg. PG at his project, Please check out the categories above to see what is going on. to donate click on this link pg is an old man that has walked many roads, done many […]