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Pictorial schematic (old )

Pictorial Schematic of Device


This is a pictorial representation of the general lay out of the device that I am creating to confuse the fields in the aether that cause mass / inertia effects of matter.  There is a flat wound tesla coil to create the main field and peripheral “twitch” coils to create moving fields with axis 90 degrees from the main field and are arranged around the rim of the main coil to cause a rich interaction of magnetic fields in 3 dimensions. The metal foil “skin” condenser at the rim of the main coil is the top of the device will tend to be quite positive biased, while the pin cushion at the center will pump negative ions into the plasma conduit to exhaust below the device for thrust. This is due to electrons tendency to be attracted to the upper skin, move out to the rim and then be pumped out the central  pin cushion that acts as a diode to the electron energy flow caused by the high voltage Tesla Coil.  The “twitch coils” are LC circuits that are powered by the primary field coil that also energizes the “tesla coil” These”twitch coils” are “shaded” to cause their fields to wave or twitch as they operate.

To the left above  is the  coil deck with the twitch coils laid out around the primary or driver coils. The spiral wound secondary coil and pin cushion / plasma jet is built up on the bottom of the coil deck.  Above right is a twitch coil with a shading coil on the right. Every other coil of the 12 is left hand. The shading coil is a shorted coil that causes the powered coil magnetic field to twitch back and forth as it warps the creation and decrease of that coils field. Each twitch coil is powered by it’s own coils that are driven from the primary coil fields. The black turns are the primary and the white turns are the twitch coil drivers.

To the right is a bottom view of the coil deck. The discolored area is the spiral wound coil of about 1200 feet of 14 gauge copper wire, 120 turns, welded down and encapsulated in polypropylene. 5 turns to the inch, and tested to 40,000 volts per turn. The center termination is a 8 inch pin cushion, 16 pins to the square inch, inside a polypropylene forcing cone for a plasma exhaust.

Flat spiral wound tesla coil with central pincushion termination

The outer termination is the skin of the upper dish that will be attached to the coil deck.

Early testing will be powered by a 15,000vac, 500ma neon transformer.   pg

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Pictorial of parts page1

Pictorial of parts page2


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