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………………………..A description of AETHER;……………………….

It has charge; that is, it repels it’s self as an “electron” would repel an “electron”.

It is supra magnetic; that is, it is influenced by magnetic forces.

It is naturally in chaos; that is, each unit (quanta) may be in 3 dimensional motion or spin.

It is energy carrier quanta; that is, quanta described as electrons,photons,neutrinos,etc.

It is the carrier of EMF (Electro Motive Force); that is, all electrical and magnetic fields.

It is the cause of Inertia/Mass; that is, the resistance to change in motion.

It is the foundation stuff ; that is, when organized into a real singularity, it is a proton.

It is the “god particle”; and it has been under our noses all along


“We must assume behind this force [in the atom] the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter. ” –Max Planck, accepting the Nobel Prize for Physics, 1918


An explanation of the above description of aether.

It has charge; that is, it repels it’s self as an “electron” would repel an “electron”. Charge is a force field (+/-), an excess of which is negative and a shortage is positive, or in solid state, electron (-) and hole (+). Like charges repel and unlike charges attract. The aether exhibits characteristics of charge. Morley claimed that the aether gave a light wave speed equal to an atmosphere compressed to 10,000 psi. The โ€œdarkโ€ force of astrophysics.

It is supra magnetic; that is, it is influenced by magnetic forces. The aetheral quanta will align it’s magnetic spin under magnetic influence as in magnet north to south alignment. Every line of alignment will cause a adjacent counter alignment that causes adjacent counter alignments and so on. Lines of force. Organization out of chaos until the energy is used up, countered or dissipated.

It is naturally in chaos; that is, each unit (quanta) may be in 3 dimensional motion or spin. Any EMF pulse will change the motion to align with the pulse effecting it. Organization passing through chaos.

It is energy carrier quanta; that is, quanta described as electrons,photons,neutrinos,etc. The description of different quanta is dependent on EMF signature or appearance in the test equipment. Different signature, different particle discovery. Different spin and different angular velocity equal different EMF characteristics and mass/inertia. A single spin = static electron, spin and travel = electron, spin and tumble (second spin) and travel = photon, travel and little or no spin = neutrino. Actually there is little or no real travel only the energy signal travels and is adsorbed by the test equipment. Waves of energy that look like particles, or particles that behave as waves.

It is the carrier of EMF (Electro Motive Force); that is, all electrical and magnetic fields. When a charge is in motion it shows up as an object or thing . At complete rest it disappears.

It is the cause of Inertia/Mass; that is, the resistance to change in motion. This is the important part for me . Just as a spinning gyro is very resistant to change in position in one dimension, aetherial quanta spin in 3 dimensions and resist change in change in motion, fields countering fields. The more relative angular motion the more relative mass/inertia. Remember an object that is accelerated becomes more massive and takes more energy to move it in the opposite direction. It’ is all relative from your point of view.

It is the foundation; that is, when organized into a real singularity, it is a proton with electron shell, a force field not a particle, if that field moves into the proton it gains mass and appears to have a charged skin and is called a neutron.

It is the “god particle”; and it has been under our noses all along

NOTE; I developed the above point of view to assist me in my work toward manipulation of inertia/mass and gravity. You know the stuff that Albert Einstein was working on when he got sidetrack into relativity and quantum mechanics. I at least have an additional 100 years of experimental data to work with and a life time of applied science experience.ย  pg

For more Aether ……………….Also a pictorial on Gravity and Aether.


15 responses to “Aether

  1. Pascvaks December 29, 2011 at 5:21 am

    P.G. – Sometimes something as simple as the momentary distraction of a bell ringing in a far off church steeple (or a fool’s comment/question?) can bring into focus a matter that is tawnting a genius. I doubt that anything I can or will ever say will be of any help, and I have a feeling that I may be more of a nuisance, but that is not my intent. With the hope that I may be able to help a man on a gallent quest, I’m going to be tagging along for a while Don Quixote.

    Ref – AETHER has charge. Why? Why must it have charge? What do we know, or currently think, that makes charge a necessary characteristic of AETHER?

    PS: Please don’t waste your time responding to my foolish questions. The fact that you’ve read it is sufficient. If, though, I ever say something that “rings a bell” I sure would appreciate knowing that I was of some help. Best!

    Reply: very good question! I was considering my next post for this subject. I will need some time to create a better word picture. pg

  2. p.g.sharrow December 30, 2011 at 9:26 am

    @ Pascvaks;
    I have added a post “More Aether” to further an explanation of my thinking as well as that of Tesla and Einstein. pg

  3. Tenuc December 30, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    Q. Could the elusive photon be the basic unit of energy which makes up the aether?

    Photons are all pervasive throughout space and matter in the whole of the cosmos. They have both size and mass; they can transfer energy by kinetic impact. All matter both absorbs and emits photons continuously. The humble photon makes up the missing 95% of the mass of the universe – it is ironic that the standard model chooses to call it dark matter/energy when the photon is what we call light. (The Illuminati know this, of course, and take great delight in flaunting their ‘secret’ in such an obvious way to, what they see as, us lesser mortals!).

    It is also a paradox that what we call light is has by far the greatest mass of anything else in the universe… ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. p.g.sharrow December 30, 2011 at 5:53 pm

    @ Tenuc:”Q. Could the elusive photon be the basic unit of energy which makes up the aether?”

    good observation, A researcher in the late 1970s examined over 10,000 photo track plates from the Berkley and Livermore, Lawerence Radiation Labs. He wrote that his examination indicated that Electrons, Photons and Neutrinos were the same thing as they changed from one to another during collisions.
    In my point of view Electrons,Photons and neutrinos are manifestations of the same thing, Aether. There are 3 dimensions of motion that effect EMF signal and signal or signature is how we define the particles. Think of a rifle bullet spin, tumble and travel. An electron spins and may also travel. A photon spins, tumbles and may travel. A neutrino has little spin or tumble and may travel. In all cases if all motion ceases, They cease to exist. All detectors depend on energy effects to indicate a result, a quanta of energy. No energy then no indication of existence. Different energy indication then a different particle. A different mask on the same face. The god particle! It has been there all of the time right under our noses. Of course that is just the movement of information/energy and not the actual particle pg

  5. omanuel September 10, 2015 at 8:17 am

    Thanks for interesting insight into the nature of reality.

    Does aether cause neutron repulsion?

  6. pg sharrow September 10, 2015 at 4:14 pm

    Oliver; I believe that the charge or force of Aether is the same as neutron repulsion. That charge ,along with matter/energy density packing forces the Hydrogen electron shell to the surface of the proton, spins up the energies of that proton to increase it’s mass/inertia effects in the Aether.
    Your Neutron Repulsion is the key to all Atomic energy production. Every thing we were taught in the 1950s was a bunch of BS (Bad Science) bs (bull stuff) as well as was that hydrogen fusion Sun mime. By 1959 it was plain to me that the Last thing Hydrogen wanted to do was fuse with Hydrogen and such fusion engines would not yield practical energy output. Modern Fission and Fusion devices ALL gain their energies from Neutron liberation and decaying into Hydrogen. Only LENR promises to liberate those energies in a slow enough manner to reduce radioactive waste and Hard radiation hazards.
    It may be possible to operate that dance into a steady state harvesting of the energies of the Aether or so called “0 point Energy”
    We live in interesting times my friend…pg

  7. omanuel September 10, 2015 at 6:40 pm


    I suspect my research mentor knew about neutron repulsion when he assigned my research topic in 1960, although he never admitted it.

    To comfort him when he was dying in 2001, I sent him a copy of the “Cradle of the Nuclides” with the inscription, “The Universe Is In Good Hands.”

    Thanks, p.g., for your friendship and for sharing your keen insight.

    All is well, Oliver

    Sent from my iPhone


  8. p.g.sharrow September 11, 2015 at 1:08 pm

    @omanuel; In my readings of contemporary writings of the early 20th century, the world of nuclear theory recognized the importance of neutron decay in atomic energy. Einstein’s cute little Algebraic formula is based on it. But WWII and the cold war pumped huge amounts of funds into pet projects of people with little talent and great connections to follow their concepts of how the universe Should be rather then just follow the data. Those of the Human caused Climate Change religion have followed the same script in their run off of the cliff.
    Your mentor, no doubt, felt that the young man with an attitude, might just follow the facts and not be detoured by peer pressure.

    I find it valuable that a man that worked in the system, with training in the standard theories, might come to the same conclusions as a self educated farmer when confronted by the same facts.

    The most wonderful invention of the 20th century is the World Wide Web and the Cheap electronics that make it possible. Everyone on Earth has access to all the knowledge of the human race! A wise man in Missouri can converse with one in California as well as one in England or New Zealand, even those in Poland and everyone in the world can listen in, in their own language if they wish, and add to the conversation if they feel the need. Greedy Evil Bastards, no longer have control of the flow of information. No longer have control of thought.
    We Don’t Need Them to guide our affairs. Now is the time when the New Age Begins as the Old way Dies.
    I am glad your mentor set you on the path that YOU chose to follow. Not so sure about the friend that convinced me to follow this path on Mass/Inertia manipulation ๐Ÿ˜‰ He felt that I was likely the only one with all the talents necessary to accomplish that feat. After 25years I’m not there yet! An independent must do all his own work and fund himself as well as his projects needs. And I am well aware that I will die before anyone can reap the rewards from this. Still the seeking of knowledge is it’s own reward…pg

  9. omanuel September 11, 2015 at 7:53 pm

    Thanks for your kindness.

    Events of September 9, 2011 were my rude awakening to Stalinโ€™s unreported successes in Konan, Korea in August โ€“ Aug- Sept 1945 โ€“ before nations were united on 24 October 1945.

  10. p.g.sharrow September 12, 2015 at 7:14 am

    A bit of the history lessons the liberals don’t want taught, as it conflicts with the agenda of their Communist MASTERS:.
    A bit of information by way of Oliver Manuel…pg

    Other information indicates that this bomb was tested, in Now North Korea, before the end of WWII. The Soviets captured that area and continued the research and development effort that the Japanese had started there… After the North Koreans took over that area they have continued that work ……………………………………………………………………………………………..
    and plan on returning a working model to Japan ;-( pg

  11. omanuel September 12, 2015 at 8:22 am

    Does this explain the Casimir force?

  12. p.g.sharrow September 12, 2015 at 8:41 am

    Oliver ! We are so far a field of this thread that I have to shift brain gears to determine your question. LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. p.g.sharrow September 12, 2015 at 8:52 am

    Casimir Force – University of Denver

    Casimir Force… What Is The Casimir Force? ..If you bring two flat, parallel metal plates close to one another, you will find that they are pulled together or pushed apart — that is, the exert equal and opposite forces on each other. If the plates are not at the same electrostatic potential, charges on the surfaces (charges in a conductor always go to the surface) will either attract or repel one another depending on whether the plates are oppositely or similarly charged. This electric force is usually a strong one, and varies relatively slowly with the distance between the plates.

    If the temperature is above absolute zero, the electrons in the two plates will be more or less mobile, and move about randomly. The resulting fluctuations in their density will give the same effect as a positive or negeative charge, which will attract or repel electrons in the other plate. This weak, temperature-dependent force is similar to the van der Waals forces between two uncharged atoms. It decreases rapidly as the plates are separated.

    I assume you are asking about my views on Aether and Charge&No charge conditions. In order to get definitions that concepts can be hung on , I first settled on Charge, electronic negative & No Charge, electronic positive. When charges are balanced, there is a neutral condition. NOT a chargeless condition! This is necessary for keeping the concepts straight. In solid state electronics there are charge carriers and Holes in the crystal lattice of atoms in the molecular structure of the device. This bias of built in charge allows us to manipulate the flow of charge units (electrons) through the structure.
    Aether demonstrates conditions of charge and matter demonstrates conditions of no charge. Under this concept all conditions are explained, even gravity. Mass/Inertia effects of matter are explained due to their effect on Aether, The fabric of space.
    Even the basic facts of the book of creation! Order from Chaos! That which IS.
    The Order that my mind craves.

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