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Electric Theory

ELECTRIC THEORY according to pg.


CHARGE (negative -) and lack of charge (positive +) and neutral +/-

It is necessary to understand that there is only charge (negative -). Positive is the opposite or deep lack of charge. There is no positive charge. There is nothing in a hole, just a place that needs a charge to be neutral.

Electron shell, A creation of the proton

The basic unit of matter in our existence is the proton. It behaves as if it were a bar magnet that contains spin. That is, it contains angular momentum, spin, and not that it spins. Imagine 1028 magnetic marbles spinning in unison and stuck together. Therefor, it contains spin and is not necessarily spinning. This is the root of mass/inertia. Spin, angular momentum in 3 dimensions. This spin also creates an electrical field around the proton. Each of the spinning magnetic marbles generates a standing wave, the interference / reinforcement of these waves creates a standing wave around the proton, the electron shell. The protons field radiates out forever to some degree. The amount of internal spin determines the mass/inertia of the proton and the distance of the electron shell from the proton. This generated electrical field has charge that pushes against the rest of the universe. The size of the electron shell is influenced by the local energy density. Every electron shell in the universe can feel every other one because they push against each other to create the local energy density. Under very high local energy density conditions, a protons’ internal spin will increase and the electron shell will shrink. As the charged shell gets near to the protons’ lack of charge they will mask and appear to be electro – static neutral, a +/- neutron and still charge negative to an adjoining proton. A proton and electron shell inside of an adjoining protons electron shell. Every thing we see or touch is electron shells. The standard proton is so small compared to its’ electron shell that it would be like comparing a basketball to the United States in size. About 1 foot in diameter to 3000 miles in diameter. The size of the electron shell can vary, from very close in a neutron to out of sight or none that is appearant in a +H ion.

Electro – statics

The lack of charge of the proton and the charge of the electron shell is the bases of the electro – static charge involved with matter. The charge of the electron shell is attracted to other atoms protons’ lack of charge, each to the other. Not electron shell binding. The electron shells’ charges repel one another. One charged shell trying to fill the others’ charge hole. The protons repel one another and attract the others’ charged shell. A charge not in motion, is electro – static and exhibits very little EMF activity, but it can have potential to move. While a proton has a lack of charge it has many of the same effects of charge as it pulls charge rather then pushes charge.

Electro- Motive Force, emf, effects happen when charge is put in motion. Energy is transferred from one electron shell to the next electron shell and when an electron shell changes size. Any time there is charge in motion, there is an emf event and emf events can cause a change in charge motions. Every electron shell in the universe is effected to some degree by every emf event. For electrical energy the charge is transferred when the electron shells are very close and are magneticly coupled. One could say that the energy is inductively transferred. This transfer is in discrete units of charge or quanta , called electrons.

If there is a change in shell size, a photon or neutrino quanta is liberated, these do not have inductive connection and travel freely. The inductive transfer of charge energy , the electron, causes the electrical effects of current flow, mainly electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields in motion can cause current flows and transfers of charge energy. Photons and neutrinos can also cause changes in electron shell energy levels.

MAGNETIC FIELDS All magnetic fields are Electromagnetic. Those that are a feature of atomic or crystal structure are called magnetic fields and those that are caused by current flows are referred to as electromagnetic. In the earth they are caused by both crystal structure and by molten magma flows. In the sun by flows of liquid metal hydrogen. The movement of anything that has charge will create a magnetic field and magnetic fields in motion will move charge. When a magnetic line of force is created a counter line is created which creates its’ own counter force line, etc, etc. In sensitive materials you can see the line, counter line directions of force. Magnetic lines of force can move and effect all matter to some degree. Magnetic lines of force have direction of flow of energy in them as if they were a wire or hose, these magnetic fields will exist until they are shorted or discharged.

Materials that create their own magnetic fields are said to be ferromagnetic. Those that tend to concentrate the local field are said to be magnetic and those that tend to repel are said to be diamagnetic. This force, counter force layering seems to permeate all charge effects. The earth and all matter is effectively low in charge and deep space is high in charge. The lack of charge at the core of matter yields a lower total charge in matter then deep space which has very little matter.( gravity?)

Charge repels charge. On the surface of a disk the charge moves to the edge. In a sphere it moves to the outside surface. On a cone to the tip. The area of the sharpest bend will have the highest surface area per volume of space and therefore the highest charge potential. On a sphere, depending on the conductivity, the charge will radiate outward in a sphere of charge. This increase in charge as you move away from matter may act as a linear accelerator for matter toward the the field creator. (gravity?)

The existence of matter creates organized fields that radiate from the matter. The movement of charge creates organized EMF movement that is connected to the charge. Every thing that exists is connected and effected in some degree.

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