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Upper Disk 1

 Disk shell form construction

Disk Shell construction

shell frame atop coil deck

The frame is constructed of light wood pieces glued together so that there will be no extra metal inside the completed shell condenser.  First frames are created and set in place, then rings of thin wooden sticks are attached around to create the shape and give a foundation for the first layers of paper that the FRP (Fiberglass Reenforced Polyester) will be layered on to create the shape for the Condenser Shell. While the completed FRP shell will be quite strong this light wood frame is not and care must be taken to prevent warping during construction.

Inside view of shell frame



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Covering the Shell Frame

paper covering the frame

first layer FRP covering

filling low areas

smooth and filled FEP shell

3rd layer FRP top of shell

underside framing

Shell ring paper covered

bottom ring FRP filled

underside FRP finished

shell edge shape

Once the frame is created it is covered with 2 layers of paper that are glued together and upper and lower rings. The paper skin is first treated with polyester resin and then a triple layer of fiberglass and resin to give a stable base for fillers to true the shape. The disk is then turned over to make it easier to shape the bottom ring.

This thing is getting heavier as we go.  Soon it will take two men to move this thing.

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