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Smoke Test!

Circuit Smoke Test!

I could no longer stand it. Time to apply power and test the circuits.

Things were put away well enough and the floor cleaned. Other work caught up, So I hooked up the power supply and turned on the switch. The spark gap hissed nicely and there were no loud noises. I took out an old florescent tub, turned off the lights and  examined the fields. Emm……….. kind of weak. Turned things off after 10 minutes and had a late lunch.

Later in the evening, turned the lights off. Now dark and tested again. Discovered illumination inside the disk. After some crawling around found an arc, a short between the back of the pin cushion and the shell coil ground wire. Almost the center of everything, Damn! now I must take things apart and reroute a wire and seal the old route.

At least this design can be taken apart and changed.  pg

New Table Game,”Line Dice”

“Line Dice” a new table game

I have recently experience the fun of trying out a new table game that anyone can play. This may turn into a “must have on hand” game to entertain all ages from quite young to very advanced!

All that is needed is a playing surface, Table, floor or even the ground and a hand full of “Line Dice”  See site:

These are 15mm cubes engraved with tracks and arrows that indicate travel and direction of play.  The rules are simple to learn and the games, fairly quick.

After the rules are understood, Strategies need to be developed to force a winning combination. Much like in Chess but fewer moving parts and all the die are the same, with 6 possible faces to be exposed.

Some chance or luck in the throw and then skill in play of the results.

This may be a great addition to the game drawer along with playing cards, domino’s and piped playing dice.

I got to play along with my children and grandchildren at the kitchen table.  😎

I also got to play the game along with my son and his friends at a local bar.   😆   pg