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4.8 Million Votes Illegally cast in 2020 election.

Election Watchdog, “True The Vote”, Finds 137,500 Ballots Unlawfully Trafficked in Wisconsin, 4.8M Nationwide At Least. This is just one of many such activities used to create the illusion of the Biden/Harris victory in the 2020 election where over 30 million phony votes were counted for the Democratic ticket

The evidence keeps piling up about the coup carried out by the Democratic Party with the help of the CCP and others on January 6. Small wonder that they strive to vilify anyone that seeks to overturn their handy work. Their treason is being proved a bit at a time until even the most jaded will have to agree.


Until the ballot collection and counting can be cleaned up and dependable there is no democracy. As long as the Uni-party controls the count through regulation and law we will not have “By the People” governance

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