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YOU ready for this

Rail shipments for farm inputs are being curtailed to induce Famine in America.

The administration is going for it

Under orders through the EPA and Department of transportation shipments of grain and fertilizer are being curtailed to Farm suppliers. RailRoad Companies are issuing “Force Major” declarations to their customers that they have to curtail transportation of farm products to farm suppliers. see; going for it above. .

It appears that the 4th of July weekend is that date where food shortages in American stores should really begin to bite as supply transportation is being shut down. China is reported to have tied up 60% of the worlds grain supply in anticipation of the coming Famine.

Return of the Great Deceiver

Obama returns to the White House

Who is your daddy Barrack?

The God King of the socialists returned to the White House Tuesday

The man with the tongue of gold returned to lay claim to his seat as the real leader of American Socialist Democratic Party. Joe Biden is being put on Ignore. Even Kamala Harris is kept front and center as the Democrats are poised to dump Old Joe into the ashcan of history and install Harris as their next occupant to the Oval office. The Third Term of Barrack H. Obama in charge is well on it’s way.

Meanwhile the American people are working on reclaiming their Republic through the Ballot Box by undoing the Democrat /Dominion vote counting Scam created to Insure Democratic Party control of the American Political system.

4.8 Million Votes Illegally cast in 2020 election.

Election Watchdog, “True The Vote”, Finds 137,500 Ballots Unlawfully Trafficked in Wisconsin, 4.8M Nationwide At Least. This is just one of many such activities used to create the illusion of the Biden/Harris victory in the 2020 election where over 30 million phony votes were counted for the Democratic ticket

The evidence keeps piling up about the coup carried out by the Democratic Party with the help of the CCP and others on January 6. Small wonder that they strive to vilify anyone that seeks to overturn their handy work. Their treason is being proved a bit at a time until even the most jaded will have to agree.


Until the ballot collection and counting can be cleaned up and dependable there is no democracy. As long as the Uni-party controls the count through regulation and law we will not have “By the People” governance

Dominion Guilty of Election Crimes

Mike Lindell
By Lindell-TV, 22 March, 2022


The third forensic report analyzing Mesa County electronic voting systems exposes, proof of changing vote counts, multiple unauthorized databases discovered and used in two separate elections, and more. Public calls for immediate federal and state law enforcement to investigate evidence of crimes.

[Denver, Colorado, March 21, 2022] – The third official forensic Mesa Report analyzing Mesa County electronic voting systems is being posted publicly tomorrow, March 22 at 9:00 a.m. CST on . The report shows that the Mesa County electronic voting system contained multiple databases, which should not have been present and also indicates manipulated vote counts. The multiple databases in the voting system show ballot and ballot batch records were moved and changed, breaking the chain of evidence, leaving the true vote count unknown. This makes the vote count in Mesa County’s voting system impossible to authenticate, or prove accurate, voiding the legal certification of Mesa’s election. The report goes on to explain that this illegal activity happened in two different elections and there is no possible way this manipulation was an accident.

The first forensic report analyzing the Mesa County electronic voting systems showed that at least 29,000 election records had been deleted at the direction of Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold. The second Mesa forensic report exposed numerous system vulnerabilities including firewall and security rules that would allow any computer in the world to connect to the voting system server, and 36 separate wireless networking devices in the voting system. Between the wireless devices, the insecure configuration, and the destroyed election records, the voting system could have been undetectably connected to the unauthorized devices, networks, and the internet, directly, or indirectly. In the third report, there is undeniable evidence that vote counts were changed and manipulated.

According to systems testing expert Col. Shawn Smith (ret.) USAF, ”In contrast to Voting System Testing Lab personnel, who ‘claim no specialized knowledge or background in cybersecurity,’ the computer experts who authored the ‘Mesa 3 Report’ have 80 years of combined experience and expertise, including degrees in computer science and mathematics, defense and national security experience, and are making all evidence available to the public and other researchers.”

The evidence of destroyed election records, unauthorized software installation, multiple manipulated vote counts, databases, and unmonitorable wireless networking equipment exposes numerous federal and state crime violations, including civil rights violations. None of these violations would have been detectable to local

election officials without this report. The public is calling for immediate criminal investigations by both federal and state law enforcement.

In a desperate attempt to cover-up evidence of numerous serious crimes, Griswold introduced a bill in the Colorado Senate that among other egregious attempts to seize election power from local election officials, and leaves oversight of Colorado elections solely in the hands of SecState Griswold. In fact, the bill makes it a crime for election officials to criticize how the state runs elections and bans public audits of elections. SB22- 153 appears to be designed to cover-up all evidence of the crimes committed in Mesa County, and to suppress citizen discovery of new evidence. Colorado citizens are outraged at the bill and are taking a strong stand with elected officials urging them to vote no, especially in light of the “Mesa Report 3”.

In a separate legal case, Sec State Griswold is suing the Elbert County Clerk and Recorder in a desperate attempt to seize hard drives containing Elbert County election record backups. Once the Elbert County backups are forensically analyzed, it’s highly likely that the same evidence of Griswold’s illegal conduct in Mesa County will be found in Elbert County. State law enforcement officials, including CO Attorney General Weiser, are expected to demand access to those backups in support of a thorough criminal investigation.

Key findings in the Mesa Report #3

  1. Creation of multiple databases: The Mesa County voting system server should have had three databases in its election project for each election. But in Mesa County’s system, two additional databases were found for two separate elections. The existence of those additional databases, and the movement of ballot records between them, breaking the chain of evidence needed for ballot and vote authentication is proof of voting system non-compliance with Federal Voting System Standards mandatory under Colorado law, and proof of manipulation. This is akin to having two sets of accounting records in a business, to hide fraudulent and illegal financial transactions.
  2. A pattern of multiple illegal databases in separate elections: Multiple databases were found in both the 2020 election records, and in the 2021 election records. Slight variations in the method of ballot and batch record copying between databases reinforces the conclusion that the manipulation was deliberate.
  3. Ballot and election records chain of evidence broken in multiple ways: Once ballot images and records were moved, deleted, manipulated, and re-copied, the chain of evidence was broken. Digital files required to verify ballot image authenticity simply did not exist in the new databases. It makes it impossible to verify the authenticity of so many ballot records. Now election results cannot be determined from the voting system records.
  4. No accident: There are no listed, authorized features and procedures, or even the ability through a combination of features and procedures on the electronic voting systems to instruct or enable election officials to manipulate ballot records and vote count databases in the manner discovered. This activity was unauthorized, and could have been conducted in any number of ways, including combinations of unauthorized software, remote access and/or malware introduced through a removable device (USB drive).
  5. Illegal certification of Colorado electronic voting systems: Because the electronic voting system in Mesa County, Colorado was not only vulnerable and exposed to manipulation, including the systematic destruction of election records, and proof of actual manipulation, the voting system could not possibly have met the requirements of the Federal Voting System Standards mandated by Colorado statute.

The first two of three Mesa County voting system forensic reports were prepared by Doug Gould, the former Chief Cybersecurity Security Strategist for AT&T. Mr. Gould is considered a foremost expert in the cybersecurity field and holds CISSP and CAS certifications. He is also a faculty member at the World Institute for Security Enhancement. The third Mesa County voting system forensic report was prepared by Jeffrey O’Donnell, a Full Stack software and database developer and analyst, with degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics, and 40 years’ experience in software, database, and analytics for large private sector corporations, and by Dr. Walter C. Daugherity, a computer consultant and Senior Lecturer Emeritus in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M, earning his Master’s and PhD’s in mathematics from Harvard, attending on a National Science Foundation Prize Fellowship, prior to his 37 years’ experience teaching computer science and engineering, including artificial intelligence, quantum computing, programming and software design, and cyber ethics.

Our Rulers are TAKING control

4,000 of the selected Global Shapers ELITE will rule us all ! At this very moment they are consolidating their power within the governments of the world, George Soros Funded NGOs are leading the way..

The Enemy within, The World Economic Forum, The Davos Lab: Building Our Future

“The Color Revolution already happened in this country, it just didn’t look like the Maidan Square. It didn’t look like it looked in Egypt and elsewhere.

“It happened by stealth. It’s Globalism. It’s Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, with his…countless underground groups that have been particularly groomed and put into positions in the media, in city halls, in bureaucracies – they’re not out front. You would never recognize these people but then, you start looking at them and they’re part of the World Economic Forum. The Color Revolution already happened. All of these people already did it.

This is a real war. It is either everybody stops now and cuts their losses and says, ‘This fight is unwinnable?’…or we grow up immediately, face how serious this moment is; face what really needs to be done – and we try to do it.

Just ending the mandates is not going to be good enough. If that happens, without tons of resignations, without changes to the Public Health Act – by that, I mean eliminate all powers of Public Health – eliminate so much of the administrative state powers that go on in this country – they will just use all of this as a lesson on how to further control us in the future.

Klaus Schwab, brags about how his Young Global Leaders “penetrate zee cabinets” of the world governments and how many of his acolytes are now serving the highest offices of their lands to “BUILD BACK BETTER” From Angela Merkel, The Harris/Bidden administration, Emmanuel Macron to Justin Trudeau, saying of the latter, “I know half of his cabinet or even more than half of this cabinet are actually Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum.” also “In the future you will own nothing. And be happy about it.”

The reason why Trudeau, Macron, Biden, or others for that matter, never really address the questions of their constituents is because they are Globalist minions of the World Economic Forum who have hijacked our governments and are actively sabotaging our institutions. It’s a global agenda to fundamentally rip apart the economy, the society, the culture, the legal system, the education system and the healthcare system. This is what they want. They’re destroying it because they want to bring in a new one, all based on super high tech, like QR codes, the Internet of Things and much more.

C.O.V.I.D.-19 is not a virus, it is an Agenda to use Corona-SARS virus to impose Dictatorial Rule over the world.

Install the mark of the beast on every hand. You will submit or be excluded from their New World. Outlawed

from all of society.

Here is a entertaining video that explains it all.

Every part of this is true and is being implemented NOW. The Elite that believe they have the Right and Duty to rule us all are putting in motion their Great Plan Now.


Like Nazis of old, They must be eradicated, Such Evil can not be allowed to continue to exist.

50 THOUSAND TRUCKS clog Ottawa streets

Thousands of trucks and people clog the streets Might be over 100,000 trucks in the area. They have brought tankers of fuel and food trucks as well as sanitation. They are planning for an extended stay.

Thousands of Canadian people and truck have descended on the Canadian capitol to demand an end to the C.O.V.I.D.-19 lock down. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family have left their home in the national’s capital Ottawa for a secret location as 50,000 truckers gather to protest against the country’s Mandated lock down.

The once compliant and peaceful Canadian people have had enough of the Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum, “Build back better” program. While the Main Stream Media beats the drums of war with Russia and China, the people of western nations are in revolt against their W.E.F. trained and Soros funded oppressors. Those people scream Dangerous Domestic Terrorists to incite Police and Military forces into protecting them from the wrath of the people that have had enough of their Freedom eradication program.

Meanwhile the death toll from complications skyrocket as the authorities keep changing their definitions of “vaccinated” to force more draconian measures against those they deem “Vaccinated” to be able to blame the rapidly rising toll on the virus rather then their “Kill” shot.

The WHO and CDC know full well about how to STOP COVID but big Pharma and Big Government with the help of the MSM Drive Expensive and ineffective treatments to line their pockets and destroy lives. In India they help provide real prevention and cures for the pandemic while driving the narrative that the western nations must follow protocols that destroy lives and economies. This program is all a part of the deliberate effort to destroy Western political freedoms and institute the “Davos Dream” of a One World collective that the W.E.F. Elite RULE.

Over $5million has been raised at Go-Fund-Me for the Canadian Convoy but Go-Fund- Me has embargoed the money so other avenues are being utilized to help fund them.

World News

More Freedom Convoys Launch In Europe & Australia To Shut Down COVID Tyranny

the epidemic is spreading Canada’s anti-COVID mandate movement sparked by the truckers has gone global, with convoys spotted in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and Australia. INFOWARS

Convoys are forming around Europe to be in Brussels on February 14 2022 to occupy that city until all restrictions are lifted

The Australian Freedom Convoy already raised over $150,000 on GoFundMe to support their journey and occupation of Australia’s capital of Canberra, which they announced will take place on January 31. convoys are on their way to Occupy that city.

Solar power project

40 Solar Photo Voltaic panels, over 8 thousand watts, 8Kw of panels mounted for maximum winter power production. The winter angle, 42 degrees, also aids with snow shedding, half hour of sun will clear the panels.

40 – 200 watt Sanyo/Panasonic panels mounted like shingles to create a water shedding roof over the wood frame structure and cover the electrical system and batteries. The next step is to upgrade the battery system to provide up to 35 – 48Kwh of batteries to supply 5 days of power to the farm grid. Then Inverters to turn the 48vdc from the battery bank into 240/120 split phase power needed to run the water pump and other 240/120 loads. Presently the panels are directly connected to a 36vdc bussed battery and grid-tie system that pumps 2Kw back into the local grid. While better then nothing this is very a inefficient coupling that wastes over half of the power harvested and will produce nothing if the grid is down.

Back of rack shingled with copper clad thin FRP

only 30 minuets of sunlight cleared the snow from the rack.

8 Kw of Photovoltaic: this link should load a new window with more construction details

Hold the Line

The counter revolution has begun

The Communists in Washington DC believe that their revolution to fundamentally change America has been won. They now have the power to force Americans into compliance with their program.

Now it is American’s peoples turn to show them who really holds the power in the Nation. They need us to live . We don’t need them. Now it is the turn of the Deplorables in flyover country to demonstrate a bit of their power over the lives of the Coastal City Elites.

This Holiday season will see empty shelves, so prepare. Once broken, the supply chain will take quite a few weeks to repair. Things that were strained due to political mismanagement will now snap. So be warned. The people that actually keep the system running are taking a week off. No Shot, no JOB!………. = …. no work! We quit !

8 Kw of PhotoVoltaics

Another project underway.

40 Photo Voltaic panel array

40 – 200 watt Sanyo PV panels installed on a wooden rack with a winter orientation. The panels are arranged as shingles to provide a dry area under them for the wooden framework as well as a place for power management and battery storage area.

You will notice the steep angle of the panel array. This is to maximize the winter production at the expense of summer production. The best average inclination is the same as the Latitude of solar collection, then plus up to 15degrees for maximum winter power production, or less up to 15degrees for summer maximum production. The angle of the Solar Collection Panels is best set at 90degrees to the Sun but in a fixed array one must compromise to produce the most advantageous output for the position of the Sun available as well as time of year needs. In this case I opted for a winter angle. Giving up summer production in favor of greater winter production. This has the added benefit of reducing the array’s foot print, fast snow removal, and ease in cleaning

construction started
40 panels with outriggers
30 panel rack design

This spring, a bunch of used lumber became available to create the rack to mount them on, so I built it on the space available that had a suitable “Solar Window”, something not common in the woods.

I first planned on a 25 unit system but as I designed found that a 30 panel rack was possible on the base created because of the steep winter angle. After much consideration that grew to 40 by adding outriggers on the ends. An important part of the design was to shingle lap the panels to provide a dry environment for the wood frame and equipment below.

Now that it has been built I found that the best “window” available is where the green pickup was parked so I moved the pickup as well as the old equipment behind it. Now at this point the entire rack has been moved about 15 feet to the south., But that will increase the usable “window” from 6 hours to 8 hours. A gain of nearly 10% in possible energy production. 8 hours is about the maximum effective “solar window” that a fixed array can utilize. When you build in the woods tall trees cast long shadows. But an added benefit of the move is that I can add another row of 8 panels along the bottom of the rack frame because of abrupt elevation change of ground level at this point. As the seasons progress I can evaluate the sun and shadows cast to determine the final placing of the rack. a nice side effect from building the rack on a skid that can be moved.

The project begins.

Nearly 3 years ago we had the opportunity to buy 50 used, 200watt 10year old Sanyo panels for a very good price and brought them home.

stack of Sanyo PV panels

Sanyo HIP205-BA5 Photo Voltaic panels

Max Power 205 watts

96 cell ( 48vdc )

maximum voltage 68.8vdc

maximum current 3.8 amps

maximum operating voltage 56.7vdc

To this we added used Enphase inverters also at a cheap price.

enphase Micro Power Point Tracker…mppt controller

enphase M190-72-240-12s

Enphase Micro Power Point Tracker – mppt controller/inverters

M190 – 72 – 240 – s12, 190watt – 72 cell ( 36vdc ) 240vac, split-phase

22 – 40vdc input ( that is about 6amps at 40vdc )

240 vac – 0.8amp output split phase ( that is 120vac – neutral- 120vac or 240vac )

12 panels temporary set up in field

A dozen were set up in an open area with salvaged individual grid-tie controllers but the mis-match involved yielded very little power.

At best 3 amps at 240vac. from the 12 units at right. The ( 96cell ) panels can only output 3.8 amps @ their peak effective 57 volts to create 200 watts.

Solar panels are limited in their output amperage, in this case 3.8amps so that the panels could not develop enough energy to really load the controllers that wanted over 6 amps @ at least 40 vdc (72 cell) to power 190 watts. The panels open voltage is over 68vdc (96 cell) so if the inverters cycled off for any reason they would not turn back on during that day due to High voltage at the input. But if on, would drain the panel below the needed 22 volt operating voltage. This effort to generate useful power was abandoned.

Then it was possible to build the rack and mount 40 panels! As I was mounting them up I discovered why the inverters were not working direct drive from the Solar panel as they were designed to do. I was hooking 36 volt(72cell) inverters to 48 volt(96cell) panels. By loading the buss with 36vdc of batteries I could sink the Solar panels output voltage to within the operating voltages of the inverters that were connected to the buss. Wow, they all worked ! Over 2Kw output to the grid.

At first I installed a large number of used Lead Acid batteries but soon found that they were inadequate for the job. They have narrow window of working voltage and their output is very limited. A 40Ah Lithium battery will store and output several times a comparable Lead Acid battery and last 10 times longer under sever use. So I was able to pick up 12 – used 40Ah LiFePO4 to replace 15 – 80Ah lead acid batteries

Valence 40Ah LiFePO4 battery

Valence 40Ah

To this I have added 12 used LiFePo4 batteries. These have built in controllers that make the batteries mimic 12volt lead acid batteries operating voltages. All this equipment. has been included in the erected system, and a bunch of wire and connectors has arrived so I can start hooking up things.

Now to put what I have learned from my mistakes into practice within this rack. Panels in series and parallel as well as batteries in series and parallel on a buss to balance the Panels to the inverters.

batteries hooked to buss wir

The present system uses panels hooked directly to the buss along with 12 – LiFePO4 batteries in 36 volt configuration to supply the Gridtie Micro inverters. The enphase inverters output nearly 2Kw to the grid for a good 6 hours.

At present the battery bank is only able to deal with the output of 28 of the panels. I will need to add 12 more batteries to use all the panels. At some point we hope to have a stand alone system that will only use the Grid for backup charging of the batteries

This post will be under construction as I build the generation system.

Lindell Strikes Again

More computer vote count manipulation

Computer science Expert explains the how of the 2020 voting count outcome was controlled. by the use of computer Algorithms. While teaching a class on computer science, the teacher had his class use the public available data on the 2020 election from each American County as an evaluation and teaching tool and discovered the local evidence of computer manipulations of the local vote count on a nation wide scale.. The signature of the manipulations algorithm is unmistakable because it’s baseline was set using the 2010 census data of American population age curve. Therefore all the manipulations are out of sync with local 2020 county populations!.

The inglorious history of American Elections. From the Richardson post

The history of vote tabulation machines has many stories of use by both Republican and Democratic parties. Fixing the vote count has been going on as long as voting has been use to make decisions.

“John Sununu, the relatively unknown governor of New Hampshire, cut a deal with Bush to ‘fix’ primaries using Diebold vote-counting machines with some ‘special’ features, if Bush would make Sununu his chief of staff.

“The rest is history – and a few years later when Bush’s kid won with a razor thin margin in 2000 – the Democrats began complaining about electronic vote-counting machines, saying they were too easily rigged.’

The only difference between previous fraud and the present case is the magnitude of it. The Republican candidates should have won most of their contests But, the biggest of all was Donald J Trump should have won massively with over 80% of the vote, won 49 of the 50 states! What happened? 28 million more votes were cast then there were voters ! Only computer control of the tabulation nation wide could have yielded such an outcome.