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View to the South Forest from drive around

Mixed woods of pine, fir, cedar, oak, dogwood and laurel

At 2200 ft elevation and at the back of a small steep canyon, we have a mixed forest of many species of  tree and brush as well as more different kinds bugs then I have ever seen in a small 20 acre site. There are white and yellow pine. , White fir, red fir and spruce. Tan oak, black oak, red oak as well as a white liveoak. There is also dogwood, maple, alder and California bay laurel. For someone that likes to play with wood this is heaven. These are big trees some over 150ft high and over 36 inches at 20 feet above the ground.

Sidekick load of firewood

 Gathering firewood

Lots of dead and down firewood that I have been gathering during the  this wonderful cool dry late fall we have been having. One of the down oaks, a Canyon Oak ( red oak) is over 40 inches in diameter at the first limb that was over 40 ft above the ground. Major timber material that I will have to rough cut in the forest before I can even move it with a tractor! I have a warehouse / barn under construction with mortice and tendon, 12 inch, oak post and timber for floor support over the basement area to be covered with a 5 inch thick grooved and spline pine deck.  All treenail pinned and glued, no metal.  More on warehouse later.



Junkyard self propelled 4 wheel drive wheelbarrow

 Modified Subaru Sidekick or pg’s wheelbarrow

Transport for 1/4 cord of wood.  Transfer of 1 cu.yard of materials. And small tractor, very handy.  Salvaged from junkyard.   pg

One response to “FOREST

  1. P.G. Sharrow January 23, 2012 at 10:27 pm

    Wise old Indian saying about winter weather. “White man has big wood pile. Must be a hard winter coming.” Well, I have 2 winters of wood on hand and winter is half over. Dumb Indian 😎 Long dry fall helped. Wife and cats like warm hut, dog as well. Lots of dry fire wood is good thing! I can even heat the green house. pg

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